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BakaAniki Dec 17, 2016 2:21 AM
Te qhietp
Lunar_ Sep 28, 2016 5:59 AM
But more importantly which of them would you fuck, marry, kill, though :p

Same here. School also started and the workload is killing me. What are you studying? I was thinking of doing engineering, but I am not sure.
I did finish re zero, but what is new game about?
Lunar_ Sep 23, 2016 9:54 PM
Well, they are all best girls so I guess the assumption is accurate? hehe

Anyway, hello, How are you?
Lunar_ Sep 16, 2016 6:20 AM
All hail to yui being best girl ^^
iblessall Aug 16, 2016 6:30 PM
Ahhh thank you! This kind of made my night, so I really appreciate you reaching out! ^_^
MagicalMahou Aug 15, 2016 11:30 AM
In New Game's case, I think there's not enough content in the 4-koma that they have to put in more stuff (extra frames, stills, extra lines etc.). And it's only 5 volumes long. But, IMO, if they're selling the series as a lewd-y work comic, then impressions of the original source might be a let-down, haha.

New Game is never going to be serious. It's gonna remain lighthearted and fun, while dropping a few touching messages when it has the time to.

The OST, it's pretty dull. I don't like it. As far as music goes, only the ED appeals to me. Scene direction, it's okay. Nothing significantly good. Just your standard fare MOE camera shots and angles. Not like they need to go full-on Monogatari just to appeal to an audience though.

Oh, Hifumi has LOADS of manga-screentime. She's practically in every chapter. I recommend giving it a read, seriously. It's really good.

Rewrite is trash. It's missing nearly everything that made the original phenomenal. It's no wonder people are dropping it. Though, that's not really its fault, since most people who played the game had the whole story before them, and didn't need to wait week per week just for slice of life shenanigans.

>Just ignore their work on Musaigen

Oh, it was hard to ignore. Just refer to my review of that piece of shit.

Re:Zero is okay. I don't have any strong opinions of it like most people do. I mean, I look forward to it every week, and it hasn't done anything bad so far. I might lower the score to a 6 (mostly because of the lacking Ram screentime) in time if things don't really pick up. But it's nothing I'm keen on talking about in detail.
MagicalMahou Aug 12, 2016 9:59 AM
It's... decent. If anything, it does manage to capture SOME of the 4-koma's charm, but on its own, it's just fun to watch. It's on a good working pace; a few strips per episode.

Now on the things I'm not a big fan of:
- The lewdness. Wow, did they level it up tenfold. Tons of ass closeups and jiggling boobs just put me right out of the experience. There IS fanservice in the 4-koma but its so subtle, and so far and few between. I don't mind some 'innocent' lewd (Hifumi thighhighs is 10000000000/10) but if they defile my precious Aoba any more, someone is going to get REALLY hurt. Joking aside, it's a little too much for what the original provides. (BTW that changing scene was based off of literally just one panel)
- THE VOICE ACTING. Aoba's VA is a bit too soft spoken for my taste. I don't know. She's just not as loud (when she is) as I expected and it came off as... meh. There should be a scene where she gags on coffee coming soon, so I hope they give that one some justice. The other VAs are... okay. Standard fare moe acting. On the plus side, HIFUMI IS PERFECT. Yagami's is pretty good too.
- If you didn't know, the Director shouldn't appear until the end of the 2nd volume (when they finish making the game) and her 'just-being-around' presence really eradicates the impact of her character when she meets Aoba. Same deal for Umiko, who's 'just there' around the start when she probably has the best character intro in the series.

Don't take a lot of these complaints seriously, btw XD Just a fanboy shitting out nonsense.

But really, it's a good adaptation so far. (unlike some shows this season *cough*rewrite*cough*)
MagicalMahou May 1, 2016 1:03 AM
Oh dang! I almost forgot you existed, dude, haha. And yeah, I did give it a listen. Actually, more than several times already, lol. And yes, the CD2 refrains are fantastic, especially Harumodoki. Follow My Tracks was a godly track, and I really liked Terminal and Camelback no Machi. There's less songs in this but it's almost as good as Polyomino (Getting close to being as good as Euaru would take a miracle lol, but it's not impossible for her).
By the bye, are you familiar with Bonjour Suzuki? I ignored her musical prowess back when I was a pleb and a guy I was talking to brought her up and had me listen to some (godly) tracks. She's pretty daoko-ish but produces her own flavor of "Whispering Japanese Rap".

