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Nanatsu no Taizai: Kamigami no Gekirin
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SweetKiichigo Oct 8, 4:38 PM
Asi son los examenes, estudias para tomar un examen y luego de regreso a estudiar. Ojala fuera mas simple aprender las materias.
Yo por un tiempo estudiaba y trabajaba tiempo complete y se me hacia dificil pero logre pasar las clases. Entraba a clase a las 8 am y salia a las 1 pm para luego ir a casa por una hora, comer y luego ir al trabajo a las 3 pm. Casi no tenia tiempo para nada.

Asi so yo, me da weba ver los partidos y mas cuando son moleros. Quien quiere ver un Cuba vs Mexico, son aburridos la mayoria de los juegos estos dias.
MeiAckeele Aug 29, 6:20 PM
I've heard from quite a few people now that Black Clover has gotten alot better... but the last like 10 episodes I watched I wasnt even really paying attention tbh. So if I did want to catch up I would also need to rewatch a good chunk aswell which I just have no motivation too

Maybe one day I will... but like you 'I have better things to waste my time on' xD

Haha yeah I know that feeling so well >.< Just the other week I had to ask to leave work early to make the Danmachi movie in cinemas. So when I asked my boss was like 'yeah sure, what movie?' I didnt want to use the Japanese name cause that would just make me look like way more of a weeb than he already thinks I am, and as I am sure you know the English name is no better ;P Asking to leave early to see 'Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon' was quite difficult....
Yeah interruptions can be a real pain, especially when I pause it and my parents are like 'its in japanese anyway, you dont need to hear it you can just read th subtitles.' Yeah, cause when you watch a movie so long as you can understand what they are saying you dont need any audio what so ever.... cause we love to watch movies with no noise and just read the dialogue on screen.
Yep that is the 4Kids opening and listening to it now is hilarious. Where Sanji has a lolipop instead of a cigerette and they have to colour in any signs of cleavage on the girls and whole bunch of other stupid stuff xD And yeah, that attack name does not have a nice ring to it in english... stretch the arm out loads, punch, sounds stupid enough for 4Kids to use though >.<

But I see you want to keep that rhyme theme going 'We change the crime from time to time'
Stupid messed up conversations with friends are great. When we went to japan someone said how it would be cool to bring a rabbit back as a present. But obviously since we couldnt that conversation somehow morphed into cutting up and bringing back thousands of dead rabbit parts.... dont ask me how it got to that.
I would definitely not recmmend pressing the button, I never intended too. But clearly my intentions did not become reality.... but rather a traumatic back story. When I become some super villain you will know, it was because I accidentally swallowed toilet water. WHY JAPAN

Ouran Host Club is one I havent watched yet. But I do plan on soon cause every now and then I like to widdle away at the anime that are ranked in popularity... like right now of the top 50 I have watched them all except your lie in april. Then after that the next most popular is Ouran Host Club. What SoL are you watching now?

I am liking how this is going, Zel and Meliodas are making up, Zel is getting Gelda back and it is really looking like it is on track for a happy ending. Right now my main concern is Escanor and if he will be okay after taking back his sunshine powers.
I didnt think Arthur died at first, but then we have not seen him again and whenever he is brought up it definitely sounds like he is dead. I wouldnt be surprised if he wasnt with the stuff Merlin can pull off but at the same time I am sceptical cause he seems pretty dead :/ If he is dead I would think it was pretty well done since it was not expected, any series with someone getting a new weapon is supposed to be their 'power spike'. So killing them off then, bravo... but this by no means means I want him to be dead ;P You can pray but at this point it could go either way.
It will not end that way for one of my favourite ships of all time, there will be a glorious outcome for them... Ban did not give up him immortality just for her to live hundreds of years without him. You can refuse that Arthur died and I will refuse to believe there is anything but a happy ending for BxE.

