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Sep 26, 2019
So once again it's a familiar scenario, another long running shounen manga couldn't fulfill its potential after showing some early promise.

Shokugeki started off as a one of the shining stars in the magazine, with its simple focus on cooking and its exaggerated battles. With its fantastic art, a confident male protagonist and a colourful cast of characters, it managed to draw attention despite having the tried and tested shounen formula. However after a certain point, the story suddenly started falling apart, and eventually reached an underwhelming ending. What exactly happened? Let's find out in the following review.

As it can be gathered from the synopsis, the read more
Apr 19, 2019
"Every story must come to an end, and because there is an end, it's beautiful and precious"- Section chief.

At first glance, Chichi to Hige-Gorilla to Watashi seems like any other 4-koma manga with plenty of comedy due to its wacky characters and fun interactions. This is partially true, as it's primarily a slice of life series with a tinge of melancholy, comedy and romance. Family oriented manga are pretty common these days, yet it just manages to gain that extra stride by doing a great job in certain aspects.

As the synopsis says, the manga mainly revolves around a ragtag family, each having their own quirks read more
Jul 5, 2018
A sequel to any series is tricky, and especially for a successful series, there is a burden of expectations that needs to be fulfilled. Despite its flaws, the original manga Tokyo ghoul delivered some interesting ideas and concepts by drawing the conflict between humans and ghouls, and thereafter promised answers to the loose ends in its sequel. Did it succeed, or at least, was able to keep the quality of its prequel? Sadly the answer is no, even though it looked like the first half of the manga is heading towards a specific direction.

Some spoilers ahead for the following review, mostly from the prequel and read more