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C³: Rikan Gakkou Confusion!
C³: Rikan Gakkou Confusion!
Mar 16, 11:15 AM
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Mar 15, 12:32 PM
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Ghost Hunt
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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Shobon!
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Shobon!
Jan 28, 2017 12:37 AM
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Intelos Mar 4, 2017 6:30 AM
As per usual, here comes the obligatory apology for the 1 month timeframe for this reply hahah~ sorry again! (even though you clearly said you don't expect speedy replies, it's still not in my concience to be lazy with this sort of stuff.)

-Also, since you gave me a near perfect reply, I don't have much to say so I'll make this a bit sorter! :D-

I see that you finished Log Horizon 2nd season, didn't expect you to watch the whole thing- I sure did not! You obviously enjoyed the first season more, but do you feel that the 2nd season got a bit better in its second half? Is it at least sort of worth finishing off? (dropped it 6 episodes it lol)

Huh, so you've also watched all of the Digimon Tri movies that have been released. I haven't watched any yet, but I guess I will watch them in the future sometime; there's such a strong sense of nostalgia behind that franchise for myself, especially in its sound department with Kouji Wada's butterfly and brave heart....RIP. Its' regretful, but I've heard pretty mixed feedback about the movie series and the 4th movie in particular: do they satisfy the nostalgia of the original series in any way in your opinion? I see that the ratings you gave them pale in comparison to Digimon adventure and Bokura no war game so it may be a bit of a silly question, but like I've said before rating doesn't mean everything!

I guess thats all for now, can't think of anything else interesting enough to ask about besides on more thing: how's life? hahah

Cheers man

Intelos Feb 6, 2017 10:52 AM
Sorry about the ~10 day delay, I had mock exams which lasted for a dreaded two weeks, so I had very little energy for anything nor the time sadly.

I have to say that your familial/cultural background is very intiguing. Its not that complicated from what I can see and I pretty much know everything I was curious about! Btw you mentioned how your English communicative skills have been maintained while playing online games with Aussies, so I'm just wondering: what kind of games are you into? Back in Greece I had this great gaming PC, so I was quite into some well-known titles e.g Team Fortress 2, Farcry, Smite, but sadly I don't have the facilities anymore where I am.

Now onto anime. I'm very glad you took my horror recommendation to heart, seeing how you have planned to watch Yami Shibai :D! Hahaha, I don't know about being a connoisseur, but I tend to know what series/movies people may enjoy based on what I can see. Also, like I've said, its taken while a long time in order to find what I truly can call my tastes in anime myself, so its not like I was born with any more knowledge that anyone else!

Ah, you're watching Log Horizon. I haven't seen that show in two years, so I'm not quite sure where you are at in the story at 16/25, but I thought it was a fine experience. Not sure a large fan of the Isekai (or, travelling to another world situation), unless its executed in a unique or tasteful way. Just suggesting that you shouldn't really check out the second season of that series, as it left many people with quite a bitter taste in their mouths- I myself dropped it.

Yeah, Buriki's character art is definitely some of the most detailed and recognisable I have seen. The thing is with Haganai its not that I didn't enjoy it enough so that to continue with its second cour (similarly to Amagami SS, it was a guilty pleasure to sit through), but I just don't tend to watch more of a series at all. For example, I adored the series Honey and Clover (Hachimitsu no clover) scoring it an 8, yet I didn't feel the need to watch any more of it. Its more like I'm satisfied with what I've seen. However, if you do recommend it strongly then I don't see the reason why I shouldn't watch any more. Just because you haven't seen as much as I have (and mind you 123 titles isn't sparce), I would be more than happy to get recommendations from you- just tell me! (I would probably be more on time with that than replying....hahah). To finish off with this subtopic, I also strongly agree with how Denpa onna to seishun otoko looks better than most series after it- its just practically untouchable! ( long live Shaft )

Its very interesting the way you give your ratings. It's simultaneously funny though, because when I got into anime in Mid 2014 I had an almost identical mindset, so I can totally see where you're coming from. The thing is with ratings however, after you've seen a few hundreds of titles, you start to get a little jaded compared to the sudden rush of a huge variety of genres that you've never seen before and different settings that boggle your mind. You want to see more/different- this is especially true with the massive overabundance of school anime (be it high school or otherwise), because not only do you memorise how a Japanese school functions and its general layout from the inside out, but the rest of the show (the presentation of its plot, the pacing of each episode, the lack of adversity) remains strictly the same as well. This therefore leads to ratings becoming lower and the slow removal of enjoyment being considered. Of course, don't get me wrong, I watch anime and read manga for enjoyment as well, but for different reasons all together; hence why I call some series guilty pleasures and whatnot.