Yeah I havent read Tate no Yuusha so it didnt bother me haha. This reminds me of our convo ages ago about ReLife. How we both read it and the last season of the aime I didnt like as much just knowing how different it was to the manga. But if we hadnt read the manga we would not have known what we were missing and it wouldnt have been that much of an issue. I plan on reading Tate no Yuusha if it doesnt get an anime announced soon. I would rather watch another season first but if no news comes I will read it and then maybe I will agree with you. But rigt now my ignorant self is happy with what he saw ;P

Inou-Battle sounds quite frustrating then. Ive never even heard of it tbh and from what you said I probably wont >.> Hey if you can enjoy Dr Stone then thats good. But do be warned I thought it was alright at first too. It wasnt until later it just dragged on and on and now I technically say I still read chapters but really I skim over them as quickly as possible and should really just set it to dropped but I am stubborn. But again I am in the minority, so its good you can get enjoyment out of it. But I personally think Vinland Saga kicks the crap out of it, have you started it yet? My favourite character is about to be introduced next episode.
So what do you think of the other seasonals? You said Dr Stone isnt your favourite of the season so what is? For sequels mine is easily Mo Dao Zu Shi 2. For new series I am torn between Vinland Saga and Fire Force. Vinland I think is heaps better, but a combination of both knowing what happens already and Fire Force having gorgeous animation makes me lean slightly towards fire force. On that note both Fire Force and Demon Slayer have just such pretty animation, sometimes I dont even care what is actually going on and just admire how nice they look xD

Choco22 Aug 19, 3:28 PM
Well i guess we weren´t the only ones disliking the title...they changed it to Haikyuu Fourth Season, and they annouced this:
This ovas will apparently be focused on the Nekoma and Fukurodani qualifying matches...and that makes sense because if they did those 2 games in season 4 then that along with the training arc with Hinata and Kageyama would take most of the would be weird to have the main team not having more than 1 match in the season (the exception was season 3 since the entire season was focused on that one match).

"But at the beginning of this arc the "real" twice gets totally beaten up and that's when he realizes he's the original because doesn't disappear, so he's the original, no?"
...yes, i think you´re right...completely forgot about that part...and this arc seems to be done...apparently the league will get an army along with other resources (Shigaraki asked if Joker dude had money) a bit pissed that we didnt get to see Dabi fight that Ice dude..perfect chance for some character development for him...maybe Horikoshi is saving that for some big family moment between him and Endeavor (or Todoroki)..i also want to know more about Deku´s new quirks and the Best Jeanist/Hawk plot...maybe we will go back to that now...although i hope that he handles Deku´s power in a way that doesnt make him to OP all of a sudden.

"Maybe we were too hyped because of Endgame??" I think everyone was xD...that story about they liying to Tom Holland about the funeral was hilarious...i imagine what are the Marvel executives thinking.."Damn this Tom Holland is a great bad that he is a spoiler freak, lets come up with counter measures to prevent leaks from him" xD.

"I'm not too excited with none, mainly because I don't know most of them."
I know what you mean...the Eternals are also new territory for me but then again so were the pretty sure that before the first movie most people had no idea who the Guardians were and of marvel most popular, for me is open minded for these movies for now one....also the cast for Eternals by itself does caught my attention, they have the actor who played Robb Stark in Game of Thrones as the main character (Ikaris, he is Thanos´s brother in the comics), and Angelina Jolie and Salma Hayek are also in the cast.

"Anyway, Marvel doesn't make crossovers between the series and movies, so no problem if I don't watch every single show xD"
thats the thing, this ones are different, all the ones from the Disney + have Kevin Foige himself working on them, thats the reason they were annouced as part of Phase 4...they will all directly connect to the cant watch Doctor Strange 2 without watching WandaVision...the plot of WandaVision will set up the Doctor Strange movie, thats why both Wanda and Strange are the mcs of the movie...the Hawkeye series will officialy pass the mantle of Hawkeye to Kate Bishop so after that she can appear in the movies already as Hawkeye without having to explain her backstory...the Loki series is focused on the Loki from the other reality and it will aired before the Thor movie..coincidence?? probably not...there is no point in giving a series to a character from other reality if they dont have him come to the main reality...thats probably also how will the Mjolnir return because Hela destroyed the hammer and in Endgame, Cap took that one back to his timeline...marvel does every project already planning ahead, thats why although Black Widow is dead she is getting a movie because there is something that will come out of that movie that will be used later one (in this case there´s 2 things...Yelena Bolova the new Black Widow and the villain Taskmaster that unless he dies in the movie they will definitely bring him back).
So unlike the other Marvel tv shows made by Hulu, Netflix and ABC that take place in the mcu but dont cross over with the movies this ones are different...they will even have similar budget to the movies for this series so that the special effects remain on the same quality...
Speaking on Marvel year Ghost Rider will have his own show on Hulu, its a Agents of Shield spinoff with the same actor who played Robbie Reyes in Season 4...cant wait.

