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Feb 21, 2013
Seiyuu Ka-! is a manga based on a girl names Kino Hime she is 15 years old and whos dreams is to become a first class seiyuu(voice actors) to become a "Lovely Blazer"

her only problem is that she has a very "special" voice (hehehe)
and that her mother is really cold towards her to the point of calling her "useless child" ..... now you might be thinking that this is a gloomy Heroin that need her prince to save her all the time,right?
but that is not the case

our Heroin Hime-san is a cheerful ,hardworking girl who takes all the negative and positive criticism and turns read more
Aug 18, 2012
i really really did not like this anime at all ,every episode is about the same thing.
is as if the creator did not had enough ideas and he just kept writing the same thing over and over ,the story ends the same way it started ~_~ i was hopping something better but no it ended the same way it started
Aug 15, 2012
well it is pretty simple this is another story just like Code Geass. if you already watched Code Geass there is no reason of watching Guilty Crown since it is the same plot ,they even have robots and all ~_~ , and if you already watched Guilty Crown There is no reason to watched Code Geass because they are the same... Both stories are good and all , but since they are the same it get gets boring to watch ... i dropped it after the first episode because i notice that everything is the same and i don't want to waste my read more
Aug 13, 2012
This Anime was a complete mouth opening,in a bad way...i mean they added coseplayers and half of the anime is infested with them each episode they would give the coseplayers more than half of the anime time...and they would only give the anime 10 or 12 minutes...i wanted to kill the coseplayers...but i think the anime was fairly ok ,though i did missed ikuto >.