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Nagatotoro Aug 19, 2022 1:15 AM
I dislike the thought of being upside down as well, also the feeling of falling but being upside down it is totally unbearable for me as well, blood will get in the head you will have trouble breathing no no please >_<

I feel glad you visited my country and had fun, I hope I can do the same thing aaa😭
Japan please I beg you open the borders and take my money it will only benefits your economy thank you😊

Anyway yes Im from the north

Dont worry I dont truly care, I find masks quite helpful most of the time because

1-One the spitting thing

2-Italians have this thing of kissing on the cheek as a greeting and it is rare but sometimes by accidents kissing in the mouth also happens or people pretend to do it just to kiss you and I hate skinship of anytype with strangers and the feeling of saliva attached to my skin Im like a grumpy old man

3-It covers pimples if the appear 😳 Im still a teen I do proper skin care routine but sometimes they keep on saying: "Hello, Im back😎"

And also I dont think that either wearing or keeping the mask on in the future should be a matter to other people (unless covid requires it) I truly get annoyed af when friends/relatives or even strangers look at me funny because I wear mask or tell me to take it off because there is no need or the weather is hot and this and that.

The hell are we conjoined twins or what why are you so interested of what I wear and what I dont mind your business I'll mind mine bro Im not personally attacking you or anything, what's the deal😳

Yes here in Italy school has too much years in my opinion. Depending at the study course you choose, you might study for even 8 years and you are 30 years old with still no job neither ideas🙈 this is quite a toxic trait of Italy's education/jobs finding

Alright then for the next message I will answer you privately

Nagatotoro Aug 16, 2022 5:03 AM
How do you know about italian pizza? You visited Italy?😳 Bro you are surprising, how many places have you been to? I haven't travelled that much outside Italy still, only Brazil and Austria

I wish racism coulds stop like, it has no use at all it just offends people. When people behave in a racist manner towards someone, I wish they could go to their country and then suffer the same things so they learn (Im sorry ahahah)

We are quite used to spit but yeah it is quite digusting because the speak fast, I talk slowly so dont worry haaha but I recommend to not talk too close too them at least when they are all hyped up

No no actually, it is like a japanese tv show or something, where japanese people were trying to "understand' why westerns may had more covid cases than them so they used this example of the language putting a woman in front of a tissue (to represent a face mask) while speaking in japanese the tissue hadn't moved at all, while it moved during the english part especially at the word "Pen" when it literally flied away

I think it was something like, to say that japanese is way more elegant and less agressive than japanese? I truly dont know but I think it is genius humor anyway, like it both made me annoyed and laugh ahahha

Sorry If I confused you

I still have to go to university (I wish I can at least) because Highschool here in Italy has a lot of years of study (elementary 5 years, middle school 3 years, Highschool 5 years and law forces you to go)

And then you can go to university or start working right away, but I wish to go to university (another 3 years) to pursue a good career

By the way yes Im 18 years old currently. Im still younggg, I became an adult only some months ago ahahah

I truly should educate them, though fetishization towards any race I think it is quite disrespectful more than a compliment

Now I truly need to know how many places you have been too ahahhab(Of course only if you want to tell me I dont want to violate your privacy, also we can chat in private if you prefer)
Nagatotoro Aug 16, 2022 4:51 AM
Yes I enjoy them, they can be a bit tiring to be all day in but just an hour can be quite fun to go with friends! Also you can find popcorn and cotton candy everywhere ahahshs

Yes yes let's ignore these cringy people ahahaha, they are childish af let them do their thing and probably get scared after and lets live our life who cares😳 you have fun? Then have fun, we have different ways of having fun which is normal, why do hobbie(s) exist then
Nagatotoro Aug 16, 2022 4:23 AM
Heheeh just kidding! Please I shouldn't even think of coming to Japan without respecting basic etiquette ahahahah😨 loved your reaction😎 there is basically a rule for everything I get really surprised, but hey if this is something useful why not, some rules I agree a lot with like the train thing. Here in Italy everybody screams like Im interested in knowing their lives

Eye contact too? Thank you I didn't know this, eye contact can be a bit intimidating indeed

Kasugano Sora yeah ahahahahaha I dunno I love her she is so pretty sksks

Yes yes I will ahahah, I quite like the bowing thing it is like treating with respect everyone, maybe I'll find a bit difficult the eye contact thing at first but I'll get used to it!