"uhm... actually it does xD in home page (not your profile's), on the right, under "my statistics"."
HOLY did i never noticed that?????...well the answer is probably ´cause i rarely go to that page xD, my account is always on, on my computer so i go directly to my profile page...still after many years on this site i never noticed that...I HAVE FAIILLEDD.... or maybe that is something recent?? (it was probably always there and i just never noticed).

And on that note:

Happy Birthday

SweetKiichigo Aug 18, 7:04 PM
Muchos examenes este mes?~

Hmm pos trabajo aunque ultimamemnte este mes tuve tiempo de salir un poco.
Bueno veo el futbol casi todos los fines de semana y cuando es el mundial pos trato de ver todos los partidos. El año pasado los vi casi todos y las tiendas se ponen llenas durante los partidos.
Choco22 Aug 1, 1:09 PM
Hmm, ok...maybe they´ll change the name once its released (for some reason im not a fan of "Haikyuu Shin Series", i prefer the tradicional "Haikyuu Season 4" title ).
I dont read Grand Blue...i really enjoyed season 1 so im hoping to watch season 2 without spoilers...but for that I NEED A SEASON 2...
"So... should I begin warming up my hand for Grand Slap?" yup you already making a list of faces where i will practice my slapping skills, you should do yours xD.

"But... if the real Twice dies, wouldn't the copies die too?"
When we meet the character he was struggling about whether he was the original one or not and i think it was mentioned before that at some point his clones fought between themselves so there´s a strong change that this one is not the original one....not confirmed though.
I think that both All Might and Endeavour will die eventually and their deaths will be the perfect motivations for Deku, Bakugou and Todoroki to get even stronger...typical shounen cliché that happens all the time xD
His family sucked but it was clearer that Shigaraki always have that darkness within him, to the point that he enjoyed killing his father and even mentioned that "the itch stopped after that", but yes the dog´s death was the most painfull to me to...i wonder how will they animated that whole scene?? i think that for the first time they will have to censor some stuff in the anime.

"And we all know Rowling is an expert coming up with plot twists. I totally hope she makes up a good one."
She is but she was also the one to come up with that cliffhanger for the last one so....i trust her, but im still worried!!!

I know a few people that also prefered Homecoming, i like this one the most, Peter is more by himself in this one instead of expecting help from Iron Man, and he even makes his own suit at the end.
"Can't wait for the third movie and it hasn't been announced in the SDCC... So, we'll have to wait until 2022 at least. I suffer."
Relax, Spider Man 3 will be released in 2021...they didnt annouced it at SDCC because its a Sony release, Marvel cant annouce Sony releases....back when they annouced Phase 3 there was no SpiderMan Homecoming on the list either...they are releasing the Spider Man movies every 2 years...Homecoming 2017...Far From Home 3 in 2021 most likely...which means that 2021 may be the first year where the MCU has 4 movies...also they are apparently deciding between Spider Man Home Run and Spider Man Homeless for the title...this trilogy always has "home" in the titles...i think Home Run fits better because now Peter wont be safe at home, but Homeless also has a ring to it.

Im interested in all the projects xD:
Black Widow (last movie with Natasha, new Black Widow introduced - Yelena Bolova)
Eternals (honestly they are unkown territory for me, but so were the Guardians before the first movie and i ended up loving them mind for this one)
Shang-Chi (more than the hero, im hyped for the villain xD...ever since IronMan 3 i wanted a proper version of Mandarin)
Doctor Strange 2 (liked the first one so im hyped for the sequel..Scarlet Witch will be another mc and they are teasing it has the first horror movie in the mcu...although it still be PG-13..???...anyway im intrigued xD) .
Thor 4...the one im most skeptic about...i was hyped to see Guardians 3 with him there but apparently that may no longer be the case...a female Thor doesnt really interested me that much to be honest...but i loved Ragnarok (best Thor movie) and the director is the same so...lets see.

as for the TV Shows...Falcon and Winter Soldier (i love their chemistry ever since Civil War, Zemo is back as the villain and we´ll see Sam using the Shield plus the Wings..seems cool), WandaVision (i love Scarlet Witch so..hyped..and apparently this one will somehow tie in with Doctor Strange 2), Loki (another great character finally having his own screen time..this one may connect with Thor 4)..What IF ( Marvel animated with the voices of the mcu in)..Hawkeye (not a movie but still, his own tv show and 2 things were teased...we´ll see more of him as Ronim and he will train Kate Bishop to be his sucessor) im pretty much hyped for everything...but im a total mcu fanboy surprises there xD.

