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Mardock Scramble: The Second Combustion
Mardock Scramble: The Second Combustion
Sep 28, 2013 5:33 AM
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Tiger & Bunny
Sep 27, 2013 5:49 PM
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Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation
Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei The Animation
Sep 27, 2013 5:48 PM
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Shingeki no Kyojin
Shingeki no Kyojin
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Udagawachou de Mattete yo.
Udagawachou de Mattete yo.
Aug 16, 2013 3:43 PM
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Koibumi Toiro
Koibumi Toiro
Aug 8, 2013 2:38 PM
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Xenocrisi Nov 2, 2015 1:27 AM
Kannei Feb 15, 2014 6:32 PM
vomic- seiyuu fanclub!

would you like to join us ?
Alf-tan Dec 25, 2013 12:52 PM
I know it's kinda late, but...
I just wanted to say Merry Christmas to all my friends on mal, including you. I wasn't active recently, so I didn't talked for a long time with any of you... I am very sorry ;w;
Anyway, Merry Christmas and a Happy New year! :3
>click here<

If you don't celebrate Christmas, then I'm sorry ;w;
my card-making skills failing me...

Alf-tan Sep 9, 2013 12:24 PM
okay, I managed to fix my comp today. Sorry that you had to wait so long ;w; here's my reply. let's go~

do you have account on if you have, please give me your id and I'll follow you ^^ if you don't know that site, you can have anime list here as well and you can import it from mal. it's pretty cool ^^ and it's still in beta, and it will have many new features soon. and there's also
here you can have anime and manga list~ it's good too, it has features of hb and mal combined~ it's good to have account on one of these sites in cases mal won't work~

I totally understand it, school is pretty damn stressful ;w; and you can't avoid stressful situations ;w; hope you'll pass all classes :3 I'm sure you're smart enough ^^

well, at least this guy isn't persistent type, good thing that he took your rejection well. but well, there wasn't much he could do I guess. Rejecting some people is hard ;w;

I think that you did pretty good job on your cosplay! Only thing that could be better are shoes, I think that Anemone wears slightly different ones.
if you wanted to try cosplaying as a guy, then here are some tips:
but yeah, it's hard to hide bigger boobs T_T so, good luck with your cosplay, no matter what version you'l do~

lol yeah, I'm trying to watch Free as soon as English subs are realased, it's my guilty pleasure xD did you watched it this week? Smiling Haru was so cute omg <3 and I'm not sure what to think about Rin. He's soooooo angsty. But I love how they're shown to feel similar things. I'm glad that Rin chose to join the medley~
btw, I'm not sure why but lately Makoto-chan became my favourite character, I wasn't interested in him that much, but now... and you? who's your fav character atm? ^^
omg moneyhiko xD it reminds me of our monkeyhiko and his cream xD maybe it cure laziness XD

maybe fujoshi are different in Japan. I think that girls in Japan are expected to act more modest and stuff... so maybe they hide their bl addiction. But it's only my assumption, I may be completely wrong. omg, every episode of unpopular girl anime is just.... there is at least one moment in every ep which keeps me smiling for the rest of the week ^^ and personality of main character is just brilliant xD but she's optimistic at least xDDDD lol but yeah we should just go and find some ants to make all male population in love with us xDDD omg yeah I also was like that in primary school, thinking that every guy who approached me must be in love with me xDDDD my fav moments from that anime include also awkward moment at mcdonald, the moment when it was raining at MC told some random boys standing nearby that she's "going to take a shit" or something, personality test (yanno, that unwanted virgin) and when she went to watch fireworks and ended watching some love hotel instead with some boys xD

Tokyo Magnitude? what's this anime about? is it drama? or maybe it's just dramatic at some parts~? last anime which made me cry was... Toradora? but I didn't cried that much, only a bit since it ended well. But sometime ago when I read KnB manga (yeah hit me, I just had to mention this... I know I'm retarded ;w;) and reached Shuutoku vs Rakuzan match... that was really sad ;w; I didn't know that KnB can be so depressing... I was keeping on re-reading this chaprets and crying for 3 days, couldn't stop, but it was beautiful anyway ;w; okay, I'm stopping here, sorry for bragging xD

