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Sep 6, 2015
So going in to this manga my initial thoughts was not that high. Mysteries girl plop up from no where and meets a boy. Sound like your standard type of romance manga. It wasn't clear for me until later that this supernatural setup and the girl Sayoko is a great mix.

The story is more or less told through varies of small encounters between Sayoko and Inaba in there daily life where Sayoko tries to get closer to Inaba through different methods. It may not sound too exciting at first, but once you get to know Sayoko better and better you will be surprised how read more
Dec 20, 2014
So, going into this serie I was just expecting a somewhat fun action packed manga to enjoy. And it was, up until a certain chapter. From there on it just went down hill, and fast. Sure to put in some dramatic things to make the characters more interesting might be one thing, but to abuse this to something so saddistic as this writer how done is just beyond everything I've come across.

They had already reviled how the teacher had been raped before. But then to make her go through that again, again and again?! What was really the point of it all?! I regret read more