I feel bad for Enen no Shouboutai/Fire Force...because of what happen recently in KyoAni studios they are considering to censor alot of stuff from this makes sense i guess but still...worst time for an anime about Fires to come out.

Thanks (^_^) (I kind of feel bad everytime someone remembers my birthday on MAL ´cause i never remember theirs...unlike facebook, MAL doesnt annouce when your friends birthdays is and i dont usually pay attention to that part in their profiles...just notice that yours is in 3 weeks...ill try my best but if i forget...sorry!!!)

SweetKiichigo Jul 27, 6:30 PM
Aqui viendo el futbol. Ves desportes?~
Que tal tu dia?

Vi que platicabas con Sweet y decidi agregarte jeje
MeiAckeele Jul 27, 7:49 AM
Someone mentioned black clover today and I was just checking to see what episode it was up to now when I realised you and I basically stopped watching it at the same point xD We both have it on hold too instead of dropped, i still dont know what I am going to do with this series.... we are like 50 episodes behind :O
Sweet Jul 23, 10:05 PM
¿En serio no? Yo es que soy tan obsesiva con las calificaciones que para un simple parcial estudio unas tres semanas antes, sin mencionar que los trabajos y demás cosas las trato de empezar tan pronto como sea posible. xD ¿Por una sola décima no te la dieron? Qué corajeeeeee. ;w; Aquí para que te den la matrícula de honor tienes que graduarte con 95 o más. 😭

¿Te cuento algo súper incómodo que pasó una vez? Para mi cumpleaños del año pasado, un amigo mío hizo el grupo de Whatsapp para organizar la salida. El problema fue que él agregó hasta la que hace poco (en ese entonces) era mi mejor amiga (pero nos peleamos y ya no nos hablamos, larga historia xD), pero él no lo sabía. Cuando vi que la había agregado y que ella se había salido del grupo apenas lo vio fue muy... lol. A eso llamo meter la pata. 😂
Ay, pues si nos ponemos a contar anécdotas de organización de fiestas... En marzo cumplió años uno de mis mejores amigos de la universidad, y con varios compañeros de la clase organicé el traerle un pastel y cantarle con velitas y todo. El caso es que fui con el profesor a pedirle permiso para que nos dejara entrar al salón de clases con el pastel al día siguiente, y en el momento me dijo que sí. Al día siguiente no sólo no dejó pasar al pastel, si no que cerró con llave la puerta del salón para que ninguno de nosotros pudiésemos entrar. Fue muy triste. ;w;
Qué miedooooooooo, seguro pensó que una secta satánica había invadido su piso. xDDD
Ohh suena muy divertido. Y como tú ya tienes experiencia enseñando inglés seguro que te irá todavía mejor. Aprovéchalo mucho. 💚

Te entiendo completamente, imagínate lo borracha que es la gente aquí en México. De verdad que es difícil conocer a alguien que lleve una vida sobria. 😂 Lo bueno es que no se tuvieron que aguantar nada de eso, a veces sí que molesta que la gente te esté tratando de convencer de consumir alcohol. Por mi parte me la pasé bien con la familia de mi amiga. Caminamos y nadamos mucho y hasta ahorita sigo bastante exhausta. ;n;
Qué mala suerte!!! Ojalá se les haga ir a la playa más adelante. Un verano sin playa es como... UN PÁJARO SIN ALAS.

Yo era y sigo siendo una leprosa entonces. ;u; Ayer igual me quemé un poquito, pero ya no fue nada grave (me puse como cinco capas de protector para que no pasara nada). Así que por ahora no creo que tenga que preocuparme. 🤭

OMG ❤️❤️❤️❤️ ¿Qué te pareció? A mí me encantó todo, las canciones, la amistad de Robin y Steve, la actitud súper sassy de Erica, cuando Dustin y Suzie cantan en medio de todo el desastre, la escena donde Max se lleva a Eleven de compras, “he doesn’t look like it, but he is one of the most dangerous men in the world”, LA MUERTE DE HOPPER Y LA CARTA QUE LE DEJA A ELEVEN. TODO. 😭😭😭
SweetKiichigo Jul 23, 3:46 PM
Hola ^^
Sweet Jul 21, 9:08 PM
¿Que si lo clavé? Saqué un 100 perfecto, el único regalo de cumpleaños que me dio Diosito este año.

