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Apr 14, 2009
This is a series so imiginative in its artistry and so mature in its execution, non-anime and non-cartoon fans couldn't help but be drawn in. "Future Boy Conan" provides one of the best examples of animated storytelling available to watch. To boot, its one of the most entertaining stories I've had the pleasure of watching.

FBC is so entertaining because of its high technical and artistic merits. Technically, the animation and artistry is hard to match even today. The imaginitive settings are gorgeously rendered, and the shear number of places the story goes, like a giant solar tower or a flying fortress or rocket-come-house, will read more
Apr 3, 2009
“Eureka 7” is definitely an entertaining series even if not a great one. The artistry oozing from the animation, designs, and music may help you overlook the story’s schizophrenic inanity.

The show’s supreme craftsmanship provides the spoonful sugar for its less-than-tasty story. It’s easy to watch these fifty episodes when the characters and their world are as creative and eye-popping as “Eureka 7’s.” Bolstering the shows designs and animation is one of the best soundtracks to bless a show; most impressive is the music’s ability to capture each of the story’s emotions with a perfectly mellifluous track.

“Eureka 7” suffers mainly from an identity crisis that read more
Apr 2, 2009
In order to watch this show, just sit back and take in the visuals. Don't concern yourself with the plot or characters otherwise you'll have nothing to hold onto.

This is a tremendously creative series set in an intriguing world with beautiful animation. Unfortunately, nothing about the story or characters even comes close to matching the show's outward beauty.

This isn't a boring show; it constantly shows the viewer new locations, characters, confrontations. Locales include a pleasant island community, Himalayanesque mountains, and much more sumptuous scenery. Character designs are all equally creative from the military uniforms to the Zanbani's rag-tag crew to the various culture's depicted. read more
Feb 23, 2009
This is one of the most engrossing and enjoyable works of fiction I have been lucky enough to experience. Across the mediums of film, literature, or graphic fiction, "20th Century Boys" stands tall as a true joy.

The story will capture your imagination, refusing to let go until you finish. (I read it twice in as many years; both occasions barely allowed me to complete the neccessary tasks of my life for those couple weeks I spent reading.) "20th Century Boys" does not attempt to transcend its melodramatic model, but it is an all-the-more-praiseworthy effort as a result. Simply put, Naoki Urasawa is a master read more