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Feb 4, 2012
The story: Absolutely adorable. The gradual growth of feelings between the two boys is incredibly cute and definitely pulls at the heart strings. I found myself squealing at my computer screen QUITE often.

The art: GORGEOUS. I'm very picky about art and it can either make or break a manga for me, but this art definitely made it. Everything was fantastic and facial expressions were expressive and SO cute. I absolutely adored it.

The characters: Throughout the manga, we see a steady growth of not only the relationship between the two boys, but also the growth of the boys themselves. You really see Endou start read more
Jan 28, 2012
Just as a note, the translation wasn't too great but that has absolutely nothing to do with the manga itself. However, it was hard to comprehend in a lot of areas so I feel that I should point that out, since if that wasn't the case, my opinion might be a little different. But barely.

The story: Not fantastic. Without giving too much away, it was basically Junsuke getting jealous over every little thing. Their relationship didn't really evolve much throughout the manga. They also never really seemed like they were really in love. It seemed more one-sided by Junsuke. Junsuke also never really seemed read more