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Sep 28, 2018
All’s fair in love and war. It’s an expression that I’ve heard a million times. It’s so cliche that I kind of just take it for granted. The idea that anything is permissible if you do it for love seems fair enough on the surface. I never really questioned the validity of that cliche until I watched Happy Sugar Life. All’s fair in love and war feels like it should be right, but if I really think about it I start to run into some problems. What sort of actions truly are permissible in the pursuit or defence of love? If two loves are competing read more
Jun 23, 2018
Mahou Shoujo Site is absurd but its also an argument against absurdity. If that sounds like I made a contradiction that's because it was intentional. The absurdity within the show is also intentional. The show uses contradictions as a tool to highlight absurdity. It uses contradictory imagery and the main character also acts in seemingly contradictory ways. Although the show contains absurdity it also rallies against absurdity by having its characters fight for meaning in a meaningless and cruel world. Despite being absurd, Mahou Shoujo Site has strong morals and a positive message.

Mahou Shoujo Site uses contradictory imagery masterfully to juxtapose negative and edgy concepts read more
Mar 2, 2018
Mary and the Witch's Flower is on par with the Ghibli classics. As the first work by Studio Ponoc, Mary serves as the default flagship of the studio. As such, a lot of expectations were placed on this movie. Given Studio Ponoc's unproven nature, I wasn't sure what to expect from this movie. I feared that I would perhaps find this movie to be lacklustre and uninspired. Instead what I got was a film that rivals some of the best works from Isao Takahata and Hayao Miyazaki.

Similar to my favourite Ghibli films, the best part of Mary's story is how her character grows throughout. read more