I understand, I also answer quite late because I dont want to give random answers so well we have something in common there ahahah
Nagatotoro Aug 15, 2022 4:43 AM
I understand. Just like Spicy food or Roller Coasters some people hate it and some dont. I dont think that someone is a "COWARDDD😎" or any of this bullshit just because horror isn't their cup of みそしる ahahah

This make me more reassured ahahahah actually I imagined that knowing how Japanese people usually don't like touching and stuff, I just wanted a confirmation ahahaha

Yes otherwise I get a little bored watching them

I hope my long messages dont bother you that much I try to write less sometimes but since Im writing on the phone I cannot see well how much Im writing, if it bothers you just tell me at least I get some help to to dose my writing ahahahhs
Nagatotoro Aug 15, 2022 4:35 AM
I dunno either why people think I look Chinese I remain confused a lot as well because my eyes are bigger and I also have less prominent cheek bones. Even Chinese people itself sometimes look at me with confused look like: Where the hell is she from? (Im italian and Brazilian hi🇮🇹🇧🇷) pasta and samba

Maybe they only think I look like one when I wear a mask? I also smile with my eyes a lot, you know the rainbow eyes thing 😊

Actually most italians are brunette, there are some who have natural black hair but they are very few. Most italians to make it "black" colors their hair, actually it is rare to find a person in Italy who doesn't color their hair I didn't because I don't want to damage my hair

Thank you for saying that, before knowing asian's obsession with pale skin, I had a lot of insecurity about that because here in Italy it isn't considered attractive at all, when I discovered it I felt better and I thought "It is all based on people's preferences and how things are perceived even in a certain culture" it does not mean anything beauty is not something objective even if people want to make it seem like it.

I personally think that every race can have ugly or attractive people, and also I would wish you guys to not feel like your eyes with no "Double Eyelid" (Is it correct?) are not beautiful. I swear I never encountered an asian who didn't feel a bit insecure or wasn't bullied because of that. (People can be truly dumb just because someone is different)

If being bullied and being insecure about the color of the skin is ridiculous, then the eyes are even more. I personally think they are beautiful just like western ones, they look like cat's eyes🐱

The r thing, I see. Chinese have difficult to distinguish the "L" and "R" as well I noticed it. It is like you guys see L and R as the same thing. Actually they are quite similar indeed sometimes even italians when using them go like: Error 404 ahahah also trust me, they often spit in each other faces by accident while trying to pronounce such words so I guess it is even better to "say it wrong" ahaahsh it happens so often oh my lord the embarassment Im feeling. When it happens we go like: "When did it start raining?😳"

I dont know why but this whole thing made me remember about a Japanese video I saw I had mixed feeling towards that goes like:


" This is a PPEENN"

Actually the grammar may be even easier than Japanese, but I find the pronunciation quite impossible.

Of course I would find it easier knowing some kanji already and knowing japanese

But for example Thai and Arabic, both writing, grammar, and pronunciation are difficult af and they aren't related to hanzi at all 😳 how Im supposed to make it man

This makes me so happy you guysss, actually with rest work can be made even better, working just to work when you could feel depressed or tired does not make a good work at all trust me you just feel bad and more unsatisfied when you see you made a bad work

Wow bro I look either Chinese/Japanese/Arabic and you look Italian ahahahah
Actually western people cannot distinguish Chinese and Japanese people and sometimes I have difficulties as well even though less than them

You must be older than me then I must use honorifics and talk in keigo ahahahh

You know the whole race fetishization thing? Yes, I may have a cult😀

Yes I love travelling so much, I understand your opinion though like it isn't exactly a relaxing thing
Yomisuki Aug 15, 2022 3:30 AM
Yes, I expect that pecans and pine nuts aren't so well known.

I think part of KitKat's popularity is because of the name sounding similar to Kitto Katsu, translated as "You will surely win", and could be given or mailed to students (as a good luck charm) ahead of university exams.

I've not really tried any Japanese sweets apart from those green tea flavor chocolate-coated macadamias I mentioned before. I did see a pack of green tea-flavored mochi in a supermarket here though. From what I've seen in anime, I'd say I'd be curious to try some of the traditional sweets. I remember they were featured in the series 3-gatsu no-Lion (if you've seen that). Plus I'm curious about what a melon roll and red bean bun taste like.

How popular is anime with people over there? Like, would you say that 50% of the population watches it, or is it closer to 10% or 20%? Also, what age demographic is it most popular with? I'd have thought it would be least popular with people over 50.
Nagatotoro Aug 14, 2022 1:24 AM
You don't like horror movies? That's ok, also I used to hate them too! I dont like horror movies itself unless the plot is amazing, what I like is my friends' reaction because they are really funny ahahshsh, this is the most amazing part of watching horror movies in my opinion, you cannot not have fun with your friends that scare you more than the movie itself ×D

I thought I would get it too but since I was a children I would always die, like you know the feeling on walking in the beach's sand with bare feet? My skin feels like that ahahahahsh

It is a summerish anime yes, they all go after university to this beach to surf and rest and stuff, so they can decide the job they want to do and stuff

Ahahahahahahahha omygod you are right it always happens

THE VOICE THING I CANT, Bruh you basically resumed most harem/ecchi anime with the special onsen/beach episode. But wait actually not just that ahahahhs

Yes and then the boys that says: Beaches are amazing😏😏😏 or the watermelon thing or girls playing with water while laughing, or girls touch other girls boobs

Does it really happen in Japan?😳 Considered Im a bit of a outcast if I tried to do it here in Italy girls would think Im a lesbian or that I have some mental issues

Yes I do ahahahah but I dont watch that much Romantic Dramas itself, I like thriller for example I saw "Alice In Borderland" or " Re:Mind" and I really liked them.

