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I love shows with well-written characters (more than well-written plot or stunning animation).

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Some characters I like, with badass chara-designs and fun personality!

Exciting showdowns!!

The confrontation between two parties, everyone giving their all to claim the victory!

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Moments in anime which I remember well, which strongly impacted me with these decisive moments for the whole show and a beautiful scenery.


Anime Stats
Days: 554.8
Mean Score: 4.75
  • Total Entries1,872
  • Rewatched30
  • Episodes33,585
Anime History Last Anime Updates
Shinobi no Ittoki
Shinobi no Ittoki
Dec 1, 6:15 AM
Watching 9/12 · Scored 2
Detective Conan
Detective Conan
Dec 1, 5:28 AM
On-Hold 46/? · Scored 6
Renai Flops
Renai Flops
Nov 29, 8:30 PM
Watching -/12 · Scored -
Manga Stats
Days: 369.4
Mean Score: 4.65
  • Total Entries1,263
  • Reread18
  • Chapters58,229
  • Volumes6,850
Manga History Last Manga Updates
Imouto no Tomodachi ga Nani Kangaeteru no ka Wakaranai
Imouto no Tomodachi ga Nani Kangaeteru no ka Wakaranai
Nov 30, 4:26 AM
Completed 34/34 · Scored 6
One Punch-Man
One Punch-Man
Nov 26, 1:59 AM
On-Hold 174/? · Scored 6
ib: Instant Bullet
ib: Instant Bullet
Nov 13, 6:20 AM
Completed 27/27 · Scored 8

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aya_44 33 minutes ago
wow thanks a lot for taking your time to write all of this

i’ll definitely start with Akagi when i do get to it👍
i’ve heard a lot about the anime being great so i’m very curious about it

oh so you’d recommend watching higurashi before going into umineko? i honestly had no idea those two were connected lol
lmao alright i definitely won’t watch the anime. thanks for telling me all of that B) will keep everything in mind.

you have a good day too!
idinahui Nov 30, 4:29 AM
[1:28 PM]
[1:28 PM]
[1:28 PM]
NickWolffr09 Nov 27, 6:39 AM
The truth is that I need to revamp almost all of my low scores, because most of the shows need a re-watch. So as of right now, they don't really correspond accurately to my taste (but the higher scores are updated). So while I disliked YGO, it's nowhere near as bad as Bleyblade Burst (thanks for pointing it out).

The reason I didn't enjoy Yu☆Gi☆Oh! Duel Monsters is that almost all the characters were unlikeable and boring (I see we really disagree on this particular part), and the show is way too focused in bombastic spectacles instead of actually fully showing the game. I really love the TCG, so seeing how it's misrepresented with almost all basic rules of it being utterly discarded and "dumbed down" hurts me a bit. I do understand why they did it, because its target audience are kids, but still I can't just accept it. So you could say it's a nitpick of mine, but I can't ignore this fact because it really hurted my enjoyment throughout all of the run time. Though I agree with you about the art direction, and there are some cool character moments.

And you, why didn't you enjoy Kokou no Hito?

Have a good day as well!
idinahui Oct 17, 8:02 AM
I love shows with well-written characters (more than well-written plot or stunning animation).
RomanceEnjoyer48 Aug 18, 4:53 PM
Wow, the post-war paragraph sold me the manga. Thank you so much 😊

Gonna add the manga in my PTR rn. I use OCR to translate RAWs, so the language isn't a problem ^^
RomanceEnjoyer48 Aug 18, 4:11 PM
Hi. Looking your favorites, one of them got my attention a lot (Tetsuya: Yansei), since I've enjoyed Mahjong manga like Akagi and Ten Tenhou. What was your experience reading this manga??? If you don't mind answering this ofc ^^
Hamood78J Jun 24, 3:38 PM
Manly thanks to you my friend
Girafro May 27, 6:24 PM
Cheers, thanks for the comment!
idinahui May 16, 1:52 PM
Félicitations pour tes fiançailles, je te souhaite que du bonheur avec ta petite amie japonaise (Kumiko-chan) :flushed:
idinahui Apr 29, 3:14 PM
idinahui Apr 12, 3:13 PM

Asu no Yoichi! ep. 1 P P P P P P P POGGERZ t'es pas délu toi t'es pas un dog t'es turbo pixel sur tes visionnages
Sinister_Garbage Apr 11, 10:07 PM
Only Otoko Ippiki, Kamui, and Rokudenashi Blues are the series with unfinished translations on my favs. Rokudenashi Blues had all of the heavenly king arcs translated so it's legit, Otoko Ippiki is half fake because the translation stopped during the prison arc. Otoko Ippiki already good just about to get even better. Kamui Den is definitely just me being a poser.
Sinister_Garbage Apr 11, 7:41 AM
Ok so turns out i've read the wrong manga, the ones i've read was actually Kamui Gaiden Part 2. And I just wanted to looked cool having a untranslated series on my fav
idinahui Feb 15, 10:18 AM
Yo thanks, i really should read more works by Shinji Hiramatsu, the ones that are translated at least, Osu!! Karate Bu is a really fun manga but yea the haven't been any chapter releases recently, there was once a time where OKB chapters came every week, well there's always the official translation to fall back on