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Jun 23, 2013
Mod Edit: This review was originally posted for Sokkuri Mate (54251) and has subsequently been merged into Shinigami Grimm to Fukou Shounen: Shiwasu Yuki Tanpenshuu (140832).

It's said that somewhere out in the world everyone has at least one person who looks exactly like them. This oneshot is about a girl who happens to meet that person....and he's in her class!!

I very much enjoyed this story despite it being so short! I loved the comical interaction between the girl and boy. Despite having the same face, they are polar opposites in personality with her being a modest girl and him being a complete narcissist. To me, ...
Jun 4, 2013
Mixed Feelings
This oneshot is basically a love triangle between three childhood friends, two girls and a boy. The female protagonist is most often referred to as a prince due to her handsome looks and cool personality. She likes the boy, however he likes the other girl who in turn adores the prince-like female.

This had the potential to be a good story, but fell through mainly due to the outcome of the story if not the build, though the art was pretty enough. I actually liked the female protagonist, if anything, due to her personality type. I liked that she was a 'cool' type of person and ...
Mar 1, 2013
Preliminary (7/43 chp)
This is a good manga to read if you're looking for something very simple with no plot whatsoever. The two primary characters are friends who are in complete contrast to each other; one being short and childlike in appearance while the other is tall and beautiful despite being mistaken for a male.

Each chapter is very short and has a comedic telling. Most often, it's about the teasing between the two characters and their interactions with others. The art is very well drawn in an omake style instead of the typical styles in manga.
Dec 1, 2012
Preliminary (1/6 chp)
High school girl, Natsuki, is an otaku and could care less about anything other than reading manga. While sitting in the park, she's approached by a guy who she believes to be a pervert and reacts by kicking him away, therefore, injuring him. At the hospital, she discovers that he's actually a mangaka (who she happens to be a fan of) and simply wanted to use her as a model for his next manga.

So far, it's a pretty good story and has its bit of uniqueness to it. Natsuki is a pretty entertaining character.
Dec 1, 2012
Preliminary (1/5 chp)
The story is about a young girl, Aoi, from a family who elevated into noble rank from being commoners due to the success of their merchant business. As the Aoi attempts to become a proper lady, she's accompanied by her servant, Reiichirou, whose from a fallen noble family.

So far, it's a very cute story. The relationship between Aoi and Reiichirou is basically the same as so many other shoujo mangas with similar settings, but I'm still eager to read it regardless.
Nov 25, 2012
F no Meikyuu (Manga) add
Remi and Sora have been childhood friends since here brother took him in when they were kids. Sora possesses psychometry, which is the ability to see past memories in objects and people with physical touch. Remi's brother, who was once a cop but now a private investigator, most often uses Sora's abilities to solve cases. The featured case is the disappearance of a young girl from a wealthy family.

I thought this was a pretty good oneshot. The case was interesting to watch unfold. However, I wished this could have been made into a full-out manga cause it had the potential to be a very good ...
Feb 27, 2010
Biyaku Cafe (Manga) add
Preliminary (4/34 chp)
This manga is a collection of oneshots.
The first story is titled 'Marron Brandy Tea'. It's about a teenage girl who is often mistaken for a cute boy, which is the cause of her getting fired from her last job. While taking out her frustration , she accidently kicks a can at a shop window and breaks it. The shop owner hires her as a male waiter, but not before seducing her.
This is my fave of all the stories. I think it's really cute, but sexy at the same time.

The second and fourth story are about the girl introduced in the first story and her childhood ...
Dec 16, 2009
Gimmick (Manga) add
This is probably one of the best shounen-ai mangas i've read so far.
There's no hardcore stuff here, just kissing and a bit of embracing.
The art is so beautiful, the characters are funny, and the story is cute. It's about two friends who's relationship becomes a bit more after a night of surprise passion. Again, nothing real big.

Though it had me wishing there was more, I'm satisifed with this one-shot.
Nov 30, 2009
Preliminary (10/19 chp)
This manga is about a girl name Rui who transfers to her fiance's school in order to get away from her father's authority. However, she discovers that her fiance is far different than she imagined. The Head of the Public Safety Commission, he's a ruthless and conceited man who takes joy in destroying other clubs. He's determined to make Rui his wife whether she wants to or not.
After joining a down-sized club called the Believers, she meets two cute boys who vow to protect her, though they're both wierd and dangerous in their own way. With the two of them and the three other girls ...
Nov 6, 2009
NG Life (Manga) add
Preliminary (5/54 chp)
I originally thought this would be a lame story judging by the summary, but I was entirely wrong.It's one of the funniest mangas I've ever read, with laugh-out-loud scenes and amusing characters.

The story is about an Italian warrior from 1,900 years ago, reincarnated as a japanese boy. Like him, several others from his pass are also reincarnated including his wife and best friend. However, he is the only one who remembers his past life. And to make matters worse, his beloved wife was reincarnated as a strong girly-boy while his best friend was reincarnated as a girl.
The hilarity begins as he tries to supress his ...

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