Bueh, pues yo conozco gente que un mes antes de su cumpleaños hace un grupo de Whatsapp con sus mejores amigos, les dice que en ese grupo organicen la fiesta sorpresa, y después se sale para no enterarse de nada. xD Yo no soy así though, si a mí nadie me dice primero que quiere hacer algo para mi cumpleaños usualmente yo no tomo la iniciativa. ;w; Oooh, ¿a dónde vas a ir? Tú ya de por sí eres bien crack en el inglés, no tengo duda de que te irá muy bien. Además, puedes celebrarte a ti misma mientras estás de viaje. x)

Jajaja, de hecho justo mañana estaré todo el día fuera con mi mejor amiga de la universidad, su familia y unos amigos de sus padres. Se supone que vamos a ir a un restaurante muy nice y después vamos a andar paseando por el centro de la ciudad. Mi amiga no quería estar sola. xD Buuuuuu, qué mala suerte ;__; ¿ya no hay oportunidad de que puedan hacer ese viaje este verano? ;n;
Ya no estoy tan mal... bueno, todavía se me nota el bronceado (cuando mi papá me vio después de que regresé de la playa casi se desmaya xD), pero ya no me duele ni estoy roja ni nada. Wooooow, ¿cómo le haces? ¿Cuál es tu secreto? Dimeee. @_@ Yo por más que me eche protector solar y demás cosas siempre termino súper tostada, no sé por qué mi piel es tan inútil, ugh. =n=

Ay, bueno, al menos eso hizo que aprovecharas para ver muuuuchas series jaja. ¿Viste la tercera temporada de Stranger Things, por cierto?
Sweet Jul 19, 4:42 PM
Yo nunca había tenido ese problema hasta que entré a la universidad ;__; Antes podía salir perfectamente el día de mi cumpleaños con mis amigos y cosas así, pero este año tuve que quedarme en mi casa todo el día, llorando y sufriendo porque tenía uno de mis exámenes más pesados el día siguiente ;n; pero bueno, el resto estuvo bastante bien. ¿No estás planeando nada para tu cumpleaños este año? :0
Jajajajaja tú sí me entiendes!! TwT A decir verdad he estado haciendo muchas cosas divertidas este verano al punto de que se me olvida venir a responder comentarios jaja hace unos días me fui a la playa con mis amigos y terminé quemadíiiiiiisima, se me peló toda la piel de los hombros y la espalda ;u; ¿tú has hecho algo divertido so far?

Ohh ya veo :0 ¿Al final sí entraste a trabajar para el verano?

Yo... pues bien, como ya mencioné, he estado pasando mucho tiempo con mis amigos, aprovechando el verano como debe ser xDDD Y también aproveché para empezar más anime de la temporada, porque ya llevaba tiempo sin ver mucho. ¿Tú cómo estás? :D
MeiAckeele Jul 15, 4:26 AM
Yeah, Baka to test is something to be enjoyed as mindless fun... not to be critically analysed xD

Sorry but you gonna have to be specific when you ask "where is that gif from"... which gif >.< if you mean the one i used under the competitive comment thats from the office.

Ok, if all 35 were not just 12 episode ones I may be trouble >.> Funny you watched those 2 SoL's as well ;P They are very binge worthy and easy to watch. When I had that One Piece binge I had some relatives staying over at the time. For my next birthday everyone was giving me One Piece stuff... it was pretty funny. I remember watching one piece when i was a kid before school, just random episodes here and there in english. Even the opening was english, have you heard the english opening. I listen to it now and just laugh xD Its scary how stupid it is but I know it so well ('chopper is doctoring' is a line from it)
Im surprised you can remember which episode specifically you watched. When I actually watched one piece properly i couldnt remember any of the random episodes I watched.

My favourite has always been Ray, but he hasnt really done anything significant in a long time. I was sure Norman was alive too, from the classic rule 'no body, no death'. Yeah I shipped Norman with Emma, but I have kinda stopped caring about anyone really. I dont dislike Neverland by any means, dont get me wrong. It just has kinda dropped off for me unfortunately.

