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Dec 15, 2012
I was excited to watch Nabari no Ou because I like ninja anime. I really don’t think I have been this disappointed in an anime in a very long time. The premiseof Nabari no Ou is all of the Ninja clans clamor for this one secret art that has been tucked away in a apathetic little boy. The secret art , Shinrabansho, is said to allow the user to become the king of not only the ninja world but the world outside as well. However, because the boy is apathetic he doesn’t care about becoming the ruler even when other try to convince him.
The read more
Sep 14, 2012
I have no idea why I thought this would be a good read. I think someone recommended it to me. Anyway I regret having to read Faster than a kiss, not only because it was highly improbable but also because i found it disgusting.
Taking that you have read the synopsis already, let me point out the good things- there are lots of surprises and twists in the story. There were some cool cosplay ideas throughout the story. I really liked the characters individually. Aside from the consealed perviness i liked the sensei Ma-kun and found his backstory very interesting. I thought the author did read more
Aug 28, 2012
i liked the story behind nonono. I thought that the author wrote a really strong heroine who wasnt above doing anything to realize her dream. I reall y could have done without the ecchi parts; the idea could have been portrayed without them and they werent an intrigual part of the manga.
the supporting characters were as strong as the heroine and i really liked that. However the author seemed to write in way too many incidental characters and random characters, where i lost track of them at some point.
It seems like the author had minimal knowledge on the sport of ski jumping read more
Aug 15, 2012
I will make this fairly short. You know the story already, cinderella has family issues, rich man finds her, tells her not to love him, theres money involved blah, blah blah... you can guess the ending . There were serious problems with the story line, that none of the other reviewers mentioned. The story started great, then it slowed down to the point of me skipping pages! and as if there was a problem the last 4 chapters sped in such a whirlwind to tie up all the ends and get all the characters to their respective places. The characters seemed to either develop slowly read more
Jul 6, 2012
Goong (Manga) add (All reviews)
I started with goong by watching the live action drama, falling in love with the story and needing to read it till the end. The concept is a fantastic one that you find a lot in Kdramas and manhwas of a fictional monarchy. this story imparticular deals with a girl becoming a princess, to a prince who she clearly is the opposite of and having her free spirit being contatined by palace rules. This story is also about the love triangles that form resulting in scandal, death and some serious aplogizing.
i loved the way the characters were drawn here, and especially the detail read more
Jul 2, 2012
I liked Stray love hearts or SLH. I think even more so than barajou no kiss. The artwork drew me in. I like the way the author draws her characters, and her scenery. it appears that she likes her characters a certain way as most of the male characters shared faces and qualities of those from BnK.
I liked the story, it was simple easy to understand, but certainly had some holes in it. I often found myself questioning the motivation behind som of the character's actions. although the ending wasnt great it was still a good light read.
I hate to keep comparing it read more
Feb 29, 2012
Onidere (Manga) add (All reviews)
I am not one to rain on someone’s parade but….. this manga was God-awful. Yes I did finish it after dropping it a few times, but what an awful waste of time.
I will take it that you are familiar with the story, so what you see in the first few 5 chapters essentially repeats itself through the end. Not only did the characters show no growth, but they were completely one sided. I was trying to figure if maybe I don’t fall in the target audience but there were too many sexual innuendos and too many girl on girl references /suggestive activity for read more
Nov 26, 2011
Let me begin by saying I loved this manwha all the way until chapter 127. I liked the characters and although I got a little annoyed with all the self sacrifice (and there is a lot of it) I liked seeing what was gonna happen next and waited anxiously.
The reason it wound up with an 8 from me is because the ending was completely rushed. Its like waiting 2 hours for a really short and uneventful ride at an amusement park. The majority of it is awesome keeps you interested and shows a lot of longing, emotional stress, and the true value of relationships and read more
Aug 24, 2011
I liked this anime, it had elements of magic in it (a lot of them actually) but you understood what everyone’s function was and what their tools were. Mainly a comedy, but with light romance, Rental Magica uses witches, priests, demons, sprits and ghosts in really dark situations.
Itsuki is the main character and as such he’s everything you love in your hero. He’s not as skilled as the other characters but he’s cute, kind hearted, accepts others who are different, hardworking, and has no idea that he’s in the middle of a harem. Lol. I didn’t like how the first 7 episodes seemed out of read more
Aug 24, 2011
I don’t want to be biased, but I really didn’t like this manga. So this review isn’t going to be very nice. I did like that the characters are introspective and that the manga really portrays the confusion that most pre-teens experience. I did actually like that the manga seemed to be more artwork than a story.
I did not like the inconsistency of the characters a new person would be introduced but you wouldn’t see them again. I did not like the stagnate plot- you know the ending already why drag it out? I couldn’t stand that the characters couldn’t express themselves, and that read more