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Jun 20, 2022
Healer Girl (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
It’s a solid slice of life anime. Easy to enjoy given the easygoing tone, wholesome themes, and some character that carves out a niche for itself within the genre.

Note that if you hate musicals (for some reason) you may have a tough time getting into this one. This is a musical through and through, with at least one musical number in every episode. How well they connect to the story varies, but I think they do a good job with it for the most part.

The songs are performed well and the visuals have a little more flair than you’d expect given how the rest of ...
Jul 3, 2021

The world is interesting. The progression is addicting. The narrative is well thought out. Plus the main is pretty entertaining (though a bit of an acquired taste). But all of that is squandered by a studio that bit-off way more than it could chew.

I won’t sugarcoat it, the fight animation is some of the worst I have ever seen. Keep in mind that I have watched almost 100 days of anime. I would rather watch the fights in Ex-Arm over the worst fights in this anime. Granted, not all of the fights are THAT bad (most of the ones featuring the spider girl Kumoko are ...
Jun 27, 2021
Mixed Feelings
A disappointing conclusion after a promising first season.

Overall, it felt like they were just trying to throw in a bunch of Holmes stories and other references without much thought to the overarching narrative and character building.

This season is essentially a compilation of “Hey you know Jack the Ripper? How about James Bond? Do you remember how good The Dark Knight was? Would you like it if we just copied a large part of that?”.

Most of the arcs feel very meaningless in retrospect. There might be a couple plot points that carry to the next arc, but they could be cut out with little ...
Apr 8, 2021
SK∞ (Anime) add
If I had to describe SK8 the Infinity in two words it would be “ridiculous” and “fun”.

This may be the most unabashedly over-the-top anime that I have ever seen. A secret skating community full of people with alter-egos that race down a mountain. Skaters that can defy the laws of physics. A skater that can break rock walls with the force of his quads. A computer skateboard that can transform into different boards and calculate the best routes on a course. Oh, how could I also forget the guy that dresses like a masquerade bullfighter and acts like Hisoka’s impressionable younger brother? If you are ...
Apr 3, 2021
Horimiya (Anime) add
Ah, what could have been.

The art and animation are some of the best you will see in any romance anime. The OST is unique and fits the anime well. I liked all of the characters and their voice actors did great jobs bringing them too life.

There were many aspects of this anime that I really enjoyed. But, after completing it I am still left with some feelings of disappointment.

The sole problem that holds this anime back is the narrative. More specifically, the problem lies in the pacing and overall narrative structure.

This is an anime that trues to adapt 16 volumes of a manga into 13 ...
Mar 25, 2021
I wish that there was a score option between 3/10 and 2/10, because that is firmly where this anime belongs.

I watched this anime weekly and I always write some comments after each episode detailing my thoughts. They make for good reference points when I write my reviews and rate the anime, but I noticed an interesting trend with my comments for this anime. Over the course of this season of The Promised Neverland, I go through all 5 stages of the grief cycle.

So in sticking to that theme, I will review this anime by going through these 5 stages of grief (by the ...
Mar 25, 2021
I think Beastars is a great series.

It has some fantastic characters, some great use of framing, outstanding CGI animation, and a unique OST that fits the mood of scenes very well.

But one area that I feel the series lacks is in its narrative stucture. While I believe that the plots themselves are compelling and do a great job at developing the characters to reach satisfying conclusions, the way that we get to those conclusions is often more messy than I would like.

This season is no different in that regard, and after completing it I look back and realize how many scenes were unnecessary or ...
Mar 25, 2021
Mixed Feelings
Before I start this review, I must say that I have never been the biggest fan of the Dr. Stone anime.

While I felt that the first season was solid, I was underwhelmed. I always felt that despite having an interesting premise and a good gimmick of watching someone create modern technology in a stone age, this adaptation fails to improve upon the source material. I haven’t even read the manga, but I can tell pretty clearly how the manga panels would look given the layouts and frames of this adaptation.

This second season of Dr. Stone does nothing to change this flaw and even fails to ...
Mar 21, 2021
The best debut anime of the 2021 winter season.

Yes, I am aware of how controversial that claim is, but I am willing to back it up by taking all aspects into consideration.

But before I go any further, I have to state that even though I believe this anime to be great, it is not for everyone. This anime has a main character that could reasonably be argued as a pedophile. He was a 30 year old that was reincarnated as a baby in a fantasy world.

This season follows the main character as he is a child and he does some extremely deplorable actions ...
Dec 26, 2020
Look, I’m an anime fan, I like my melodrama as much as the next guy. You give me some Clannad: After Story, Violet Evergarden, or Bunny Girl Senpai and I’ll get teary-eyed along side you.

But the problem with melodrama in general is that it falls apart very quickly if the fails to make you feel emotion. This is ultimately the downfall of The Day I Became a God.

As you all know, this anime was created by Jun Maeda, the creator of many melodramatic hits like the Clannad series, Angel Beats, and Chrolette. Say what you will about these anime, but there is no denying their ...