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Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara
Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara
Nov 7, 2:58 PM
Watching 6/? · Scored 4
Juuni Taisen
Juuni Taisen
Nov 7, 2:58 PM
Watching 6/12 · Scored 3
Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau
Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau
Nov 6, 3:47 AM
Watching 5/12 · Scored 5
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Oct 19, 4:39 PM
Completed 85/85 · Scored 7
Arakawa Under the Bridge
Arakawa Under the Bridge
Oct 15, 11:54 AM
Completed 410/410 · Scored 5
Oct 12, 1:42 AM
Completed 369/369 · Scored 4


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Taz_ Jun 17, 2:23 PM
Where did you watch Doctor Slump?
0102 Apr 18, 2:49 PM
talk to me on discord sometime..
0102 Feb 28, 8:35 AM
bon you slut
Gluzin Feb 12, 11:20 AM
0102 is gay, I know
Gluzin Feb 12, 11:20 AM
Now I removed all my scores, again.

I'm better now. Yotsuba is about the day-to-day life of a young, energetic and pure girl called Yotsuba, every chapter is a new story and it's always funny and relaxing to read, even emotional at times. You can see that it became my favorite manga.
I was getting a bit bored with Part 6 but then I started really loving it and now it's probably my second favorite part (below Part 4). I loved all the characters and their dynamics and it had some really interesting ideas.

I agree that KonoSuba lost steam but I'm enjoying season 2 more than season 1.
Really like the LWA movies so I naturally like this as well
Youjo Senki and Seiren were terrible
Shouwa is as good as always (only watched the first episode)
I'm excited to watch ACCA, I loved House of Five Leaves.

Haven't been watching much anime, I watched the first season of Kaiji recently which was a blast.

I was bored with Half-Life 2 but I had a lot of fun with Half Life 1. I'm also no expert when it comes to games and I also rate based on how much I enjoyed them. I started Dark Souls again a few days ago, got the the second big boss boss without dying but I died a bunch of times on the bridge where you get to that bull. Haven't touched it since xD The first time I tried I got to the Butterfly boss but got stuck there. I think Dark Souls is great but I have short temper and I need to be in the mood to play it.


I've played Metal Gear Rising Reveangence and Killer is Dead since we last talked. KiD was a lot of fun but Metal Gear was a pure blast, the gameplay was incredibly satisfying and the OST was orgasmic.

You write long ass comments and I take a long ass time to reply so I can't complain xD

Mundt73 Feb 11, 12:59 PM
Never, worry. I appreciate your passion as well as your thought processes, and I certainly never mean to come off as condescending. I may have misconstrued your points to a certain extent. Pretentious is not backing up your views with reasoning, or misconstruing opinions as facts, and you definitely don't do that. I'd much rather have a window into your reasoning than the standard "XXXXXXX anime is shit, you're retarded for liking it and you should feel bad, pleb." Though, tbf, most of the time this is used ironically I hope think.

I guess I just don't really delve too deeply into anime as a medium in general. Stuff usually appeals to me or doesn't, but I tend to enjoy things that try to at least differentiate themselves from the status quo. Things like Utena, Ergo Proxy, Cowboy Bebop, Kyousou Giga, Penguindrum, Baccano, Monogatari, House of Five Leaves and the like all earn bonus points for trying to be unique in a somewhat stagnant medium that has a very conservative fan base in general. If something presents itself in a way that seems like at least some effort was made to be original, then I tend to like these things a bit more than very well done shows that stay comfortably within the norm. Plus I'm attracted to complexity, so things with multiple overlapping story lines and unique, non-linear presentation will hold my attention more than more conventional narratives, even if they aren't airtight, narrativewise. At the same time, I'm totally understanding if others aren't as impressed or enamoured with them as I. Of course there are always exceptions that just try too hard and fail. Like Mirai Nikki.

Of course, none of the shows we have been discussing fit these parameters, lol, so lately I've been falling back on the one simple truth regarding my taste: I like cute girls (or better yet, cute women, like Sakie), and anime has plenty of that to offer, across the entire spectrum. Some are good, some aren't, most are just mediocre, but I just want a distraction these days. I've found thinking too hard or being too critical about what are, in the end, cartoons has made me enjoy it considerably less than I used to. So I'm going to go back to being a casual and hope it reinvigorates my enjoyment of the medium. I was never really an elitist in the true sense of thinking my tastes and opinions are superior (I think we both think similarly, in that respect), I just like certain things and dislike others, but feel no urge to force my views on others. Live and let live, and all that jazz. I just joined Weeblitist to hopefully find better shows but instead discovered pandemonium, entertaining though it may be.

