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Days: 136.8
Mean Score: 6.96
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  • Episodes8,187
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Kamisama ni Natta Hi
Kamisama ni Natta Hi
6 hours ago
Watching 8/12 · Scored -
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Raihousha-hen
Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei: Raihousha-hen
7 hours ago
Watching 9/13 · Scored -
Assault Lily: Bouquet
Assault Lily: Bouquet
10 hours ago
Watching 8/? · Scored -
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Days: 7.8
Mean Score: 7.67
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  • Chapters16,779,666
  • Volumes16,777,371
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Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu
Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu
Nov 21, 9:01 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?
Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!?
Aug 30, 2:46 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -
"Bungaku Shoujo" Series
"Bungaku Shoujo" Series
Aug 30, 1:31 PM
Plan to Read · Scored -


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welcome2NHK Nov 1, 5:14 PM
Thank you very much, really appreciate it : )
shadysamishere Sep 18, 7:08 PM
Oh yeah not the greatest time to be outside lol.
Yeah in the end all that matters is making it out of highschool lmao.
Haha damn, I wish I could take Dutch, first class in a while where I could get higher than a 70% lmao.
My teacher is teaching it all vocally first, I cannot remember anything or read off of any notes, it is really just copying what she says and hope it is right, really shit way of teaching a language in my opinion. Languages you really can only learn if you are interested, even then it takes 2 to 3 years to learn it and like 5 more to master it, one semester of french is going ot get me nowhere lol.
In general it is just the way school is set up kind of ruins it all, a lot of stuff in College could be taught in High School if you could have more control over the direction you wanted to head in in high school, instead they force you into learning math when you want to become a psychologist or to take science when you want to do music. Then force you into college to repeat a lot of stuff, and then another school after that if you plan on being a police officer, lawyer, engineer, doctor, fireman or really anything, and then after that even more interning. When you could cut that all that schooling down to 2 schools.
pinkurairakku Sep 12, 12:37 AM
shadysamishere Sep 11, 7:42 PM
Oh, I thought it would be very different for some reason, I did the same for high school until I started it. Probably just the movies making my brain think college is super different. Has life outside of college changed much though?
Yeah, I have an IPP, one of those things for kids with mental issues in my case ADHD, that are supposed to be a ticket for extra help, which really does not happen but I could not care less, one benefit though is that I can half ass my work and still get decent grades due to it.
Ohh, if only I had those here, instead I am picking up french to get the credits I need, really not that fun.
Yeah it almost does not seem worth going to college in my case
shadysamishere Sep 9, 5:19 PM
Oh nice, thats got to be fun, I just started senior year.

Good thing college is going well. Is it any different from high school?
Yeah I heard it was one of the easier years, all I really have to do to pass is hand in assignments with average work, if I can do that I am set lol.
Oh never knew there were credit recovery classes in college, that might help me out then.
TsunnnAm1 Sep 7, 5:42 AM
i mean true
TsunnnAm1 Sep 6, 10:01 PM
youre bad at being sarcastic
TsunnnAm1 Sep 6, 9:31 PM
i barely remember anything that happened in the movei

lemme change my score
TsunnnAm1 Sep 6, 9:30 PM
wait i gave mononoke hime a 9?
shadysamishere Sep 3, 10:37 PM
Holy fuck terribly sorry for the over a year no response. How have you been? Anything new yo uare watching now? One Punch Man 2 was a bit of a let down compared to the others but I still though t it was decent.

No more school huh? This is my last year I believe, I failed a few classes because 2019 was a really rough year for me. So it depends on how many more credits I need.
Ren-Amamiya Sep 3, 4:35 PM
yeah, gym are open, we need to wash our hands before entering and still wearing a mask but then when you chose a place where to do your cardio/exercices, you can remove it (gladly). But stuff like bar are still closed (im not going to bar anyway). But yeah, everywhere, we need to wear a mask and it's really painful.. Im tired of that.
Oh so still no school for you? Online only ? School are open there. Im going too soon, and i want to finish my studies for good this time.

Yeah i did the same (added Jin in my favs) but it's not really rare for me to change my favs. Especially characters. However, some of them will always be there like Light, L and Dazai.

Can't wait, it's really fun. I don't regret watching it, now i want the others episode though xD
Yeah, i admit that im not fond of rap music but the soundtrack is memorable. It was a really great show. Im thinking of rewatching Cowboy Bebop, i feel like i may like it even more than the first time that i watched it.
Now i may try the second season of Kuroko no basket next? idk.
Yeah true. Im going to catch up the seasonal soon, im in the mood for it. Fruit basket is almost finished now, time to binge watch it x) (when i'll have the time).

Man, it's going to be autumn soon already.. Im not happy with that :( It's going to be dark like the night at 4pm soon ._. Because of the qarentine and all, i feel like i haven't seen the summer this year.
Ren-Amamiya Sep 1, 6:38 PM
Hey how are you? Sorry for such a late reply, i was on a trip and i wasn't really using MAL.
Now im back and i'll be busy again because of school and i also plan to go to the gym again. I need my endurance again and i need to lose some weight as well. It's going to be rough at first but im motivated.
What's up?

You're profile changed a lot lol! Even your favs. You even added a top on your profile! Interesting.

Btw i watched all 14 eps of Great pretender and i really love the serie so far. Im sad i need to wait for the other episode. It's a great anime and it has some Durarara feels. I also finished Samurai Champloo and i loved it as well. I even added Jin in my favs for now.
Idk what im going to watch next tho, i have almost every seasonal to catch up.. *sigh* I have a never ending watching list now. Fruit Basket, Re:Zero, oregairu to catch up XD
memedina Aug 29, 6:28 PM
This is an amazing drawing, thanks so much!!
Winhour Aug 29, 4:35 AM
Hey, thanks a lot!
haplomonka Aug 26, 1:43 AM
Omg thank you so much! That's sooooo cute <3