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Anime de Wakaru Shinryounaika
Anime de Wakaru Shinryounaika
9 hours ago
Completed 20/20 · Scored 7
Kandagawa Jet Girls
Kandagawa Jet Girls
Yesterday, 6:05 PM
Watching 2/12 · Scored 5
Serial Experiments Lain
Serial Experiments Lain
Yesterday, 6:42 AM
Watching 6/13 · Scored -
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Aku no Hana
Aku no Hana
Yesterday, 6:08 AM
Reading 43/58 · Scored 10
5-toubun no Hanayome
5-toubun no Hanayome
Oct 14, 3:56 PM
Reading 13/? · Scored 9
Real no Heroine wa Irimasen!
Real no Heroine wa Irimasen!
Oct 14, 3:49 PM
Reading 11/? · Scored 7



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traed Oct 7, 7:19 PM
That's actually quite a bit but not too bad lol

It's probably hydrophobic a bit but not as bad as cinnamon.

Tastes better cold than hot to me.
traed Oct 7, 4:49 AM
Yeah could work taking a few. Just keep in mind it has a blood thinning effect so it's possible to bruise easier though I havent had that issue to a noticable extent.

St Johns wort also makes your skin sensitive to sunlight if I recall right so it has other down sides.

There has been a few studies compairing turmeric against antidepressants. Some studies say it works fairly well. I am not sure exactly how much it takes but you have to combine it with some black pepper to increase how much curcumin can pass the brain blood barrier. Keep in mind though any herb or spice taken regularly in signifigant amounts might as well be considered a drug so try to think of it as that. I dont eat enough food to have with it and it's hard for me to gulp down golden milk since it's so dry so I havent personally tested the long term effects.
traed Oct 7, 3:25 AM
Most important is nutrition first. If your diet is bad your brain wont work properly. Most important is proper levels of folate (but not as folic acid which can be counterproductive), B 6, b 12, vitamin d, and calcium. Also find any possible food allergies or intolerances and avoid them. Just eating healthier in general helps some. Omega 3s are good for the brain preferably EPA but DHA is good just don't exceed way over 1,000mg a day as that is about all that is needed.

That's good. Endorphines going.

St Johns Wort is just a weak natural SSRI if I recall right. I could be wrong how it's mechanism is. St Johns wort should never be taken with medication because it makes them less effective. I've read more studies on turmeric because it's relatively cheap to buy as a spice. Turmeric reduces inflamation and may be a possible MAOI so careful not to mix with meds effected by MAOIs
traed Oct 7, 1:40 AM
It depends on the dosage i suppose and different people react differently. The emotional numbing happens more on higher doses. Anyway yeah they can do all that. Personally I don't think being unable to feel emotions very strongly is better than feeling sad. I've experienced both even without medication. It may feel like a relief at first if it came on quick from meds but gets old. I haven't done enough research on antidepressants since I think a lot of the time depression is caused by situational problems more than just a brain problem even though purely chemical depression may exist. SSRIs aren't the only kind of antidepressant though. What medications are available to you depend on where you live. There also is natural approaches to it such as nutrition, exercise and perhaps herbal medicine. If you need quick results you need the meds if you can tolerate it for several months more and can change some of your habits then I would suggest the more natural approaches before going to medication. 💊
W8And Sep 1, 2:26 AM
oh good :D
yeah it's my second best anime of this season :v
I am eagerly waiting for the next episode :)
W8And Aug 31, 1:49 AM
I'm fine thank you too :D
did i rebeat my message above ? xD
what do you watch currently ? :)
W8And Aug 30, 8:23 AM
Hey !
how are you today my freind? :>
W8And Aug 30, 8:23 AM
Hey !
how are you today my freind? :>
DreamVillainy Aug 13, 1:48 AM
Happy birthday!
W8And Aug 11, 4:31 AM
So, time is slow xD
W8And Aug 11, 3:20 AM
Yeah true xD
today you're 18 ? or tomorrow ?
W8And Aug 10, 3:51 PM
Yeah that true xD
btw do you know how old iam ?
if no guess then :-)
W8And Aug 10, 11:55 AM
Oh nice :D <3
Happy birthday (its early but its okay xD)

In general when I talk to foreign people I always expect that they are older than me

In addition, the way you speak seems older than your age , maybe xD
W8And Aug 9, 6:14 PM
I hope that :D


I Reached episode 7 , it look good :)

Your age is 18, right? That means I'm older than you xD
idk but i think you older than me :D
W8And Aug 9, 6:29 AM
Kimetsu was good , but Currently I do not like it
Fire force yeah the direction so much xD
tejina senpai i dont watching it yet but i think its good (you are a man of culture xD)
i downloaded Acca 13 and ill watch it today :D