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Dec 31, 2021
Honestly for a 15 minute special this was really a pleasant surprise and a super fun watch. Most of the time I don't expect much from CGDCT anime since quality is often low, especially when sports are involved, but this special left me wanting so much more and really wishing/hoping that this gets a full anime season.

As someone who golfs fairly frequently, but obviously dealt with the frustrations of being a novice amongst my better peers, this was relatable, fun, and gave me the nostalgic vibes of when I was first starting out. Also, while animation quality is not crazy (as you'd expect from ...
Dec 27, 2021
I don’t write very many reviews, as most of the time I feel like other people can convey my feelings about a work better, or my opinion on a show is similar enough to the masses that it’s an unnecessary effort. HOWEVER, that is not the case with Gyakuten Sekai no Denchi Shoujo, also known as Rumble Garanndoll. This show is honestly so much god damn fun, one of my favorites of 2021, and I just can’t understand how other people don’t see it (aggregate score reflects that). Also, this won’t be some long, drawn-out review to breakdown the "quality" of the story, sound-direction, and ...
Oct 14, 2021
Sannensa (Manga) add
This review will contain very minor spoilers:

Sannensa, or Three Years Apart, is an adorable story of childhood friends turned husband and wife. This manga is Comedy/Romance/Slice of Life in its purest form, as there is never a chapter intended to make you feel drama, upset, or disillusioned with our characters. It simply follows our husband-and-wife duo, Kazuya and Mizuki (respectively), as well as their son Naoto and them living their daily lives. The mangaka also manages to weave in two other minor romantic sub-plots into our story, and those are both very cute as well! Also, in case you’re curious about the manga’s title, ...
Oct 12, 2021
This review will contain very minor spoilers:

Hana to Sakazuki, or Flowers and Pints, is a very short, fun, and heartwarming read about a girl named Ayame who has recently moved into a home with her new family following her mother’s remarriage.

Despite having lost her father 15 years ago, Ayame is still very attached to the memories that remain of him and, even though she urged her mother to remarry, struggles to accept her new step-father and family. Trying to escape her new life in pursuit of reliving old memories Ayame shared with her father, she spends her nights going around town in search ...
Oct 11, 2021
1122 (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
This review will contain very minor spoilers:

Despite its romance & slice of life tags, 1122, or For a Happy Marriage, is not what you’d typically expect when reading a story circling around a married couple. Many of us like to idolize the idea of finding our best friend, getting married, and spending the rest of our lives together with them happily. However, while an idea we may love conceptually, marriage, humans, and our relationships are not always so simple. Rather than delve into the happy post-marriage life of a couple that we may hope for or expect to see, 1122 presents us with Otoya and ...
Aug 16, 2021
Preliminary (4/12 eps)
Let me start this off by saying that I do have bias toward Idol anime and Love Live on the whole because I do really like the series. Also, I don’t score/assess anime entirely in a vacuum, I compare them amongst other anime of the genre.
That being said, Love Live Superstar is absolutely excellent thus far and I think this is a must watch for people who at least enjoy the series a little bit, or enjoy idol anime in general.

Characters - 9/10:

Right of the bat the characters design wise are great. Love Live never has a shortage of unique designs for its ...