On a newer topic, I recently finished all of Kaminomi since I had the time and wow, Megami-hen blew me away. I wasn't expecting something of that level to come out of the series. I've been on the look out for a series similar to this but it's been nearly impossible. The most recommended was Amagami SS which I thought was a piece of crap. How do I say this... There's no time to make the romance with each girl seem genuine. It even gets pretty ridiculous to the point that the protagonist has to act like a DOG for senpai and kiss his osananajimi's bellybutton, free of any awkward aura. All bones, no chunk, basically :/ A lot of people also recommended Kimikiss, which I put on hold and should continue real soon.

hoopla123 Apr 28, 2016 11:13 PM
Glorious indeed
The_Archduke45 Apr 10, 2016 6:09 PM
IDK Randomly I guess.
GlennTT Mar 27, 2016 11:51 AM
Yeah I read manga in silence, I usually just read it on my bed when I want to do something but can't be bothered to play games or watch anime, or when I need something to do while waiting for the bus. You read manga with the anime's OSTs playing? Sometimes the manga I read don't have anime adaptations yet, so there's that problem. I'm actually still halfway through into Kizumonogatari because I procrastinate on reading it a lot, lmao. Don't get me wrong though, it's a great book, and something you should really look forward to.

I just picked the first game of the series up (Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;birth1) because of the sale, but yeah, it has like three to four sequels or something like that. I heard gameplay gets really repetitive with each sequel, so I limited myself to just buying Re;birth1 for now. Ah, Shigatsu. A lot of people I know hype it up as one of the greatest shows to ever exist, but I honestly didn't like it that much at all. It just felt boring and overly dramatic to me, although that may be due to my inability to enjoy most anime that take themselves too seriously. I can relate with not keeping up with some of the dialogue in the anime as well. I actually found some Nekopara hentai while browsing through a website the other day. Good shit.

Not 100% sure about that because I got Grisaia in my computer more than a year ago, and I'm not sure how to check it either, but if I remember correctly yes it comes in a RAR file. I'm also unclear on how to send it over but yeah, sure, I don't really mind. I wouldn't be able to play the Steam edition either, censorship ruins every VN on Steam. Damn that sucks, I hope it got released in the end at least.

I've never brought meals from home - I used to think it was cool to do so because a few kids did that when I was in primary school, but yeah, buying food at school sounds like a much better option to me now. Is Kokoro Connect any good? It's been on my PTW for awhile and I would like to start watching it soon.

Rip D-Frag, to BasedErio's Dropped list it goes
GlennTT Mar 25, 2016 12:26 PM
I do notice the background music, just rarely, or simply not as much as most people do. I'm usually too fixated on what my eyes can see to care about what my ears can hear, if that makes any sense. Damn that's kawaii.

Ah yes, that game's on my Steam wishlist, I'll probably be getting it any time it goes on sale - I just bought Hyperdimension Neptunia because it was on sale for like 23 dollars less, and I'm glad I got it because it's the perfect RPG for a moe-obsessed teenage male. Steam sales are great. I'm tempted to go back to playing Nekopara because my friend's played through most of it and he's only had good things to say about it, but idk. I'd rather just look up neko fap material online and get it in an instant instead of playing through a whole game for it.

Really? I didn't know. I've got the original game in my laptop (complete with H-scenes) because I found it way before it went on Steam, so thank fuck for that. Still, I don't think I'll ever get back to playing it. Maybe someday, who knows. And yeah, that future sounds fucking terrible. Don't censor my anime porn pls, I can't live without them :^)

I was a little afraid of it in the beginning, what with meeting new people and all, because I believe my social skills really aren't that up to par, although I've been trying to work on that aspect. But it's actually really fun meeting, talking and getting to know new people, especially if you're able to click with them as well as I did with my new classmates. Change is normal, isn't it? I don't think I'm even the same person that I was in secondary school, and I only graduated from that last year. Perhaps it's just me, idk, haha. Ah, that sucks, where do you get your food then? LOL, that's the dream for most of us on this website probably. I wouldn't even mind being born a slender bishoujo instead ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Fuck, that looks promising. I don't think I have the willpower to get my lazy self to play a VN at the moment though.

How's D-Frag going for you btw?
MagicalMahou Mar 6, 2016 3:11 AM
MAL has many problems. Another few examples include the redirects, some cringe-y designs, messages not saving, People comments disappearing, BokuMachi's 9.17, CookingPriest and a few other users that turn MAL into a toxic cesspool.

I haven't seen Hanasaku Iroha. Is it any good? I've been meaning to watch it.

