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Jul 25, 2013
There are LOTS of things you can say about School Days, but let me tell you something: You can't say that it didn't piss you off. Seriously.

The story is not very special, but it's not extremely bad either, I think. It's about a guy, Itou Makoto, that loves to have sex with almost every freaking girl he meets. And then you've got the two most important girls: Katsura Kotonoha (Your typical shy girl, but I'll talk about her later) and Saionji Sekai (a girl that loves to tease Makoto). Makoto loves Katsura and Sekai tries to make them into a couple. She has success. read more
Jul 11, 2013
Btooom! (Anime) add (All reviews)
Let's start with saying that BTOOOM! is very interesting. I prefer the survival genre too so yeah ^^

Btooom! doesn't have the most original story, but it's not a complete cliche. Just know that it's a typical survival anime, but a little different. On the other hand, you might think it's quite original because the only weapons they use are bombs.
Now about the good stuff: they worked the story out so well. I can't really explain it myself but the anime is almost perfect with the exception of a few things, but I'll tell you about that later.

Yupp, I gave the art a 10. Why? Well, read more
Mar 29, 2013
I was excited for this movie! I mean, jeez, a fairy tail movie! I can already tell you a few things: The movie is okay, but disappointing if you watched the anime.

The story is okay, nothing wrong with it. It's not very original but it's just fine so I decided to give it a seven. It doesn't deserve a higher mark though because they didn't work it out like I expected.

I heard people say that the art of fairy tail is terrible. Maybe it could be a bit more modern (I also heard they have a rerun of fairy tail with a new animation team read more