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Feb 21, 2018
The posted plot synopsis from Crunchyroll is way off the mark really, first off their ages range from 4 to probably 30 and calling it some kind of friendship development story is stretching it halfway to the moon.

What you can expect is a ton of females designed to appeal to every fairly common taste so everyone has something to look forward to, then they mostly get an episode each to do something amusing relating to their personalities and Oda Nobunaga shows up and defeats them in some entertaining manner. There is very little real violence going on, the selling point of the show is the read more
Feb 8, 2018
I jumped on the bandwagon of hating on this idiotic show and expected it to be so bad I'd be able to laugh at the cringe. I'm frankly a little bit disappointed it actually wasn't all that bad, a horribly dumb setup like "guy gets to respawn in other world and of all the awful crap he could choose he brings his stupid phone and to top it off he becomes invincible" should not have had much redeeming quality at all.

The story starts about as badly as anything possibly can, a teen guy is informed he died but just sips tea and goes "K." as read more
Feb 6, 2018
The anime equivalent of junk food, this tastes like mass produced garbage but sometimes you might actually want exactly that. A guilty pleasure.

No need to read any more than the title or watch 30 seconds of an episode to figure out that it's based on some presumably dumb and uninteresting game, a general rule is that any anime that contains "schoolgirl" in the title isn't going to have a deep and moving story. The little events and stuff going on around the lame story are sometimes quite amusing however, not by a long shot anything you'd call genius but some of it is refreshingly clever read more
Nov 12, 2017
Jinsei (Anime) add (All reviews)
I hereby rename the guy Eyebrows, because that's the only feature that gives him a shred of personality. Also his eyebrows look slightly disgusting.

The anime revolves around a handful girls giving advice to troubled students, in the form of Eyebrows presenting messages from students and the girls give mostly amusingly terrible advice until someone says something useful and that becomes the official reply. Since this (and small sidetracks) is all there is to the story you should watch with your focus entirely on the comedy that is thankfully sort of goodish. Eyebrows is the only character without real personality, I'm guessing pathetically hollow guys who read more
Nov 11, 2017
Trying to keep up with the story feels like trying to keep up with a mental institute all out of meds while you're being stabbed in the brain with a fork.

The art and sound actually qualify for a whooping 8 but it's by no means consistent, it starts at 9 and slowly declines as the season continues to pollute your grey matter. After the first two episodes nobody keeps watching for anything other than the nudity since that's the only enjoyable thing you've seen at that point but then you've already seen half the nudity of the season because it starts trying to lean on read more
Nov 9, 2017
Do you think random cosplaying, riding naked on a wild animal, flashing panties and blatantly breaking the laws of physics doesn't belong in an anime like this?

Well you'd better like it as of right now, cuz ready or not that's what we've got! If this had been far more realistic it would have been some sort of slice-of-lifeish sports drama with shower scenes, that could have appealed to some viewers but as a general rule any show that dishes out loads of fan service has a much better chance of getting a warm welcome if it's silly comedy. Softenni succeeds really well in doing what read more
Nov 9, 2017
Do you like immature boys that abuse little girls and act like selfish scum and only get turned on by old hags? This anime is about that kind of boy.

Not sure what kind of person it takes to create a main character bordering on sociopath with no redeeming features and have him constantly abuse a poor girl until she cries but someone thought that would make a great anime. I think it's sickening. The entire story is complete trash, nothing can justify this horrid shit.

The only passable elements would be "everything except the story and the main guy", I did laugh at a few jokes read more
Nov 9, 2017
73 episodes of getting almost nowhere. Forget about the mediocre art for a moment, the real problem is that behind it is a story stretched so thin it makes a slice of cheese feel like a brick wall in comparison. Everything about World Trigger screams "cheap filler".

Do you have even the slightest capacity to reach logical conclusions? I've got bad news for you, this entire show will tick you off by tripping itself up every few minutes. The best example would be how they somehow pretend that the most basic of combat training that you can learn in 60 seconds by even having a brain read more
Nov 8, 2017
If you expect harem ecchi to have a deep and moving story you're gonna have a bad time and you have nothing in the entire universe to blame except yourself.

Have you watched Death Note? I haven't. I never will in my lifetime unless threatened or bribed. Forget all about this having anything to do with Death Note, that connection is nothing more than the type of comedy that most people who worship Death Note won't like at all.

Everything except story gets an 8 from me, this is also the first time I've ever loved (instead of absolutely despised) a yandere because she isn't just a read more
Nov 7, 2017
The art surrounding the story is like a beautiful wedding dress surrounding a goat that was mauled to death by a bear last week.

This series gets the first 10 I've ever given for art, rounded up from 9,6 because the derpy faces of some characters could have looked better while the rest looks like it had the budget of an entire small nation. That's the only good thing about this insanely retarded mess worth praising.

Mr. Shepherd keeps clinging to his ideal that nobody should ever be killed and it gets ever more annoying as time passes. There are so many thousands of good examples of read more