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May 31, 2014
Fairy Tail (Anime) add
Preliminary (75/175 eps)
To me this is the most overrated anime ever. Every episode tries to have some emotional bullsh*t and the fights are terrible, friendship power up > all

Ok, so this is the story of natsu ( lucy ? i dont even know who is the main ) and his friends. They are all part of a guild and go out on jobs. Natsu wants to find his lost dragon but 75 episodes into he does nothing to find him.....NOTHING!!!
The story never gets darker or something, its just natsu and pals vs other guilds.

Its good, the backgrounds suck tho.

Mar 23, 2014
I´ll start this review by saying that i haven´t read the manga yet, im saying this because many people say that the anime isn´t on the same level of the manga and that it is a bad adaptation missing out chapters and giving bad explanations about how things work. So keep in mind that i´m doing this review having only the knowledge given by the anime.

Story/Setting/Combat depth - Ok, so i´m not only reviewing the story and world here but the combat depth too, because i think that it´s an important part on any battle anime.


The story is set in an alternate recreation of the ...