"Speaking about toilets", "70% of my conversations with my friends end up in us wanting to burn something", very normal behaviour. I see absolutely nothing wrong (he says while quietly backing away). Why dont you just burn toilets, easy.
Ahhh well let me enlighten you about the butt button. In japan, there is a button on the toilet which when pressed will squirt water where a person should never wish water to be squirted as an extra means of wiping yourself. Would you dare press the butt button. I did once... but by accident, and it didnt get my butt but my face. I shot toilet water into my mouth

I actually liked Sakurasou haha, it was the first Slice of Life I ever watched. See, that is one I would say give it a chance xD But hey, if you didnt like it... you didnt like it. I would say it gets pretty funny and sad and emotional and the characters grow on you but.... OH WELL. The only series I have dropped is Bobobobo bob ob ob ob ob ob ob ob o bob obobobo bo bo bo b o. Something like that, and thats only cause I never wanted to start it in the first place and a friend forced me too haha.

That just reminds me of a gif I saw of Darling in the franxx. I cant find it right now :( but it had a fighter jet with Zero Two on it. You see it take of with an episode count above it... it flies higher and higher until about episode 16, then an engine bursts and it starts falling until the counter hits 24 and it just explodes on the ground >.<

So are you happy with where Nanatsu is going? It is one of my favourites and just as long as it doesnt drag on ill be happy with any continuation I can get. If it makes sense I am ALL FOR IT. Zeldoris does, I want to see him happy with his vampire, I am also glad we got a connection back to that special chapter that came out years ago about Escanor and the vampires. It was linked to Zeldoris and hisblood sucking love. Im pretty sure Arthur is dead, they made it seem like that anyway, werent they saying how he was a casualty of the war?
Haha well I did not forget about escanor, he is my second favourite after Ban. So who is your top 5?
There will be some plausible way that Ban and Elaine will stay together, whether it be Ban become immortal again or Elaine becomes Mortal. Maybe since Elaine was technically dead, give her immortallity doesnt make her immortal but just alive again since death and immortality cancel eachother out to be just mortal... maybe.... IDK. Surely there will be something.

Neither did I, Clannad just made no sense to me. I loved Anohana, it made me bawl my eyes out. Then I watched the movie which is just a summary thinking (I already know what happens, I can handle it this time) I was wrong, knowing what happens doesnt help. I was still bawling my eyes out. The 'hide and seek' at the end is impossible.

Ok, I read the last one. I love it, when Hak wants her to say more and she is just like 'nah, thats it.' I was just making that nwahhhhhhhh sound in my head.
That was hilarious too, when Hak just had no reaction and underneath it reads 'Hak has reached enlightenment.' They are god damn adorable.
Them being honest to eachother may honestly kill them both. Yona would die of embarrassment and Hak will truly be enlightened to just float up to heaven.

Yeah if you liked the Kaguya anime the mang shouldnt disappoint you. Yeah since I think they wanted to finish on the fireworks scene and they are all pretty much singular stories (there will be more arcs later on) they skipped some of the minor ones just to have somewhat of a season finale which was fine.
I actually didnt have a problem with the end to Tate no Yuusha ending. I think it continued after Bitch/Slut and Trash's (I absolutely love that punishment) sentence as a way of setting up for a season 2. So I hope there is a season 2 ;P Ive already kinda forgetton about the kiss tbh. So what you are reffering to clearly did not have a big effect on me either haha.

I did quite enjoy Bakuman but got a little upset at how little importance they put on anything besides manga. I knew starting it, it was a series about creating manga. And in the first season they were building other aspects. They put together a couple I absolutely loved, and they even got married. But then they totally glossed over the wedding and honey moon, showing how the character could only think about manga during the wedding and that pissed me off to no end >.> Overall I would definitely say I enjoyed it and it is worth watching with some quirky and likeable characters. But it is very dedicated to the manga side of things, more than I would have liked. Oh but I do not like the main character, he pisses me off.
Im watching everything you just mentioned except swapping Dr Stone with Vinland Saga. Both Dr Stone and Vinland Saga are manga I have read, but I really like Vinland Saga and really dont like Dr Stone. Dr Stone is a BIG example of a series I should drop cause I am sick of it but keep reading anyway. I wonder what you will think of the anime. I loved the concept and the world, but I just didnt care about any characters and it got very dull and repetitive after a while.. but thats just me and I know I am in the minority on this one as most ppl like Dr Stone
Choco22 Jul 3, 8:45 AM
"I was expecting you to say three weeks or one month, not three months xDD Anyway, I've just lasted two weeks and a half NOW YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE ME!!"

