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Feb 13, 2020
This anime is just loads of good time. You're guaranteed laughs, and at least one boner.

The premise is simple: Guys go around bedding babes of any and all species they can find and then rate their sexual experience so their brethren can profit from their carnal crusades. And they can profit off them in turn. Truly, it's genius.

The simplicity of this premise works in the series' favor as it very quickly establishes the tone and expectation. And boy oh boy, does it deliver. It delivers on the promise of the premise to the point that streaming services and TV networks were forced to drop read more
Oct 18, 2015
The whole reason I joined this site is so that I can review and tell whoever bothers to read that Gangsta is a pretty cool anime.

Can't tell ya if it'd be your cup of tea but I can tell you why I loved it.

Story 8: It is nothing ground-breaking, but is interesting enough to keep you engaged. The ending pissed me off, but I'm willing to let it slide 'cause the journey to that point was good enough.

It's basically about peole with enhanced abilities created for war purposes. War ends, these "Tags" are abandoned. Less than a "normal's" worth, they are feared, hated and killed.

The read more