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Aug 14, 2014
Before you read this movies 8 star rating and get excited, understand that this is a concept-driven anime. Meaning that the world this movie is set in is very interesting and is the obvious center point of this anime. Everything else just kind of falls short. Because of this you will probably end up looking at your watch a couple times before the movie ends. Fortunately, there are some twists that will get your focus back to the screen again. Music is really nice. Animation and art style are decent. The characters are a little flat, but as I said this movie is more about read more
Jul 23, 2013
I'm not much of a Shoujo person but I found this to be quite enjoyable. It's not the best, most gripping tale of all time, but I found it cute and different than what i typically read. The art was very good. I very much liked the characters and the overall humor of this manga.

I didn't have that much of a problem with the 8 year age gap. One of the problems i did have with this manga was the maturity level of Aram, a 7-year-old boy. I don't think anybody was that mature in their speech and actions, and aware enough to know read more
Jul 4, 2013
Well first things first. This anime is definitely one that I would recommend. I very much enjoyed this anime and I would definitely watch it again. That's the one thing i'm sure about. What i'm having a hard time deciding is whether I should vote this a 9/10 (excellent) or a 10/10 (masterpiece, which seems to be the most popular vote according to Anime News Network). I'll give it credit, you don't see an anime like this every day. Time travel, various scientific theories and formulas, a very well articulated and spoken protagonist :P (I watched the dub) It was a very well thought out read more
Jun 9, 2013
I honestly found this anime to be a bit overrated. The fact that this anime is typically given a 10 or 9 out of 10 is completely beyond me. I had dropped this anime once in the past, and I was ready to drop it again but the only reason I sat through this anime was because of the outstanding ratings it had gotten and the fact that I was told twice to "hand in there" because it was apparently going to get so good. After 45 episodes I unfortunately came to the conclusion that I would've been just fine dropping it again. The reasons read more
May 27, 2013
I actually found this really cute and enjoyable. In terms of short yaoi manga I really like it when the characters actually have a history together and it's not just a random fling. It was funny, hot, and just overall very sweet :) I wish it was longer!