AkaMido actually has history... but Akashi don't respect Midorima at all. It's kinda hard for me to find someone to ship Akashi with... he's difficult. and I don't like him anyway but I like him with Furihata, first year from Seirin~
OH SHIT I FORGOT TO READ THIS CHAPTERR AFDMSAFANFJANJSAFNAJ GOING TO READ THIS BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP im stupid btch i waited for tihs moment so long how I could forget this

thank you for all recommendations! I didn't read any of them yet cuz I didn't felt like reading lately, but now I'll have plenty of time for them~ thank you, Bouum-sama!

yeah... it really sucks to be female sometimes. And I hate how girls are sexualized in the media. I won't even talk about double standards. there are so many things which are okay for a male but for a girl... and even everyday life is harder, having a period, depilation... also, giving a birth to a kids... fact that guy sleeping with many girls = manly, popular guy, girl sleeping with many guys = bitch. how fucked up is that.

last weeks I was having fun. I wasn't home for some time cause I was having renovation of my house and it was a mess here~ And I went on the few trips but didn't met any cool guys. maybe I was looking for them in wrong places xDDD

loooool at least when you listened to the presentation you didn't had to write anything xD I always carry recharger to my phone just in case xD
whoa your teacher is such a bitch, if she wanted to get the group to along better she should spend extra time on that, not avoid you. If she can't get along with her students it means that she's shitty teacher. I'd do the same as you. Tell me how it goes, ok? in my school it was kinda different - it was actually easier for the guy to get in trouble. and we got nice teachers, even if they got mad at us sometimes they never made such a big deal and just talked with us. Tho there was one one bitch in my school similar to your stupid teacher. She hated most of the class and liked only one guy who always attended her extra classes. funny thing that he was one of the few people who didn't passed exams She said he's only smart person in our group and didn't respected us... and she supposed to s prepare us to final exams but it in the end we had to prepare us ourselves. I also couldn't take advanced exam because of her and because of i failed to get in the university at first try cuz I didn't have enough points... and I had to buy presentation for the oral part of the exam because she didn't teach us how to write one. She even ignored us when we wanted to ask for advice and we had to ask the teacher of second group... Of course, it wasn't ordinary presentation, it had to be written in specific way, if it wasn't I'd write it myself... sorry for bragging about my teacher. I just kinda reminded myself of her. I hate that bitch so much.
Alf-tan Sep 7, 2013 1:18 PM
I lost my internet connection on my computer suddenly and I keep on getting netsh.exe error ;_; i think i got some serious virus... i just wanted to let you know. I'll probably try to reinstall my windows... forgive me, hope you'll wait a little bit longer for my message. stupid windows :(
Alf-tan Sep 6, 2013 11:16 AM
xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD your face is fine xDDDDD and comment too xDDDD

I'm alive xD sorry for being a bitch and not replying, but I got SO FUCKING LAZY that I didn't start replying any messages/comments ;w; lolol, I know Alf-tan sounds so retarded xD call me whatever you fancy xD I'm soo fuckin sorry Bouum-sama!!! Punish me ;w; I'll promise I'll reply you tommorow as the first person I need to write reply to xD

also, there were some hacker attacks on mal lately, did you noticed? ;w;
Alf-tan Aug 17, 2013 1:57 PM
yeah... Saruhiko seems so cute in some moments >///< and when he spent time with Misaki he didn't actually bothered him all the time... But he wanted Misaki to bother him! Lolol, maybe he unconsciously reminds you of Saruhiko so you don't want to hurt him xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD you shouldn't worry about this that much~ I think that he should know that you prefer spending time with more fun people lol xD

good luck then! can't wait to see it! :3

I read some great fics with MidoTaka recently, but it often contains spoilers for Winter Cup or contains other pairings... KagaKuro and AoKise most of the time, and you seem more like AoKuro person to me xD
if you wondering about the results of this poll...