Thank you for your well-wishing... I'd like to tell you that things will get better, but barring some wonder drug suddenly appearing, me finding an amazingly talented and fearless brain surgeon (Tenma, where are you?), or humanity finding a cure for cancer, I'm pretty lucky to have stuck around as long as I have. I was given 6 months in late summer of 2013, and have far outlived all expectations, so I'm thankful for that, but things have taken a downward turn in the last few months, hence my elongated absences, usually due to hospitalization. So again, thank you, but don't feel bad about it. I came to terms with it long ago.
Mundt73 Feb 11, 10:05 AM
Actually, Honkai reminds me a lot of my high school days because... well, I was horny as hell and fooled around a lot without actually dating much. Perhaps it's a cultural difference between us. Or I was just randy as a goat. My biggest issue is the teacher's kind of unrealistic motivations which could have been made a bit more convincing, but instead she's just likes to cuck, which seems kinda weak to me. That and the direction hasn't really gone anywhere. I'll keep watching to enjoy the train-wreck, if nothing else.

As far as Maid Dragon goes... Mindless entertainment, and not very good at that, but tolerable on a week to week basis. Would probably drop it if I tried to watch it in one go. KyoAni must have found some extra cash between the couch cushions and decided to throw this one together.

Demi-chan doesn't come off that way to me... Indeed the students thinking of their teacher in a romantic way is kind of a tired anime trope, but I can kind of justify it given that, as Ajin, they've probably been through some kind of discrimination or other at some point, being so different. Having someone that seems to genuinely care would seem attractive to adolescent girls in that situation. As far as the teacher, I don't think he thinks of the girls that way at all, thus his embarrassment when they get clingy. At least it's not as bad as Cardcaptor Sakura, with a 10 year old girl in an active, if covert, relationship with her 20-something year old teacher. Sakie is (obviously) my favorite character, and I think she hasn't really been the focus yet, but perhaps will be in time. I admittedly mostly watch the show for her, lol. She was pretty much peripheral until recently, and the pitfalls of her "succubusness" sort of prevent that relationship from blossoming, sort of a built in friend zone. There's still time, I guess, but I don't think romance is really the point; ultimately it's just another harem at the end of the day, and will go nowhere. But it's surprisingly cute, despite coming from A-1. I'll probably stick this one out for the lols.

I won't touch Shouwa until it's complete. Youjo looks interesting, but I tend to get tired of OP loli stuff. If it's more than that please let me know. I'd like to watch LWA, but it's like, 25 episodes and I'd rather not invest in a show I doubt I'll be around for the conclusion of, given my health situation recently. Konosuba lost me with the end of season 1 and the ova.

Also watching Dagashi Kashi (weak, but occasionally funny, and Saya is cute, so why not...), Kiniro Mosaic because I'm not sure why (only an episode here and there), and probably going to give Yru Yuri a try to see if it lives up to the Moetard hype. Also Shimoneta, just to remind me how bad anime can be... or perhaps to punish myself for some unknown sin...

Ultimately, I've given up trying to find quality shows and just want to turn my brain off and be distracted, since I can't seem to really get into anything anymore. I have a letterboxd acct, but I never use it and I've had enough with scoring sites, but if you want to peruse what I've seen for ideas, this is it: . I don't score anything, since some of these things were watched in the 80's and I remember them only vaguely, the list is far from complete, and it's just too tedious to go through every movie on the site to make it so.
Mundt73 Feb 11, 7:51 AM
Yeah, I haven't been able to really get into any marathoning like before, so I've just been watching a show here and a show there.
I liked Honkai at first mostly due to the artstyle and direction, but it seems to be headed for disaster quickly. Oh well.
Maid Dragon is mindless entertainment and Demi-chan is pretty much the same. Just a fix for winter boredom.
Most of my viewing is rewatches with some of the guys, when it happens...
0102 Feb 11, 5:48 AM
Mundt73 Feb 11, 1:33 AM
B-b-but the Akame ga Kill manga is supposed to be epic....
0102 Jan 31, 7:41 AM
fag alert
0102 Jan 11, 7:52 AM
0102 Jan 8, 4:53 PM
0102 Jan 8, 1:47 AM
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0102 Jan 8, 1:45 AM
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