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Nov 13, 2017
I used to be LLSIF fan before, so naturally I had to watch it. Im not a huge fan of sif anime, I prefer the game and Im pretty sure a lot of people feel the same.
After a huge popularity of Muse, creators wanted to make another idol group, sadly Aqours wasn't accepted that warm by the fandom. People keep saying that LLS anime is bad, but honestly its better than origial LLSIP anime.
Music, art and basicially everything is a really really good. Staff paid much attention to details, its really easy to notice. Love Live quality keep getting better and better, I can't read more
Nov 13, 2017
Before I begin I want to say Battle Girl High School (known also as BGTHS and batoga) is not an anime for everyone, especially for people who haven't played the original game. I'll try my best to focus on anime instead of the game.

Story - 3/10
This anime is supposed to be adaptation of the game, but truth is that it wasn't. In anime creators started with new story, so without knowing game storyline you won't understand anything. Plot is not strong point of any BGHS project . Everything focuses on gameplay, storyline is not that awesome or incredibly original. Thats why I feel like Batoga read more