I carefully read through your anime recommendations comparing Yama no susume with the two others: I've got to be honest and say that they are really great. With recommendations (take a shot for how many times I've said the word 'recommendation' so far btw LOL), people on MAL tend to lazily put down bullet points that don't really follow nicely with one another, or its just one sentence like: "Are you in a feels mood? Watch AnoHana for more tears." (no joke that's one I just randomly found now), so really well done! Finally, you said how you have fun while writing recommendations because "they are not reviews". Why is that? Is it because it feels more like work than anything? If so I can understand, because although I love talking about shows its tiring writing a whole essay worth like its an assignment for school. *shivers*
Intelos Jan 21, 2017 9:15 AM
{No! I shall persevere and write a lengthy reply right here, right now! Get ready for a gigantic answer- mwa ha hah...!}

Seriously though, wow, what a glorious reply. It's my fault for asking so many questions that require such detail to be answered properly, but thanks for taking the time to quench my intrigue.

That is indeed a quite complicated situation, but I feel like I have a clear image of the gist of it. I searched about Singlish like you told me to, and its quite amazing how there is a whole Oxford dictionary based off of it! There's nothing like that for Greek slang or anything of the like. Its sad but truthful how languages are in fact taught in the method as you clearly described: memorise and work on assignments. I took classes on French for two years and I hardly remember anything, let alone formulate any comprehensible sentence out of it..! So is English the main language you use to communicate with you family, or perhaps Chinese?

Also, (coming at ya with all these questions) maybe its too personal to ask but how come did you live with your cousins? Did you move somewhere away from when you were born or something along those lines? For certain though, there aren't any such festivals in Greece or the UK like there are in Anime, heh, the most I'd get are a few fireworks at most.

As for anime, I too have had struggles finding a strong horror, similarly to how you described. However, in my experience I can highly recommend the anime Yami Shibai. It will sadly only take around 50 minutes of your time since the 2nd 3rd and 4th seasons pale in comparison to the 1st (apparently), but it legitimately scared the crap out of me time and time again. It is true horror, no false scares to be seen and void of jumpscares most of the time. It stays true and understands what proper horror is all about: to psychologically tear apart the human psyche via terror. Especially the elevator episode, which gave me nightmares- you'll understand what I mean if you ever watch it. It is also based off proper Japanese horror tales, which is quite rare in animanga. (a plus from me)

However, if you truly want a recommendation for a horror show that I believe is excellent in production values, scares and writing, I would proudly suggest Mononoke.Be sure not to confuse Mononoke with Mononoke Hime: the Ghibli film- a strong film but defiinitely not a horror. It is a semi episodic series about a medicine man who travels across ancient Japan to exorcise Mononoke; God-like creatures which terrorise the human mind. The main character has to however first learn all about the psychological aspects (its Truth, Form and Regret) (<----- pretty badass if you ask me) of the people being 'haunted' by them, in order to exorcise the Gods. It may be sort of a 'monster' story, but I can give you my word its not your typical show and I believe you would appreciate it. Heck I haven't even fully finished it (7 eps in) yet I am this confident about it!

I would really enjoy to read a recommendation that you would write on Yama no Susume, go for it! I can definitely see a correlation between those shows you mentioned (I haven't seen Graffiti however) after carefully inspecting their synopses. Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko was quite a fun ride! The major issue I had with it were the (in my honest opinion) wasted side characters, such as the lady that took the main character is- she felt like pointless fanservice to me sadly. What I really enjoyed about it were its brilliant themes on maturity (especially its adolence points in the end of each episode- so unique!) and the exceptional animation; especially the animation of Touwa's lovely blue hair! The scene with the bike falling into the ocean was very memorable. The OVA however, had a lot of what the series lacked- e.g the tasteful shock factor I was looking for (meteor scene- WOW!), but still I wish there was more. For a show with an average of ~7.30 its pretty overlooked. [Also,yes, praise Rec!]

Also, don't worry about my scores too much- I simply like to critique things with a sharp eye, so a show that I give a 5 may be really enjoyable to me, yet its not simply what I look for in order to give it any higher; much like how I feel about Amagami SS, or Barakamon, which I just recently completed.

Intelos Jan 19, 2017 9:22 AM
(Damn, only a month late with the reply...nice going me)

So you're from Singapore huh? That's really interesting. I've always wanted to visit places outside Europe, especially in Eastern Asia because of its cultural significance and intelligent people (hopefully not because I'm a filthy weeb or anything :D). The only time I ever escaped Europe was when I went to a space Camp in turkey for a week. I'm from Greece btw in case you haven't read the paragraph I wrote about myself.

I disagree that your English is limited in its variety of vocabulary, it's far,far better than 90% of the British people in my new school that I have attending who only seem to know the words "fuck" and "mate" and I'm not saying that lightly, lol. Hmm, I have a question: is the English language as commonly spoken in Singapore as Malay? I'm quite curious. Also, how is English taught in schools there? Is it mostly like memorisation and such, sort of like how the Japanese learn foreign languages?