I'm so sorry, I can't keep my mouth shut when I'm talking about MidoTaka ;w;

lolol, I was addicted to Otome games when I was younger xD but now I don't play them too much. Unless I find interesting one... talking about games, I played really amazing game recently, it's called 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors. Wow, I was looking for the game like this one for really long time. It would be awesome if that non-popular girl was a fujoshi xD but I personally think that fujoshi are more social...? or maybe it's just my opinion xD

I don't watch anime dubbed because I'm crazy about some seiyuu, but I understand you :3 my friends hate subs tho, they always like "wait, it's not dubbed?!" talking about Gintama..

lol, it was easy to make a typo, their names are so similar. after ep 6... I started to love MakoHaru <333333 tho I still like RinHaru a little better... but maybe in that rate I'll change my mind? hmm. DID YOU WATCHED EP 6? omggggg I almost fainted such an excellent piece of fanservice xDDDDDDDD

1994 is one of the best fics I ever read, if you'll notice new chappie, please let me know, okay? I'll try not to miss it, but I may forget to check~ you can recommend me some EreRi fics if you like :3 I started reading that KnB fic from this author... it's nice, but certainly not as addictive as 1994... maybe it'll get better later, cause I only read 4 chaps for now. And I wonder about pairings... seems there's no fixed pairings yet and everyone. And author seems like AkaMido fan and I'm sure I'll drop it if Midochin ends up with Akashi... ;w; I'm kinda disappointed with this fic, maybe I had too high expectations...

oh yeah, I also hate "traditional" kind of guys. I don't think it's a problem with you. I think it's pretty hard to find someone really compatible ;w; you don't have to change, stay being awesome as you are :3

loool, I don't really remember who's following me either... but sex-from-behind was so special blog that I remembered its name xDDDD but decision to check it out was really terrible

yeah... being a girl can be frustrating ;w; it's so annoying when someone tells you that something is"inappropriate" for a girl and it's okay when guy do it ;w; I'm feminist, sorta... but well, some guys like perverted girls xD

hahahahha xD keep it up, having good scores for handsome teacher is always more rewarding xD maybe you'd have some alone time with him xD I always wanted to have romance with a teacher xDDDDDDDDDDDD too bad I had ugly teachers xD

hope you had fun :3 I'll be offline this upcoming week, so... see you soon! :3
Alf-tan Aug 12, 2013 1:16 PM
or... I'll try to reply it now! let's go! xD

yes, talking on mal is not always convenient ;w; hahahaha, I laughed at this so much xDDDD didn't you liked Saruhiko? maybe you wished for him to appear in rl and you got this guy xDDDD but I also get very annoyed when someone spam me like that ;w; omg, he still stalks you on fb? maybe you should block him or something. And there's option make post invisible to some people if I'm right. I like pretty saruhikostalkers in anime, but not in rl ;w; at least you know why Misaki left him, hahahah xD

I want to see your costume! Wow, it's so cool that you're making it yourself! I also would like to try cosplay but I dunno how to sew :'D I'm not a pro when it comes to cosplay, but sure if you want my opinion that's cool with me ^^

Friendship is magic! xD /bouum headshit

there will be new great ships in second season, really. Like Murasakibara (big, lazy guy who loves sweets) and Himuro - sweet, but cool guy who shares some past with Taiga. It's your decision who'll you ship - Murasakibara x Himuro, Kagami x Himuro or maybe Murasakibara x Akashi? many people ship Akashi with Furihata, (bet you don't remember him even if he shows up pretty regularly xD) and Kuroko, too. And some with Midorima. I don't approve this
Hyuuga is Seirin captain, that one with glasses xD and Teppei is the one who returned to Seirin after having knee injury. Teppei will play big part in second season ^^ lol, my mind is completely filled with TakaMido/MidoTaka too so it's alright xD have you seen this? loolol xD and later Takao says also
Takao: Down with Seirin! Midorima gets naked!!
Midorima: I told you, I’m not going to “get naked”! And Takao, don’t say strange things like that in the heat of the moment!

I love him xD it's official KnB game for psp, btw~

I watched two eps of "it's not my fault I'm not popular" (sorry, it's easier to remember english title) anime you recommend to me :3 it's pretty fun xD lol, some moments remind me of my own stupid moments xD and I laughed so much because I played the game which is shown in first ep, I mean this:

omg, that game was totally crazy. but good for fujoshis xD too bad it was otome game, not bl.