Most romances are too stereotyped I cant help it!😆 But it is true that some are good

I tend to choose most series with thriller because most normal ones or romantic ones has useless scenes like someone who is making coffee or three hours of them staring at each other while almost kissing and then someone interrupts them COME ON
Nagatotoro Aug 14, 2022 1:11 AM
Most people think I look arabic or chinese because I have black straight hair and pale skin while most italians are brunette/blonde and with tan skin.

Also I have an italian accent that doesn't seem from the region I live in (Every Italy region change accent and tone, but I have none and I dont even know dialects, so people dont know where I come from, my father looks like he comes from Sicily because he has the accent of the south)

Yes I am ahahaha I really love studying languages very much! Oh I see, the whole japanenglish thing like アイスクリム ahahahah, but I searched a bit about this basically you guys find it a bit difficult to learn, because your brain is accostumed to katakana pronunciation and also because you don't have consonants (h,k,j,l) they are all sounds and a consonant with a vocal (か、き、く、け、こ) while in english vocals often change sound based on the word

Every language has its different "hard to learn" aspect, expect for Chinese/Arabic/Thai that are all a different level of "What The Hell" in my opinion

But for me with the good amount of study while having fun doing it anything is possible to learn!

Yes, I discovered many weird and cool things as well. I wonder if things that are "wrong" exists in the end, because in every culture the way it is perceived changes!

For example I discovered that in Japan (I don't know if today this is still accurate as a thing) you guys work a lot and this is very admirable. But some people even die for it!! Because they do long hours without having good sleep, and you guys dont have much holydays to rest.

Here in Italy working that much without having any benefits or long holydays after, is seen really badly because there is a law that says that working more than certain hours is too draining for a person's happiness and health, so it is illegal and jobs' boss could get problems if they do, so basically they dont even try it is like a sort of "abuse"

Now the situation has changed, or when people ask me where do I come from, when I say I am from Brazil then strangely their eyes "sparkle" and say:"Wooo, I love Brazilians' women so muchhh" so yeah now I have some cults to join ahahsh

I feel more Brazilian than Italian, honestly Italy is less violent and has more opportunities than Brazil, so I was thinking to stay in Italy for a little while but I would love being a cruise hostess/flight attendants or something, because it would mean I would be constantly travelling and I would have no time to get bored! So I could go to Brazil,Japan, Italy again, Sweden, Russia. Just thinking about visiting so much places makes me so happy,especially after all the covid-19 thing
Nagatotoro Aug 10, 2022 1:41 AM
I understand, in the other hand I don't know many Japanese non anime movies, only some. I remember I really liked one named "Tony Takitani" (If I remember the name well) Asakusa Kid was good too I saw it on netflix

I cannot stand Marvel movies as well aaa thank god someone thinks like me one time I was forced by my friend to watch one
I don't know if you know already but a new Marvel Movie "Thor thunder of love" something aired recently

I went to watch an horror movie with my friend, and eveeery one was buying tickets for seeing it. There were even people I knew I had to hide everywhere

I dislike hot weather because I get too tired and lazy to do everything especially when I walk outside. Also the sun is just like it is literally burning me, none of my friends feel it but I immediately turn red and I feel dizzy what is wrong with my skin

I really liked Asobi Asobase and Grand Blue I don't know why ahaahha especially Grand Blue is full of dumb people

Oh you mean Japanese Dramas? I only watched some Thai and Korean ones I would be very curious to see a japanese one
Nagatotoro Aug 10, 2022 1:29 AM
Im half brazilian, so along with Italian I learned Portuguese during my childhood.

Now the situation is a little better, but during the early 2000 until something like 2013, even if not legally, foreigner people in Italy were heavily looked bad upon I remember, because people thought they were illegal residents or that they were stealing people's jobs and stuff.

So I could only socialize with foreigner people mostly in my school and in my apartment building. At my apartment I made a Venezuelan friend, and along with school studies I learned Spanish with her, because it is very similar to portuguese.

After that I became very passionate about languages and I learned French in school also with extra classes and then I discovered Japanese with anime and movies.
My first approach to Japan in general was because of a movie about geishas I watched accidentally while I was watching tv as a kid.