Forgiven you are...for now............ (^_^_^_^_^_^_)

What does "Shin Series" even mean?? sounds like the name for a spinoff...
"We could slap... for a second season of Grand Blue. And the mission would be... Grand Slap! So we can go on slapping random people on the streets!"
Interesting...Grand Slap it season 1...from what i saw when it was airing it seemed to be really popular so..fingers crossed.
"Btw! I found a spin-off of Haikyuu (nothing weird or yaoi, I swear xD)" LMAO, funny that you said this because i did find a few weeks ago what seemed like a Yaoi Haikyuu manga...anime ships are crazy...may take a look later (to Haikyuu-bu, not the yaoi one xD).

The original Twice probably was killed when they fought between themselves...Dabi may turn out to be one of the biggest villains in the series...All for One to All Might...Shigaraki to Midoriya...Dabi to Todoroki...plot twist, Dabi kills Endeavor and then Todoroki has to avenge him...
Btw what did Hawks did to Best Jeanist?? didnt really understand that part but it seems that he attacked him to prove his allegiance to the League...??

"Anyway, I never understood why Fred and George never said anything about Peter Pettigrew despite having the map."
Good question...maybe they tought that Ron was secretly gay xD.
I also hope that Credence isnt an actual Dumbledore but if its a plan from Grindelwald its kind of lame to end with that cliffhanger of him calling Credence -> Aurelius Dumbledore...and then in the next movie...nope that was a lie, i came up with the name....the writing of the 3º movie definitely needs an upgrade...if the 3º one turns out to be bad its the end of the F.Beast franchise.

The reason why i dont want his daughter to be the new Hawkeye is that i dont think Clint would be ok with it...he wants to retire, wants his family safe, and in the end his daughter becomes Hawkeye and goes on missions??...the only reason i can see this happening is if he dies...maybe his actions as Ronin will come back to "bite him" and then young miss Barton goes on a rampage xD
Im not upset about not having a Hawkeye movie because he apparently will be in the Black Widow movie...they cant make movies for everyone xD
Just Saw Far From Home...not gonna spoiled it but there´s 2 post credits scenes...when you watch it make sure you stay to see them both...the first one already makes it so that the 3º movie will be different from all the Spider Man movies so far....cant wait for Comic Con at the end of this month...they will reveal the Phase 4 movies.

Speaking on Summer Season....its you know what you will watch??
I have a few that i will give a try, but confirmed only these 4:
Dungeon Season 2, Fire Force, Doctor Stone and Vinland Saga
MeiAckeele Jun 30, 7:45 AM
Hahahahaha, Coming back and reading are comment and just see us talking about toilets xD But the warm toilet seats is super weird (cause of what you mentioned), but then also after a while you tend to get used to them. Then when you come back all of a sudden 'AHHHHHHH the toilet seat is freezing' (when really its just the normal temperature it always was). The 'Butt Button' as my friends like to call it was also super weird, I was too afraid to touch it. I assume you can guess what I mean by the butt button, or will I need to inform you ;P

I admire that you can actually drop something you dont like. But at the same time I just think if I did that I would drop too many series too early that end up getting really good. So I just keep thinking 'surely it will get better soon, give it a chance'..... and I keep thinking that until it is finished and regret starting it in the first place
But there have been a few that did manage to turn it around like Beelzebub. I thought that had a very mediocre start, but after a while I started really enjoying it ^.^ So it does work out sometimes, and for the times it does I feel it is worth being a completionist (although I definitely dont feel that way when i just finished a REALLY abad series)

What did you think of that fake out in Nanatsu >.> Seemed like it was gonna have a nice neat and happy ending then BAM suddenly it continues. Like I dont hate what it is doing, not coming completely out of no where since there was forshadowing that Zeldoris was 'missing'. And I really like Nanatsu so a small part of me wants it to continue but also I thought that woulda been a real nice ending and worry what its gonna do now
And I would rather not think about what you brought up, dont tell me Ban is gonna die before everyone else *sobs* WHat about Escanor now too since he lost his powers. ALthough after that last chapter it looks like it he may get them back? Or is he gonna try and be a hero with his weak little self...... BUT DONT TAKE AWAY MY BAN AND ELAINE HAPPY ENDING >.< Maybe Merlin can do something or idk, im sure it will work out :D

