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Dec 22, 2011
Preliminary (51/154 chp)
This series starts out pretty well, becomes a little boring but then picks up again, so try to stick with it longer than three volumes. It borrows a lot, almost bordering on plagiarism, from Inuyasha, so if you liked that series, you'll most likely enjoy this one too. Instead of a dog hybrid, it's a full blooded fox, who still looks like Inuyasha and he has youkai love rivals. She's a god-human instead of miko but she's still a reincarnation or descendant with a powerful object inside her. He also resists falling in love with her. I still have a great love for Tomoe anyways, ...
Oct 17, 2010
Tenjou Tenge (Manga) add
This manga starts out very strong, it's extremely enjoyable but fizzles out two thirds into it and gains this rushed feeling up to the end. Most likely from the author's desire to quit and focus on their more popular series, Air Gear. In terms of art, you won't be disappointed, great detail and sharp lines are everywhere. There is quite a bit of humor, gore and nudity. Definitely not a story for the kiddies. It'll get really wordy towards the end, again that rushed feeling so I don't recommend this series for "some light reading". Some characters are given depth and others are overlooked, side ...
Jun 27, 2010
Rouge Noir (Manga) add
I really liked this short one, it's fairly intense and rather mature so I wouldn't recommend it to anyone under 14 but it's a beautiful love story. It teaches you that you shouldn't be so rash and that before acting it's best to try and figure out what you're feeling so you don't do anything stupid. Some may wonder why she'd love the main guy because their relationship starts out extremely rocky because he commits a crime against her but if we never practiced forgiveness the world would probably be a lot crummier and that maybe another lesson from this story. It's written pretty well ...
Jun 8, 2010
One of these best mangas out there. This surpasses its genre in greatness, at first you have no clue what's going on but then slowly the story starts coming out and you become pulled into this world of mystery and tragedy, which of course means murder. The deeper you get the more tied to the characters you become, you begin hating one and view them as the enemy until you get more pieces of the story and you change your mind.
Ultimately you end up hating fear because that's what triggers everything. This series is about the destructive power of fear and teaches you a very ...
Jun 8, 2010
Well this story started out pretty well, it was a typical storyline of love and possession but it took some twists and turns that left it interesting enough with some moments that were easily predictable. However where this story takes a wrong turn is at the corny ending. It was laughable not wow-able which was disappointing and it also felt rushed. I think it would have been better with one more chapter to make the ending stronger. Plus, since the story ended so abruptly we don't have a clue what happens to the main characters, does he go to the far away school or not? ...
Dec 21, 2009
OMG is this one of the most funniest mangas I've ever read! I thought I was going to crack a rib at one point. The way it started off actually felt like it was ripping of Rosario Vampire but then it turned Shojo quickly and the hot guy appeared, so you quickly forget that matter. It's definitely supernatural and definitely shares traits with the shounen series mentioned above but instead of boyish boob humor, it gets sexy in a girlie way. (Lots of shirts open...male shirts.) Heehee, that aside, the story is cute but simple, it won't tax your brain at any point and it's ...
Sep 6, 2009
I was so excited when I learned they had made a second season but was greatly disappointed when I watched it. It varies from the manga too far. They fail to introduce an important character, that triggers a major scene with Yuki having to finally confront her feelings.
Plus if you were looking forward to the big battle with the big bad uncle, prepare yourself, it bit! It was over in 2.5 seconds and Kaname is the major player instead of Yuki! It was total garbage and I wish they had just waited for the manga so the full 13 episodes could have been exact. Course ...
Sep 5, 2009
S.P.Y. (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
This short series is alright, is doesn't really excite, has minor humor but there's nothing irritating about it. I think it's biggest message is, confess when you've got the chance and don't get blinded by a dream. It's nice to read once but too boring to reread. The conflict is minor and it's over without too much character development and it's not about intense romance, it's just light and fluffy stuff.
Sep 3, 2009
Man, if you thought the first season was awesome, the second blows it away. Everything was even more intense. Mechs are upgraded to the point of being impossible, they're made into gods as well as their pilots. Most of the characters mature into their adults selves and of course there are more dramatic deaths that leave you in tears. You stay on the egde of your seat, constantly wondering how fights will turn out, who will live or die, just how crazy is Lelouch and what's going to happen in the end.
The final battle always gets me tingly no matter how many times I watch ...
Sep 3, 2009
Legend of Duo (Anime) add
Dear God,
Why did you let them create this?

This anime is so bad it makes you want to put the creators' out of their misery. Let's start with the fact that each episode is only five minutes long, you can't get into it because it's over before it starts, so this is very annoying.
The storyline is interesting but not thought out correctly.
The animation is shotty at best, you can tell they had a really tiny budget which makes you wonder why this project even got a green light. I apparently got a good copy of this series because I didn't find the sound ear-shattering. At least ...