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Sep 22, 2016

What Is RE:Zero about? It's about a boy who tries to save a girl in a fantasy setting. That's about it ( see credits EP 25).End of story. Newcomers will enjoy anticipating the 3-4 episode long arcs with half of the show consisting of dialogue. Whereas people used to anime will be impressed on how it uses art,story, characters, sound, or fight scenes differently compared to other anime like Sword Art Online or Berserk.

Story: The whole series is a battle Shonen with a 8 episode fighting climax.
Except this time, the kid's unique power is the ability to respawn after dying. And read more
Sep 22, 2016

Based on Oh! My Goddess. It's also better. The story is about a guy possessed by a demon and the only way to exorcise him is to fuck him. Only through cumming into goddesses can he get rid himself of the impurity.

Art: In his dreams while he is sleeping, a demon takes over his body and he rapes people over 3 episodes. But it is only in his dream, so it doesn't really glorify rape. In real life, the goddesses fuck him and it is definitely consensual. Bottom line, it's the least rapey, rape anime since rape doesn't really happen in the real read more
Sep 21, 2016


It is the Re:Zero hentai. Except this time, the protagonist special ability is his semen rather than turning back time. It's also way better.

An otaku is randomly summoned to a parallel world by two women so he can fuck them. Ejaculating into their pussies boost their magical abilities enabling them to take back the Kingdom from the evil heavenly Four. It is set in an RPG world.

Story: First, the story starts in the middle of a magic battle. Then, the story goes into a brief flashback. Frey and Alice summon Tomahiro through a white light. He meets them directly on read more
Sep 13, 2016
I'm 15 and you can definitely listen to my opinion when I say Kimi No Na Wa is the best anime I have ever legally experienced though 100% legitimate means. No pirating sites at all.

No bullshit, Kimi no Na Wa is about high school kids who switch bodies and their magic connection is the only way to save the day. One lives in Tokyo and the other lives in a hick town. Outside of the major plot, they commute to school, eat food, and talk with friends. Yet, it is all animated in pretty colors. For instance, one of the kids has an iPhone read more
Apr 25, 2016
If you have ever watched stand up comedy or listened to NPR ( This American Life, Fresh Air with Terry Gross, A Prairie Home Companion from Lake Wobegone), you should check this anime out. If not, it's slow, mediocre, and overrated. The reason why it's rated so high is that it's one of those " at least it doesn't take place in high school" anime shows.

Bottom line, no pretentiousness, it's a struggling artist story: empty apartment, messy roommate, getting gigs, argue with your roommate. But, it's in anime format and the art is called "Rakugo" which is Japanese talking entertainment. Since you don't speak read more
Mar 12, 2016
I walked in thinking I was going to get some otaku fetish for 100 chapters. Wrong. This series turns into a whole different monster by the 8th or so volume. I would say it even deconstructs the manga itself. It became way more adult and mature for my taste. But, I can tolerate mature stuff when I am reading. It made this series very engaging.

Gunslinger girls volume one looks nothing like Gunslinger girls volume 15. It's actually brilliant and well thought out writing that overarching led the whole series. I would say, if you get bored of it, keep reading. That piece of read more
Nov 10, 2015
Are you a working professional? High school student interested in fraud? Like business ethics or accounting? This is for you.

This manga series is called Kurosagi or "black swindler". It's essentially Mr.Robot, the white Hat Hacker, but it this case it's a police detective frauding fraudsters.

It follows some 23 year old guy who's family is swindled and makes it his life mission to swindle swindlers or fight fraudsters. He fights multi-level marketing schemes, document fraud, accounting fraud, bankers, managers, and accountants. By all means, it's not very interesting. No fights. No goofy scenes like in ace attorney. It's people talking on the read more