It really is refreshing to here an opinion like that about Clannad ^.^ I did actually find it quite sad, but at the same time just cause it was 'sad' did not mean I liked it. There are plenty of tear jerkers I love, but this was not one of them. All I can even remember about the second season is that my favourite characters werent in it and the mum and daughter die, but dont stay dead and somehow come back to life for some reason I never understood? Which just negated why I was feeling sad, so what was the point in even feeling sad.... idk. Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin is a sad series that I absolutely loved. Halfway through I needed a 2 week break cause I just couldnt continue at the time I was just so sad. But I eventually finished it and think its really good.

Again I find this comment hilarious coming back too it cause you used a gif from Lovely Complex, which I didnt know when you sent it to me but now that I watched it over that 2 month break I totally get it now xD I am really liking Akatsuki no Yona again. THere was a point a couple months ago where I wasnt too drawn into the arc (the one where we meet Gobi). But this arc has been very nice and I cant wait to see what happens next after Yona confessed
Hak and Yona are definitely one of my all time favourite ships ^.^

Slap them on the face with a chair, idk why but I just really like this line. Anymore news on when or how long the next season of Haikyuu will be?

So what are you watching atm? Since I imagine the list has changed a far amount since we last talked (my bad). And what did you think of Kaguya. THat is the first manga I ever read that I hadnt first seen the anime (may have already told you that :/ ) But I think the anime did a really good job. It did miss stuff here and there but that is to be expected with the type of series it is. I do really hope it gets another season though cause HAYASAKA IS BEST GIRL! Haha I saw quite a few forums talking about best girl and while Kaguya and Chika are great, it isnt until the later chapters when it is made crystal clear Hayasaka is best girl ;P

Currently I am watching Bakuman as I dont have many seasonals surprisingly, only watching Kimetsu no Yaiba and Fruits basket (not including sequels). And I havent even looked into what I want to watch next season. But yeah I am watching Bakuman for the first time, up to season 3 :)
MeiAckeele Jun 27, 4:56 PM
Yeah I have kinda forgotten too

But obviously I am gonna give it a re read when I respond ^.^ (again)

Haha yeah, I am so pumped to finally continue it after all these years. The anime adapts the LN and the manga came after that. So the manga was last (which is weird hey xD ) I was never into LN so I never read the ending, although I am starting to get into LNs now. But yeah, I wouldnt say the second season was so much disappointing as unfinished to me. So yeah, I very happy to finally continue it :D
Baka to Test was one of the first ones I watched, it kicked off the binge as I had slowed down ALOT with anime since I got my job. So on my break Baka to Test kick started my catch up session and it was great >.< I thought the idea was so stupid at first with there chibi avatars, but by like the 3rd episode I kinda stopped caring and just enjoyed it haha.

Ok now Ms Competitive -_-

How long were these 35 series, both Monster and World Trigger were over 70 episodes each, and I actually forgot to mention 3. Idk but I totally overlooked the Slice of Lifes I watched (maybe cause I went on that Boku wa Tomodachi rant). I also watched Kimi ni Todoke, Lovely Complex and Ore Monogatari which are all 25ish episodes and I really liked. Im not sure how this compares but I watched all of One Piece (that was out at the time) in 4 months which was about 800 episodes.
Im am so happy you are able to criticise YnN. I really like it, but yeah I did not like their deaths either. It was just such a cliche, the whole 'Ill hold them off' death flag. Honestly I havent been liking it as much lately, I loved the first arc (one of the best opening arcs to any series), I love the first arc outside the orphanage with Musica, I love when they find the hideout with Yugo and you dont know who he is and I love the treck to Goldy Pond. But then when they get captured in goldy pond ive found my interest slowly going down. Seems like its gone from a mystery horror more to just straight up 'shoot the monsters in the face'. Dont get me wrong I definitely still like it, just no where near as much since Goldy Pond.

Yeah I would be so happy if Grand Blue got another season, even now it still makes me laugh. Unfortunately it is monthly, and even then its late sometimes ;_;