noo, Gintama isn't dubbed. I don't watch anime dubbed since I prefer Japanese voices... but if it's important to you, first Gintama movie is dubbed :3 I'll probably watch lots of anime in Autumn and Winter too! can't wait :3

lolol, yeah, maybe I should post more EreRi xD hahahahhahahahah xD yes, Eren is into Heichou soooo much xD tho I still like Mikasa as Eren's big sis :3 that reminds me... I HATE YOU FOR RECOMMENDING ME 1994 I read 7 chapters on Satuday in the row until I went to sleep and when I woke up next day I read the rest ;w; omg I love it so much but chapter 11 was heartbreaking I mean how Levi can be so manly and so romantic with the same time that scene with making mixtapes omg I cried a bit in this moment ;w; I love that author style, even the fact that Levi wears a drag sometimes don't bother me very much, because Levi has his reasons. That fic is so freakin realistic ;w; I totally love it, I started to read some KnB fic from that author because I needed some great, long fic to read while waiting for another 1994 chap ;w;

Yeah I also was like "Jean stfu" xD but now I totally love him, and I'm really into JeanxMarco ;w; but JeanxArmin is good too. omg I actually love it now after reading 1994 and I love the fact that Marco was Jean's previous love ;w; I kinda imagining their clothes and style in that fic like on this pic

waaaait, you ship Nagisa with Rin, "you'll swim for me" shark teeth? not with Rei, megane? or you just typed wrong letter? because I haven't seen anyone shipping it yet xD though I was suprised that so many people ship Rin with Makoto, lol.

lolol, someone recommended Makai Ouji to me before, so if Bouum-sama says it good, I'll try it xD

ok, then feel free to send me pic to edit whenever you want :3

lol, I think I also have too high requirements for a boyfriend, that's why I can't move on and date anyone now ;w; I hope I'll meet someone super hot soon! xD

who knows, maybe that guy likes someone without brain xD lolol, I guess my problem is just the thing I can't find a guy which would be really my type ;w; I meet some average ones ;w;

lolol, I'm super nervous about moving to the dorm since I hope I'll share a room with someone cool ;w; but yeah, I think it's impossible to not make any friends when living with so many people with similar age xD lolol, I was depressed because I didn't got enough points to get accepted in the university... so I was really depressed for some time... but they accepted me in second round. And well, some bad shit happened lately so I'm still feeling a little down, but it's not too bad :3

haha, yeah, I still have some time to have fun :3

hahahahahaah xD boys love?! xDDDDDDDD omg, I want some BL doujinshi to invade KnB world~ aaand, I have some bad news, there will be some very strong shojo-ai fanservice in some moments, but I wonder how some scenes important for fujoshi will be played out~ I hope we'll see some strong bl fanservice as well, like in Free xD you're gonna play basketball for me haha

*sobs* I love you, nee-san! <3

yes! you can live on tumblr! I'm thinking about posting my shit on tumblr besides reblogging others posts, but I'm not sure what to post.. lolol, yeah I'm never using nsfw tag again. Tho sex-from-behind don't follows me anymore xD I loooove adding tags, at least for now! xD I like some s&m sometimes, who doesn't xD
loool, you got sooo many followers. I got only 40, I wonder when I'll reach as many as you ;w; and I got more notes in my first day of blogging on tumblr, now it's harder to get more notes ;w; tho some stuff which isn't popular gets popular few days later... I'm totally addicted to tumbr now! xD

hope you did great on your exam!

I wonder who's got longer one... but wait, since when we got dicks?! I must check it! *takes off pants* you lied to me... Maybe it's too small for me to see it ;w; how's your penis doing? /shot
Alf-tan Aug 12, 2013 12:06 PM
sorry for being late with my reply, I got lazy recently ;w; but I finished replying my old comments so expect my reply tomorrow, alright? sorry, you can bouum headshot me if that will make you better xD
Alf-tan Aug 8, 2013 1:15 PM
and I feel like I wrote even longer message than you orz I feel bad now ;w;
Alf-tan Aug 8, 2013 1:14 PM
whoaaa this is probably the longest comment on my profile I ever seen xDDDD you're crazy xDDD but it's my fault since I wrote lots of shit on your profile, lolol xD I'll try to reply it now, tho... not sure if I'll finish it today xD

yeah, I felt lonely without my fujoshi sister T_T lolol, I feel freaking lazy lately too... but I still have holidays till October so... xD