I'll take your word for what you said about Umineko. On the topic about Another, funnily enough I felt the same way about the show. I was aware how ridiculous and juvenile the whole story played out, yet I somehow enjoyed it. I guess that explained why its so immensely popular in Japan and the west.

Whoa, Yama no Susume! That's an underground show if I ever saw one! I see you're enjoying it; apparently the 2nd season is ever stronger than the 1st, although I haven't seen any of it to affirm it myself. Is it recommendable for an afternoon watch? Slice of Life is my most favorite genre in anime so I assume that I'll like it. :D

As for Christmas, I don't celebrate it because of religious reasons or anything, heck I didn't even put up a Christmas tree or any decorations. I've always been an atheist, so only until I was around 9 or 10 did I ever think to associate those holidays with theological ideas. Do you celebrate anything in Singapore, whether its religious or just as a tradition?
Intelos Dec 25, 2016 4:47 AM
*Sorry for the late reply, haven't had much time with Christmas happening and all~*

Yes, I completely understand what you mean by saying that it was missing some things. Even with the 2 extra episodes for each character given in the second season, all that was added is some extra situations in which Junishi would interact with the given girl; there was insufficient meaningful development and layers to the characters. Many people describe Amagami SS to be a simple vanilla romance and nothing more- while I do agree with that statement, I still believe it to have some realistic and most importantly likeable characters. To me, sometimes a good cast can go a long way, especially when its a character-driven story. I also really appreciated that characters had natural hair colours, which although not an issue since animanga is a visual and often otherworldly medium, but it allowed me to take the relationships more seriously that way!

So I take it that your favorite character is Kaoru? She was some great fun, but my personal favorite girl in the show was Ai Nanasaki. I have a thing for short haired females lol, so that coupled with her lovely VA along with her endearing personality and waifu aesthetics make her my easy fave. My favorite episode in the whole anime (episode 16 season 1) was also the final ep of her first arc, so yeah.

-Also, please don't worry about long replies, you write very nicely so its a joy to read hahah.-

I seriously have to play some VNs, I have been in this community for longer that I ever imagined I would and yet I haven't even played one lol.

Hmm, I just noticed that you're watching Umineko no naku koro ni. I haven't heard much about it from reliable people so what do you think about so far? Worth recommending to a mystery fan such as myself?

Intelos Dec 19, 2016 11:20 AM
Hey man, how is Amagami SS? I personally really enjoyed watching it, let's just call it a guilty pleasure due to my love for romance :D
Intelos Nov 3, 2016 12:07 PM
It takes quite a lot of 'trudging' and experimentation in order for a viewer to find his/her reasons for watching anime (or any other medium on that matter). I think that its great that you know what you like! Your favorites list is not weird by the way. Trust me, I've seen some pretty messed up lists before, haha.

Rec is great. Yes, its art may not be spectacular, the premise is not unheard of and its only around 9 'half episodes' long. Yet, it still accomplishes more with its flawed characters, unpredictable plot, realistic romance and hard-hitting drama than a lot of much longer romance series. Rec is very special to me because of how properly every situation is handled such as the difficulties of living alone and heartbreak.

The most sensational aspect of Rec are certainly its characters. Aka, for example, is not your typical waifu, she refused to have sex with Matsumaru even after he practically begged her for it. She had very human quirks, such as her love for paraphrasing other films in context of the point she is trying to get across, which is not regularly seen in a character such as her. She cried out of happiness when a young child recognized her voice while at the same time she is a very high achieving voice actress. These points, along with many others, make Aka Onda one of my favorite characters of all time.

Anyways, Rec also mattered a lot to me, as you can clearly see.

I'm very humbled by your complimenting my profile. It really is not something too grand, its just a manifestation of simply being on this site for more than two whole years, hahah. My favorites may seem terrifying (and hipster-ish lol) but I had gone through many periods of varying taste: from the most popular series, to being movie orientated, to shounen-specific, and psychological/dementia based, to my cluster of genres and demographics that I have today. But that is what's fun about having a hobby such as this, isn't it?

*My apologies for this lengthy reply, I candidly have too much free time this afternoon.*
Intelos Nov 3, 2016 1:55 AM
Your favourite anime is rec? Good taste pal!
themegamancave Oct 22, 2016 7:55 PM
Hey thanks for the kind words! It's comments like these that keep me writing reviews, and while I have no formal experience (I'm an engineer by trade), I've been writing my entire life. It's sort of an itch I need to scratch from time to time. Interesting favorites section for sure! Can't say I was a fan of KissxSis though, not my cup of tea.

Anyway, thanks for passing through!