That depends on the protagonist and the monologues, to me. For example, every book with a plain, uninteresting and downright retarded protagonist is written in the first person to make them more interesting but this practice often backfires and bites them right on the neck. Some quick examples: The Red Queen, Twilight, Fifty Shades of Grey and every Erotica with a female protagonist ever. God, I fucking hate erotica. The genre as a whole elevates levels of retardedness I cannot comprehend. It's a shame a lot of YA novelists are taking after them. There are now less and less great authors in that repertoire.
If you loved the GakkouGurashi anime, I can't stress enough the need for you to read the manga. I called the anime a failure because it failed to deliver everything good the manga has, and the supposed originality of some scenes were downright stupid or for fanservice. While the characters are the same, in context, it's the different decisions and jabs the story takes on their psychology and development that makes it an entirely different, more fulfilling experience (despite having some similar events on the exterior). An example, Miki, upon arriving at the school, found Yuki's "condition" to be insulting to her after her experience at the mall (Which was also different from the anime) and often criticized her and even went as far as to say it to her face. But that's only one of its many differences to the anime. Oh, and Rii-chan's beautiful facial expressions
On VAs, it's also great how a lot of them know how to sing. Actually, a lot of VAs are singers first, if I recall. A lot of great Japanese artists come from that industry. I love how this unique approach is taken advantage of. Good on the VA Agencies for promoting them this way.
I just saw Bryce's Shirou and wow does it sound exactly like his Kirito and Eren (In other words, just as bad). There are some characters that are just undubbable to me, mostly because of their seiyuu. Despite Akagami's Medieval England nature, I still prefer Hayami Saori over whoever-that-is, lol. Megumi Katou is an example of undubbable and I honestly can't wait to tear the dub apart if one does come out.

I've listened to all of NagiAsu's OPs and EDs and they are convincing me to go for the series right this instant. On Hanayamata, so far, it's pretty okay. Can't wait for it to get into the juicy parts. Naru is proving to be quite the goddess-tier waifu. She's just so adorable!

The only Shinichiro Watanabe series I've seen was Zankyou no Terror, and that was supposed to be his worst. Despite that, the soundtrack was beyond godly only by the great Yoko Kanno herself (My second favorite anime composer). I will be getting into more of his shows though, since my library's awfully consistent on shitty 5/10 seasonal shows. And no, sorry, can't find any mirrors either. I recommend downloading her album, Sammon Gossip. It's one of my favorites and you should really give it a listen. I have no idea where to find it but Google should help you.

>There’s no artist other artist other than Nagi Yanagi

Amen, brother. I also heard a new album is coming out so you should watch out for that. It should be available for pre-order on CDJapan, if I'm not mistaken.

>Did I ever mention that 2015 was my favourite year of anime ever?

Really? It's always been 2014 for me, mostly because it was the year some of my favorite series came out (Barakamon, Gekkan Shoujo, Gugure Kokkuri san and more). That and nostalgia, lol.
GlennTT Mar 4, 2016 10:59 PM
I think I've already said I'm planning to watch TTGL - Kill la Kill is another show that I want to watch, purely because one of my good mates watched it and apparently had a lot of fun doing so. Yeah, her outfit, damn, it looks fucking crazy, in a good way. Sick OST. I've never really paid much attention to background music when watching an anime though, unless it was somehow really good and left a strong impression on me, which isn't something many OSTs can do. Aight, maybe I'll check Haruhi out someday. Nagato Yuki a qt.

Yeah it's Kindred Spirits, it's actually a really good game if you're into lesbians. And romance, of course, but mostly lesbians. Still $30 personally feels a bit steep for a game that can be completed in 20 hours. Then again, I've paid $10 for a VN (Go Go Nippon) that I completed in 2 hours so I can't say much about that. Nekopara is extremely lewd from what I know about it, but I got bored after playing it for barely an hour or so for some reason. Maybe I'll go back and play it again one day, who knows. And no, I don't think I've reached that part yet. I barely even remember where I got to before I stopped playing it, the first and last time I touched Undertale was 3 months ago.

No, I played Grisaia before it was released on Steam. I don't really buy VNs with H-scenes on Steam if I know the H-scenes are just gonna get censored, since H-scenes are partly why I play VNs anyway. Kindred Spirits' H-scenes aren't censored fortunately.

Yeah I'm new to my school. We don't really have any schools that share feeder and parent connections over here, so it's pretty much a new environment every couple of years. I'm happy with my new school though, partly because the food here is great and partly because I can fit in well with my classmates since 1/2 of them are weebs.

That sounds like a pretty great VN, what VN is it? I would totally play it just for that line alone, rofl.
Frog-kun Feb 29, 2016 10:54 PM
Sure thing! I was planning to rewatch the entire series before getting around to the movie anyway. In any case, I'm a big fan of KyoAni's theatrical releases. (Tamako Love Story is amazing!)