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Dec 3, 2019
A very unique story indeed i love romance anime and this one was recommended to me by one of my great friend who has a similar taste like me(in anime).

i never thought that writing about this anime will be hard. its a shame that i am reading lot many negative reviews i myself admit that its not a masterpiece but its worth watching. the two girls from this anime (Ririna and Misaki) reminded my of two girls from Oregairu, however this anime is a lot different. i dont want to hear that this anime sucks, this anime is very good.this is my first anime read more
Nov 25, 2019
If you have a lover i recommend you watch this anime with them instead of watching this alone. i havent posted any spoiler so feel free to read it deeply.

This anime is boring and interesting at same time, its so disappointment this anime is not that popular. this is my first time i find myself hard to rate an anime. this anime is filled with so many emotions that will make you laugh,sad,happy,cry at many points, i myself admit this anime is boring at many points i felt like dropping this anime but i somehow watched this. the song "Scarborough fair" used in ep1 and read more
Nov 23, 2019
And again i have finished the anime in one day. I don't see how this anime is not that popular and on top of that there are a lots of negative reviews, for me this anime is great. There are a lots of people who will say here the MC is overpowered and as much can do anything, yes MC is a bit cocky, however that being the case this anime still gives you excitement. the story gives you the thrills that "what will happen next?''. And again people say very bad about ecchi anime (ecchi anime are bad, ecchi is boring af) i dont read more
Nov 22, 2019
Its a huge disappointment that i am reading a lots of negative reviews. This anime is really very amazing. When i first saw the 1st episode of this show i dropped the series as the protagonist of this story was a slime, however i don't know what crossed my mind and i picked up this series again, and man thank god i watched this anime i loved the story, i never thought it would be such a masterpiece. please don't go for the negative reviews written, i bet you will love this anime, i am not exaggerating when i saw this anime is the best read more
Oct 29, 2019
"the world still is beautiful" one of the best anime i have seen in my entire life. when i was watching the episode 1 i thought this again a boring anime but the anime switch places from average to masterpiece, thank god i didnt dropped this anime i am rewatching this series nothing much to say the - this anime is something else.

Story[10/10]Now thats something i call a plotting. this anime is plotted perfectly notching much nothing less. i am glad this wasent an ecchi anime otherwise this wouldnt be that amazing. the sun king and the principality of rain(Nike) i really love how the read more
Oct 29, 2019
this was my first anime that i watched on subbed. the plot is perfect and the story is good too this makes this worth a watch you must have heard about anime know as "Infinite stratos" if you liked that anime trust me you will love this. i was addicted to this anime just by watching the fist episode it got my attention and i finished the series just in one day. there is nothing to dislike in this anime
the way it ended is really something else. on last episode a girl just comes out of nowhere and claims to be Chidorigafuchi's sister read more
Oct 29, 2019
To be honest i was planning on giving 10/10 but this season (season3) the way it ended was not really good. i mean its not sad or emotional or something but its more like they just ended this very soon. when i first saw Season 1 it really felt amazing to watch, the story was good too i also shipped [TohkaX Shido] i wanted them to be together but again its a harem anime.

the polt of this season was also good but the only thing i disliked was the ending. i feel like half of the story is still left to cover and they read more
Oct 29, 2019
Citrus (Anime) add (All reviews)
Citrus (Yuri) this was my first anime i was just surfing youtube and saw this named as "Citrus Ep1 dub" i got curious and clicked that video and i saw the real beauty of Japanese animation(Anime) i thought that anime were just photos and fan arts but then i saw this video and searched more about Anime , i really loved the plots, stories and the art of presenting Anime.
i may be a boy but i really loved this show i really loved the romance between those sisters to be honest i really dont like Shoujo ai anime(s) but this anime was exception the read more
Oct 29, 2019
this is my first time giving a review, this anime was my first vampire anime after this anime i have became addicted to them, the story is great with a lots of actions and fantasy. the anime is perfect but the ending was not complete the way this season ends is just not satisfying, this makes a hope for season 3 without season 3 this anime seems incomplete. but other then that the anime is really amazing and worth a watch.

this anime was my second anime that i watched and enjoyed, the story is perfect i cant believe i watched the whole story 4-5 times read more