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Apr 14, 2018
The plot was original and kept my attention throughout. The characters were interesting and realistic. It's a one shot so there was only room the flesh out 3 of them, but they're well done.

The art is really good, just what you would expect out of Takeshi Obata.

From the cover art I thought that the main character's mechanical arm would fit in to the story somehow, but it was completely ignored. Yup, the "extra baggage" that the synopsis is referring to is something completely different.

It's a 49-page one shot with some good art, so I'd recommend it if you have a few minutes to kill.
Sep 10, 2017
If you want an easy-to-understand, fast-paced plot; look elsewhere. Gogo Monster follows elementary schooler Tachibana as he is ostracized from his class due to acting out over creatures that only he can see. The readers are shown his delusions and there are many panels which focus on the ambiance, which adds to the surrealist tone.

There are only a few characters, but they're pretty well fleshed-out, and you can understand the way they think very well by the end.

The artstyle is a little rough, but surprisingly detailed. It really matches up well with the main character's doodles of what he sees.

There's only a few chapters, read more