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Apr 25, 2015
I Laughed, Cried, Wanted something (or someone) to Hug, And episode after episode, i could not wait until i saw the next.
Gakuen Alice is true-ly a masterpiece.
Some people drop the anime because of it's childish element. But let me say this once, IT. IS. NOT. CHILDISH. There are so many dark moments in this anime, that will honestly tear you to pieces and make you cry. If you have a heart that is, and I am pretty strong when it comes to that stuff, but this anime broke that barrier. On-wards to the Review!
Story: 10/10

Honestly, what goes on in the first TWO episodes read more
Apr 10, 2015
Another Wonderful Piece made by Madhouse. This Anime conjures up the needles and threads about 'Death', into one entertaining, addicting, irresistible show! Going through the start of 'Death', and making it's way towards the end of it, it is certainly one of a kind.
Story: 10/10
Even though some people say that 'this story isn't getting anywhere because it's in a bar', has no right to say that. Just because an anime is secluded in a small area, doesn't mean it doesn't go anywhere. The story goes through people's 'death' and explains it from start to finish, through mesmerizing scenes. It does it in such a way read more
Apr 6, 2015
Btooom! (Anime) add (All reviews)
Btooom! 12 Episodes Long.
"Kill or Be Killed", Or "Lets work together and Survive!"
At first i thought that this anime was going to be a complete joke. Your average "Damsel in Distress", and "Prince Charming". But wow, was i wrong. There is so much Emotion, the plot twists are amazing, The characters are breath taking! This anime has it all, and all of it is in the little 12 episodes! I Literally One-Sat it all, in the past 4 hours i've watched all 12 episodes. I've had no background information about this except for the few reviews that were recommened to me by different anime. That read more
Feb 17, 2015
This anime is 12 episodes long. It's fast paced with lots of action scenes, sarcastic moments, sad moments, pretty much everything. When i first saw the first episode i knew i was going to enjoy this anime. It has that compassion side towards it, where not many action anime's have it so early into the anime.

Story 9/10

I've rated the story 9/10 because for starters, it's 12 episodes long. It's fast paced which i like especially for a short series. The plot makes sense, and the pace is very smooth.

Art 10/10

The art you see in this anime may remind you of the newer animes, like read more
Feb 9, 2015
A Young Boy must take revenge upon the one who has killed his sister, marked his face, and destroyed his pride. Along the way, he meets new people who at first, he thought of annoying, but has grown towards them and considered them his family. Moving along the story, he meets villains who, are not your average 'villain'. Actually, said villains have a certain background that one would not be able to fathom.

Story: 9/10
The Story seems to revolve around boobs, boobs, and more boobs! But actually, that doesn't really have anything to do with the story. Certainly, boobs are in the story, but they read more
Sep 22, 2014
As a continuation to the Hamatora, this has turned out to be a very good anime!

I shall make a short Review summarizing the key/main parts of this Anime.

Story [ 9 ]

Though the anime is pretty short, 12 episodes to say the least. . .It has had it's ups and downs when it comes to the Story. Throughout this anime the characters have been more developed in a way of such that you can pretty much distinguish the characteristics between all of them. The Story has continued from 'Hamatora', and starts off right after Morale dies. Goes on from there with Art becoming the new Antagonist read more
Sep 16, 2014
Peace Maker Kurogane
This anime is byfar, brilliant! Even though the anime is maybe about 5-7 years old, It's still great to watch!
The anime reminds me of Naruto / Nabari of it's cheeky-ness with it's Main Character. This Anime has everything you'd want, (in general). Like, well in my opinion, how i really like'd this anime was from how the main character acts. Very likeable, very very likeable, for instance - He acts his age! And he's a bit shorter than he usual, which makes me believe that he's 12 and not 15, which makes it the whole more enjoyable. Remember how kids now-a-days act like read more