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Oct 13, 2013
Seeing many not-so-praising reviews of this show, I felt compelled to write a review, although it's something I rarely do.

You may call me biased, but I.LOVE.THIS.SHOW. It has, without a doubt, become of my favorite shows. This may be due to the fact that I'm a pretty hardcore Naruto-fan, but none the less, I really do believe this show deserves major credits.

There's no real plot (although Orochimaru continuously tries to crush Konoha), but other than that, it's just Rock Lee (as the main character), hanging out with everyone else in the village.
It's a collection of smaller stories, and each one is absolutely hilarious. If I read more
Jul 24, 2009
I had a really hard time deciding how to rate this anime - not just because it consist of three different stories (having nothing to do with each other), but also because I just had mixed feelings.

Story: 9
All three stories were great, but seem to be part of the actual Japanese culture, so it wasn't something "new". Still very good though.

Art: 5
I was definitely not very impressed with the art in either of the stories (drawn differently!) The first wasn't special, though the scenes/backgrounds weren't fantastic in it, and I didn't really like the way people were drawn - they all looked mean and read more
Jun 22, 2009
*SIGH* I had JUST finished my first review when my internet fails!

I usually don't get an urge to write reviews, but for this one I did!

First of, the story.
It's great! A real chick-anime! It's somewhere near as romantic as can get. The way it teases; it's a bit like a rollercoaster.
I really got caught up with it; so much that I needed to watch 20 episodes in one day! It's very, very funny too. I usually don't laugh out loud, but with this one, I did - more than once.
There's something for all of your feelings. Harm, anger, jealousy, happiness, sadness - you name it! read more
Nov 4, 2008
First, the story: I love the story, maybe more than you normally would, as i wasn't very old when I first watched it, and it has therefore grown really big on me.
Anyways, it the good against the evil. It has humor, ACTION, some horror elements, sorrow and a tiny bit of love. It's all about helping each other, standing together and do your best, as in many other animes.
The thing that it is all about dogs makes it all the more interesting.

ART: Ok, I'll admit - the art is really not very good. Same scenes are used over and over - for example when the read more
Nov 4, 2008
Blood+ (Anime) add (All reviews)
Very good story! Once I got started, I could hardly stop.
It is interesting to see the change the main character goes through, and it is a very interesting relationship she had to people around her.

At first, the story may seem confusing, but of course it all comes together as you get more and more into the story. You don't know more than Saya, which makes it easy to get as frustarated as her, making you want to find out which again makes you hang on to it.

I wasn't too impressed with the artwork, but it can be nice not to always look at the shiny, read more