Midorimacchi actually gets less selfish in the manga later ^^ and he later starts to develop partnership with Takao <3 omg, I can't give up on MidoTaka xDDD don't even say such things! I'm not sure what I wrote you too lazy to check but MidoTaka is just... too perfect! it's like, everytime Midorima is somewhere, Takao is close to him. and... you know, MidoTaka has... past before Shutoku too! but I won't spoil you! xD and some drama will be in the second season, I think. it's great ship. really. but okay, okay, I'll stop here xD Akashi is super scary, his Teikou classmates follow his orders as he were a king or something xD like he ordered one of his old friends to not play in one of the matches and he followed this... weird. I totally started to like Teppei lately, he's so kind character <3 and this made me love Kiyoshi x Hyuuga

lolol, you don't have to reply my old post, if you missed anything xD seriosuly xD

I totally forgot about Yata's birthday T_T I also don't really watch a lot of anime recently. Only Free/SnK and some Toradora eps from time to time. Final if creator is not trolling, like every other time Gintama movie came out last month... now I'm waiting for the moment when I'll can see it online ;w; I hope it's not the end, since it's my no.1 anime ;w;

I also don't really enjoy SaruMi now T_T I mean, I like to check their pics sometimes... but I don't love it anymore T_T Now I'm also into Eren x Rivaille and (Rivaille x Eren) a lot xD talking about snk... being on tumblr made me love Jean x Marco ;w; it makes me so sad everytime but it's beautiful ship ;w; and I like Jean in general. He may be even my fav, even if I hated him at the beginning. And Rivaille would be my second fav. I suppose Levi is your fav? ^^
omg RinHaru is so intense and that "you'll swim for me" /massive nosebleed
but my first otp in Free was NagiRei lol xD I thought that Rei will be Midorimacchi's copy... I guess I made a mistake xD and I like MakoHaru a bit too. AND GOU IS TOTALLY AWESOME I THOUGHT SHE'LL BE ANNOYING BETCH BUT SHE'S GREAT
I was also faithful to my otps in the past, but now I can ship one character with many people too. but not MidoTaka I'm into this ship too much I want K movie too... but waiting so long... I'm afraid that I'll give on this ship completely T_T

I didn't really read many Rivaille x Eren fics... so I didn't heard about this one! gotta check it ^^ wow, high school AU? *u*

yes! all these abs in Free are dreamy for any girl *u* but I talked with some boys about Free and many of them enjoy it too ^^ really, for me Free is almost perfect, it's better than I imagined <3

ah yes, I started to edit graphic in photoshop in May probably. Last dp I made myself, but this one was made for my by my mal friend, because I didn't liked my dps recently so I pestered someone to make me one xD I enjoy editing a lot ^^ so if you want dp or something, you can ask me to make you one if you want xD tho I still need to improve since I'm not that good.

lolol, you kinda reminded me of this song:

xDDDD but that's cool, you'll be mine role model xD I also hanged out with people and went on some parties, but not a lot. most of my friends went on holidays somewhere far... and I'm kinda depressed, since I and my best friends will be studying in another cities and won't see each other. well... gotta meet new people! I'll be living in the student dorm so I'm sure I'll meet a lot of them.

but no, seriously don't let human race die! we can fight titans if you don't like making babies with ugly males! wut I'm sorry

I see it's hard to find someone who will fit your standards. BUT THAT'S GOOD! you shouldn't be satisfied with someone who won't meet your requirements! nobody is perfect, but there are some things that aren't tolerable. well, you could always feed that musician guy with meat and stuff, maybe he'd get better shape! xDDD I hate when a guy don't care about his appearance, I mean he should at least be clean and fresh and look nice to be dateable xD but yeah, some nerd guys are very cute.
hahahahahaha xDDDDD he probably felt rejected xDDDD but maybe he'll think that you're hard to get and try to flirt with ya again ^^ but that made me laugh xD
but yanno, I'm the same. When I'm talking with the really hot guy I tend to say stupid things xD so... I'm sure that he's not the last guy on the earth, at least! xD

and myself can't find anyone atm. Seriously, lately I'm not in the mood for any summer romance, lol. I can flirt with the guys and have fun but if I had to date one... no. I don't want to be limited to one guy... I'm not sure what's wrong with me ;w; probably because I had big crush on the guy in my high school and didn't confessed... I'm kinda annoyed because of this... but whatevers. it's just childish.

lol, homework can wait! xD at least you'd have nice memories! :3 and making stuff on the last moment is always exciting, I have 300% better results that way! xD

