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Dec 21, 2017
As always, I'll keep this brief. This show is like hot-cocoa, or just the right amount of alcohol. You know exactly what you're getting. There is nothing exotic, no subversion's. It would be easy to have too much, and would get old if it was the only thing you drank. But at the right time, for the right mood, it's perfect. It make you feel warm, familiar, comforted, relaxed, guaranteed to make you smile. Think cold Christmas nights, comfortable at home, in pleasant company, snuggled with a cup of hot-cocoa or hard egg-nog.

Dropping the metaphor, this show won't surprise you. There is little comedy read more
Oct 11, 2017
I don't really know how to contribute to the review section of this Hentai, other then to reinforce that you should watch it. It would not be an exaggeration to say that this episode gave me an oral fixation. It would probably be more accurate to say that I discovered this new fetish of mine, because I watched this.

When it comes to expressing sexual desire and pleasure, this manages to top anything I've ever seen. This girl is in heaven, and these two, in the moment, are craving each others bodies like a starving addict craves a p-nutbutter and heroin sandwich. They cum harder then read more
Sep 17, 2017
After noticing that this show had no reviews, I felt weirdly obligated to watch it and take notes and write one. I've always tried to keep these short, so I'll do my best to give you the info you need to make a decision.

First, this show is, to 90% of the Anime community, a total dumpster fire. This is something that is only going to hold appeal to true Harem-disciples like me. Even then, this is where you turn after you've seen all the good stuff. If you're desperate for a new Harem show ("Oh how could you run out, aren't there a billion?") read more
Sep 17, 2017
I wanted to review this show after realizing that I've been thinking about this show for days after I finished watching it. So let me start off by saying this, you should watch this anime.

I'll try to keep things short, so I won't give a synopsis but I will give you some non-spoiler info that can help you decide whether or not to watch it.

First, it's not really a Harem show. To me, a Harem show is when more then two girls chase after the same guy, and the interactions that follow. A love story about a bunch of girls, often but not read more
Sep 16, 2017
First off, I liked it. I'm going to keep this short, as others are pretty thorough, yet when I read reviews I end up moving on after a paragraph. I'm going to point out what I would have wanted to know before starting.

Second, it's a love story. It's a romance/comedy anime. By comedy, what I really mean is it doesn't have a super serious tone.

Third, it's not *really* a Harem anime, at least not in my eyes. It's a love triangle story. They do add a couple token love interests, but they don't *actually* add them, if that makes sense. If you're a read more
Sep 13, 2017
This is the first Hentai I've seen that doesn't make me feel a slight sense of shame, just for liking it. It's so well done, the relationship between the two main characters is actually believable. Their thoughts, behavior, even the dialog is relatable, if slightly exaggerated. This is a story of two people, a student and a teacher, who are falling madly in love with each other, and are afraid of the consequences a relationship like theirs will have on their life.

Most importantly, the sex is passionate. The kissing is the best I've ever seen in hentai, and they are just all over each other. read more