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Days: 64.9
Mean Score: 7.58
  • Total Entries255
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  • Episodes3,978
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Days: 2.4
Mean Score: 8.50
  • Total Entries2
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  • Chapters428
  • Volumes11
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Makoto_Free Jul 4, 2:57 PM
I really loved tadakoi <3 I'm fglad other people appreciated it too
Makoto_Free Jul 4, 2:56 PM
Aww thanks <3
bioeffect2 Jun 29, 8:07 AM
Lol okay but not all reviewers are like that the ones who have a mean score of less than 5 yeah I agree with you like seriously do they even enjoy anime. As for the ones who have more than a 5 mean score especially around 6-7 I would disagree on them being too nitpicky and overly critical.
bioeffect2 Jun 29, 7:39 AM
A user named yasaal got the top review for that anime and they gave it a 5. You know what that means don't you lol you got work to do son.
bioeffect2 Jun 29, 7:12 AM
I have heard the second season is nowhere near as good as the first for log horizon. Also did you make an account for any other anime database website?
bioeffect2 Jun 29, 4:17 AM
So what anime are you watching these days I can't tell because mal has restricted the anime list on your profile from going public?
bioeffect2 Jun 28, 3:37 AM
Btw why don't you have your birthday in you bio it just seems odd not to add it?
bioeffect2 Jun 28, 3:30 AM
Oh nice same age as you just graduated from high school in Canada. I am planning on going to a university just taking a year break from school and stuff gonna try to get a job around that time and afterwards might apply for a university I'll be 19 by then. Over here you can choose college or university after high school the choice is up to the student they both lead to different career choices although for well paying jobs like doctor, engineer, lawyer and stuff you need to go to universities. In colleges you can go into business, finances, and other lesser expensive degrees in comparison to university.
bioeffect2 Jun 27, 10:17 AM
That's pretty cool so do you go to a school or are you older than that?
bioeffect2 Jun 27, 9:59 AM
Lol I had a feeling for all you know that girl wasn't a girl either lol. Do you learn English in schools in Netherlands you seem to be quite proficient at it?
bioeffect2 Jun 26, 7:29 PM
Care to enlighten me with what happened with Mcarta-weeb she flipped out and completely lost it there? It kind of reminded me of those silly cat fights girls have in public where they start off politely and then shouting and finally wrestling each other to the ground and since you are both females I suppose that does fit well lol. Don't worry I like a feisty girl who isn't scared of taking anyone down me included.
bioeffect2 Jun 26, 6:49 AM
Ok maybe some people of the community are a bit toxic I admit but the huge catalog of choices for good shows to watch certainly is a wonderful thing to have especially at times when you are bored or depressed and whatnot.
bioeffect2 Jun 25, 6:18 PM
Dbz and Pokemon as kids rewatched it in 2015 and then afterwards had a sudden urge to explore the medium after I find out those two were anime and not cartoons lol. After that I watched fairy tail, bleach and then death note and so I have been hooked with the wonderful world of anime ever since.
bioeffect2 Jun 24, 3:15 PM
I see so what was your first anime?
bioeffect2 Jun 24, 8:06 AM
You made your account one month before me it seems so is that when you got into the world anime or was it prior to that time and you just made a mal account to keep track of your anime?