I went on some short trips ^^ it was nice. But this summer is kinda stressful to me. At first I wasn't accepted in the university I wanted... but later these fuckers accepted me. But for some time I was totally depressed. BUT I'M SO AWESOME THAT I MANAGED IT WITH PARTYING ONE WEEK NON-STOP AND IT ENDED WELL ANYWAY

lolol, I'm not the person to get angry about such stuff! tho I thought that you don't like me anymore /sobs
you don't have to reply on every single thing I write, just let me know how are you doing if you don't have time, ok? :3

looool thank you I'm glad you like my url xD it took me like one minute to think about this one xD and... I THINK IT'S FATE SINCE I MADE THAT TUMBLR LIKE TWO DAYS AGO AND POOF YOU SUDDENLY APPEARED ISN'T IT MAGICAL IT'S LIKE TAKAO SUMMONED YOU

so lol I'm really a noob when it comes to using tumblr xD I just post and reblog some shits for now xD and I need to make some proper theme someday...

and I think I won't post any post with #nsfw tag anymore, since when I made one I got follow from sex-from-behind and some scary bdsm tumblr xD if it was gay then okay but I don't want to watch girls fucked and tied up ;w; still that follows made me laugh xDDDDD

I think in that message we talked about a lot of stuff! xD sorry for any mistakes, and if I forgot about writing about anything then sorry too!

I should reply to other people since some of them wrote me comments few days ago but they gotta wait xD
Alf-tan Aug 7, 2013 2:32 PM
I missed you, you idiot xD don't worry about replying old messages. Let's just start brand new conversation whenever you'll be ready xD
Alf-tan Jun 27, 2013 12:50 PM
wooow, I saw scene with Akashi in the manga for the first time :o

he's scary as hell. in, like 99% scenes he's shown as black shadow xD I'm starting to hate him already, lol.
Alf-tan Jun 26, 2013 12:39 PM
I'm sooooo terrible T_T I forgot about writing a reply to my favourite clansman T_T

I'm reading KnB as a manga right now, and Shin-chan became more adorable and less selfish lately, he even laughed once O_O and there's really awesome Seirin-Shutoku match, with kinda... Takao and Midorima partnership *u* And I found new ships as well :3
but I can't stop thinking about MidoTaka, seriously it's my sweet addiciton xD and on 7/7 there's Midorima birthday and SaruMi day, I'm sure there will be lots of fanarts with my fav ships <3 though... I feel like I don't love SaruMi as much as I used too D:

madhomohiko... shot, I should change my username to that T_T well, I like to watch Hetalia sometimes when I'm bored, I don't think it's that bad, but I don't have any expectation for it ;p and the game's called HetaOni.

romantihiko? I think you're nicehomohiko then xD or pervertedhiko, I'm not sure. Well yeah, middle-school SaruMi smut is good too xD

go to your stupid Homra! I don't care about you, you left me with nothing! T_T and Mikoto is better as dead, now I can finally be number one in your heart! *homohiko mode*
I can't wait for the movie, I need some official material to keep my SaruMi love alive!

I like Rivaille's expression. He always looking so annoyed xD his eyes are precious xD
argh, I can't wait for 13th ep *u* it's really awesome anime! I glad I continued watching it :3

well, porn stars aren't pretty, most of the times they look just like stupid barbies D: I guess that males don't want such females as a girlfriend, only to fuck them on the night ;p

omgggg Free is almost here I'm gonna prepare tissues for eventual nosebleeds and for fapping xDDD omg it's gonna be amazing anime xD looool I think that even girls who don't like bromance will watch it, since it's gonna be hot xDDD but I'll prefer if it will be harem anime with Haruka fucked loved by everyone xD

forgive me for being late, I'm just stupid betch T_T
Alf-tan Jun 21, 2013 11:38 AM
eh, sorry for not replying for so long (again), but I burnt my left hand with hot water and it hurt like fuck and writing with one hand... is sooooooo slow T_T I'll try to write proper reply tomorrow, I'll promise!

Glad you liked b-day gift xD well, I wanted to give you only Levi, but Eren came into this pack too xDDD btw, I reallly, really got into SnK, fuck, it's great. Not perfect, but my enjoyment during watching - 10/10. AND THAT OP woooow

BUT WHY THAT LEVI FUCKER ONLY SHOWED UP LIKE IN TWO EPS HOW MUCH I NEED TO WAIT FOR HIM TO FUCK EREN- I MEAN MET EREN? and why he's Levi in the sub? well, don't really matters, shorter, the better xD