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Jul 5, 2013
Woo! I waited 2+ hours in a super long line in a cramped room to see this today! WORTH IT. I was extremely skeptical about a movie adaption of Blue Exorcist like many of you probably were when you first heard the announcement. I must say it was VERY well made in ever aspect imaginable, great story and art especially. Getting into the story a bit more the movie opens as a story book read by Father Fujimoto to the Okumura brothers and throughout the movie this particular little book is explored, talked about and experienced by the characters as the movie progresses, later Rin read more
Oct 6, 2012
Hello this is Avato-chan and I will be reviewing Monsuno / Juusen Battle Monsuno!

(A/n)This is based both on the english and japanese release.
Ok lets start off with an overview , like a typical battle story, This is aimed at young children and more specificaly boys.Although I am not in the target audience myself I quite enjoyed this series sofar.

Story(6) In a nutshell Chase is looking for his father,a scientist who disapeared and uses monsuno ,which his fater created to go on a journy to find him.Villans come along who are looking for his father as well and try to stop Chase and his gang and read more
Apr 11, 2012
after 1 episode i feal compelled to write a reveiw on this,first of all ,read the sumary of this show by yourself because im not just restatiing the obvious,second,this story has a specific genere ,so if you dont like anime's with guns,blood,action,kid soldiers,wierd random humour,adults,warefare, this anime is not for you.ok so overall this is a good anime if you like stuff like that ,the thing that is unique and makes this somthig to watch other than somthing else in its genre is how it is pulled together,it fits well with everything you like smashed into one ,and well...Thought breakdown

1)STORY.the overall story is "good" but read more
Mar 25, 2012
Area no kishi ,this is actually the first soccer anime i ever saw
very good and enjoyable,although i have no idea how to actually play soccer,
this anime can be decribed as a "soap oprea" in my oppinion ,just because there is very cliché ,almost imposible parts that hapen(like the drastic weight gain/loss of a player) in their everyday life,the soccer seems more realistic then the actual stoyline's is a good anime overall ,a bit slow but it feals oddly nostalgic to a time where you realy want somthing and your working twords it,it is a semi-relatable aime with some decent subplots,and teis about teamwork and read more
Mar 25, 2012
so ,im writing a review of this before the last episode is going to come out,i have to start with one thing,this anime did NOT look apealing to me whatsoever,why did i watch it? because i set a goal to watch 1/2 spring 2012 anime,
dispite this i actualy came to enjoy this anime,the story for the first 9 eps ,DONT MAKE ANY RELEVENT SCENCE!!!!but episode 10 answered alot of questions :),
this is one of those animes that you have to just hold out with the comedy (which is pretty good in this show)untill you actualy get some plot to the story,

its overall "good" touching,funny,and a read more
Jan 5, 2012
wow HALARIOUS!!! this series looks promising ^^ ,as the frst episode is only out i alredy can't wait for the next one,well it didnt realy make sence untill i read the discription on MAL but serisoly its funny anyway,its worth the 3 minutes to at least check it out :),so pealse GIVE THIS NEW ANIME A TRY ITS ONLY 3 MIN LONG,and it made me actualy laugh out loud
Oct 30, 2011
this anime is very differen tfrom others ,i first saw it two years ago while surfing the web and i must say ,i have not seen a anime i enjoyed as much as this one! This is a "must watch" even though some may dis-agree.Some may call the storline "jumbledor the art "old" but its set in a alternate reality and the future so u just have to use your imagination and it was writen ahile ago so plz just deal with it.However It was a stoy that stuck with me the las two years .it is the only series i ever bothered to see read more
Oct 30, 2011
this "bonus" episone is kind of like a" teaser" to FMP:TSR it was very enjoyable to watch after not have watched FMP:TSR for awhile ,it showed a little mor in debth of how the second raid started off,which made the series a bit more exciting.BUT there were apperances of som charactors in this that made it more of a "preview" because their apperances were not that necessary in my oppinion,and further more the ending words they were just was icing on the cake .