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May 19, 2017
Kizumonogatari is without a doubt the worst Monogatari Shaft has put out. Don't get me wrong; its still good. But its incredibly dissappointing and is a shame to the source material.

One of the things the Monogatari series is known for and is strong because of is the dialogue. Clever and often comedic, the series is very dialogue heavy, sometimes perhaps a bit too much, but nonetheless it makes up for this by giving truly entertaining discussions that not only add to the characters but also give the viewer something to laugh at and sometimes think about. Kizumonogatari is unique in that it has very little read more
Feb 3, 2015
Pandemonium: Wizard Village is an often overlooked seinen webcomic later published manga (much like the prolific manga One Punch Man) oddly written in left-to-right format despite being a Japanese work. Webcomics typically vary heavily in quality and a good many, due to the format of webcomics and how uploading them tend to work, have the issue of having stories that are thought up as the comic progresses rather than being planned out beforehand leading to many plotholes that could have otherwise been prevented. Fortunately, Pandemonium avoids this issue and the mangaka, Sho Shibamoto, uploaded whole chapters after many months of work and the end product read more
Feb 5, 2014
.hack//Sign was a prequel to the .hack// video game series made by CyberConnect2 and released by Bandai about a decade ago. If I'm right, .hack//Sign and the rest of the series garnered a bit of popularity back in the day, though nowadays they are a bit aged and are becoming more and more forgotten. Despite being a prequel, .hack//Sign can work as a standalone product for the most part, and as such it can even be looked at on its own.

.hack//Sign is a slow moving anime, mostly focusing on character relationships and for the most part not showing much sign of a story for the read more
Apr 20, 2013
And now for another review about an anime involving cat girls.
Ah, the Monogatari Series. After seeing Bakemonogatari and what a masterpiece it was, Nisemonogatari was a big disapointment. It was still great, but it paled in comparison to Bakemonogatari. Because of this, I can understand why a great many would be unsure of this series, Nekomonogatari. Well, you can put your fears to rest. Nekomonogatari brought the series back to its brilliance. It's just as good as Bakemonogatari, in my opinion.

First, the art:
Being a SHAFT series, and even more being in the Monogatari series, as always one can expect brilliant artwork and extremely smooth animation, read more
Apr 20, 2013
Occasionally one may come across one of those old anime made in the 80s, and despite not liking 80s art or 80s anime, winds up loving it anyway. Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature, is one such anime movie. Perhaps the enjoyment of this movie can be attributed to Osamu Tezuka, who many consider to be a master of manga. He's done a few anime as well, such as Black Jack and Kimba the White Lion. I particularly enjoy his artwork, as it looks a bit different and kind of nice, and even the, what I would consider, ugly art of the 80s doesn't affect read more
Jan 5, 2013
This movie is bad. Really bad. But, as bad as it is, that's what makes it so good.
The art is old, not the worst ever, but what makes it horrible is the dreadful animation, which is extremely choppy and sometimes has things just randomly appear, thus making some things confusing, and others, laugh-out-loud hilarious. The writing is very, very bad, and the story is almost, not quite, but almost incomprehensible, and what can be comprehended involves essentially that an entire universe of space lies within in dying girl. And it has grass. And streams of water. And castles filled with dumb soldiers who invite people read more
Nov 29, 2012
Casshern Sins doesn't hide what it wants to convey. Right in the tagline, it says "Death is the salvation of man and machine". The show tries to tell us that one cannot have life without death. The whole series revolves around this idea, and, while overall a very simple idea, the show does this fairly well. That's not to say this message was without fault. There were many contradictions to this idea throughout the series, which may make its message fall flat. Even so, this show was still great, and here's why.

Story-wise, the show is very slow-moving for a while, and it seems to be read more
Oct 24, 2012
This show is amazing. It's been a while since I watched something this amazing. Where has this show been all my life? It's art is gorgeous, but then again, this is Shaft, so what do you expect? xD I might add that despite the lack of moving around in this show, as most of the show is spent with people standing still talking to each other, this show has amazing animation when characters are moving around. Perhaps the best in any series I've ever seen. The music is very very good but very very repetitive, though the way the music goes and all the weird read more