I don't know why but it left me a strong impression and I thought everything was so beautiful, I was like this: 😮

There is something about learning languages I really like. Usually you also study and learn culture stuff either accidentally/out of curiousity or with your studies.

Since Im both brazilian-italian, even though I grew up in Italy I don't feel like Im italian at all, but not even brazilian since I haven't lived in there.

I honestly don't like the term foreigner and stuff, Of course traditions are important, but I think they should be kept but also shared with other people. This type of closure, only hurt people in my opinion, I wish people could be more open to each other.

When I think about this, I also reflect about how all this, caused racism, a lot of wars as well.
Even the chinese people I know that have both chinese parents but they were born here and live there, cant wait to come back to China and dont feel like italians at all.

I wish there was no need to feel like a certain nationality or any of this, I like the idea that we can be all open minded to each other, I swear understanding much about other cultures, I think I grew up so much as a person. We can truly all learn from each other, since the world is so big I don't understand why restraining it in such a small piece of land so much.

(Sorry I talked too much ahahaaha)
Yomisuki Aug 5, 2022 10:40 PM
Oh, I forgot to mention that I've also tried macadamia's, brazil nuts, almonds, pecans, hazelnuts, and pine nuts lol. Actually, a friend of mine gave me some green tea flavored chocolate-coated macadamia nuts from Japan some years ago. They were from her friend who was originally from Okinawa. They were super nice! I hear you guys do some unusual flavors with your KitKats (chocolate wafer bars) - like matcha green tea, soy sauce, sweet red bean soup, chestnut, lemon vinegar, potato, grilled corn, and creamed cheese, to name but a few! There's nothing like that amount of variety here (you guys have done more than 300). I looked it up and currently, there's just dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate, orange, chunky milk chocolate, chunky peanut butter, chunky salted caramel popcorn, chunky Biscoff (biscuit) milk chocolate, honeycomb, dark mint, and KitKat Bites caramel. I've only ever had milk chocolate and chunky milk chocolate varieties, and that's some years ago. What's your experience with Kitkats? As well as the unusual savory flavors I mentioned before there are also lots of really nice sounding flavors that are only available in Japan. Like a lot of them on this list:

Takoyaki! That's the stuff you always hear about in anime when people are at the fair or at some festival lol. It looks like it would be nice. As long as the octopus is diced and well-cooked. You don't need to worry about it using its suckers on you lol.

Yeah, it does have to do with food shortages quite often. Like how they eat fried giant tarantulas in Cambodia because of the famine there in the past. I don't judge people for what type of meat they eat. A pig or cow has just as much feeling as a dog, it's just not the cultural norm over here, that's all.

Yeah, the French do some unusual things, cuisine-wise. They're also renowned for eating frogs' legs and snails lol.

Oh, that spoiler tag to the sashimi picture works just fine from my end. Strange it's not visible to you.
Nagatotoro Aug 5, 2022 2:22 AM
Im trying to learn it, Im finally done with ひらがな and カタカナ, but I find Kanjis really difficult to remember. Since they derive from chinese, I sometimes feel like Im learning two languages at the same time🙉

When learning words, with the meaning of kanjis is easy to associate, even just by the image. For example, I can easily imagine the kanji of rain 雨 as a window with rain drops on it and I find it cute. But I find difficult to remember the "on" pronunciation to form other words. Im not that good at them at all, but I'm sure that with practice I will get better. It takes time but Im ok with it
It seems like an unrequited love, I love kanjis but they hate me

I have fun learning anyway!^-^

I don't like cold weather as well, I wish it would be spring all the time

Yes I also like that genre a lot, I rarely find comedy animes I like, but there were some I found really funny

I also like calm movies, there are exceptions of course like "Kill Bill" or "Train To Busan" that have a lot of action which I like, but it's not my favourite genre. For example, my favourite movie director is "Wong Kar Wai" and he tends to make very slow movie where nothing much happens.

I usually don't like anime or movies that are just fun to watch, I like movies that makes me think during the watch. The atmosphere to me is important as well as aesthetic shots to make great movies
umpmeister Aug 4, 2022 11:02 PM
Nice to meet you ^-^

Nagatotoro Aug 4, 2022 8:43 AM
People doing it in the water is the worst thing, and doctors even say sea water is good for your skin. I don't want all type of bacterias in my body thank you😳

What can I say, I don't believe in 海 supremacy ahahaha

I also find pale skin really beautiful. I fun all skin colors very beautiful overall but for me it depens on people and I think pale skin is the most beautiful one.

Just like Snow, it is really beautiful to look at

Yes I really like that genre is really interesting to watch

What others genre do you enjoy the most? Do you also like movies with the same genre?