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Apr 26, 2021
An anime adaptation of the “you have to eat all the eggs” meme (google it).

Considering this series is broadcast by mainstream anime distributors, not hentai sites, is one of the most watched shows of its season, and is tagged by MAL as Drama/Romance, but is not, in fact, tagged as Hentai, anyone who ever read half a book should be able to guess that its title is not meant to be taken at face value (I still have Vietnam flashbacks of “people” genuinely wondering if I Want to Eat Your Pancreas was a film about cannibalism). Anyone who read an entire book would likely go read more
Mar 26, 2021
DanMachi meets Monster Musume.

When someone says “anime is trash and so am I” in regards to liking an allegedly degenerate anime, half of that statement is correct no matter what - the latter half. Because either the anime in question is genuinely degenerate, and they are a moral failure for knowingly endorsing degeneracy (whether they’re doing it “ironically” or not - there is no such thing as pretending to be retarded); or the anime in question is not degenerate, and they are a moral failure for spreading slander and falsehoods. I, for one, am sick and tired of hearing this sort of mental diarrhea about read more
Feb 2, 2021
This anime reminds me of an art-house film. One very specific art-house film - Garden State. The one about which a classic said, “If cancer were pretentious, it would be Garden State.” Wonder Egg Priority with its bumbling attempts to be profound invokes the same familiar feeling of a student movie way over its head.

“The MC’s name is Ohto Ai because she has an Odd Eye, did you get it?”
“What could this giant close-up of a lily flower possibly mean in an anime about teen girls, wink, wink?”
“These monsters that look like faceless schoolgirls that throw axes at another schoolgirl and scribble ‘die’ on her read more
Jan 30, 2021
KareKano is a 1995 shoujo manga with a 1998 anime adaptation directed by Hideaki Anno.
Here are some quotes from its synopsis:
“Yukino Miyazawa is the female representative for her class and the most popular girl among the freshmen at her high school... However, in reality, she is an incredibly vain person... She wants nothing more than to be the center of attention and praise—which is why she cannot stand Soichiro Arima, the male representative for her class and the only person more perfect than her...
...Soichiro visits Yukino house to bring her a CD and sees her uninhibited self in action; now equipped with the truth, he read more
Dec 18, 2020
Did you know that the real translation of “Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka” into English is “Is It Wrong to Seek Encounters in a Dungeon?” - “encounter” being the random encounter mechanic from the classic JRPGs like Final Fantasy. If you “seek” random encounters, you probably are deliberately grinding XP to get ahead, but you’re also risking to overexert yourself or run into something you can’t deal with. I.e. that is a meaningful question without one right answer, the risk versus reward deal. And then there is a double entendre on top of that, “encounter” can be a “rendezvous” with read more
Oct 23, 2020
Fetish fuel for sadists/bait for edgy teenagers in their “idealism is so cringe, bro” phase.

Majo no Tabitabi belongs to the “road movie” genre, which is a charitable way of saying “edgy Kino no Tabi’s knockoff with witches,” so I’ll explain what is wrong with this series using another road movie anime title, Mushishi, as an analogy. Imagine a Mushishi episode like this:
The episode begins with Ginko on the road, having an inner monologue about how he is the most talented and successful mushishi in the country. He arrives at a new village, introduces himself as a mushishi, and asks if there are any people around read more
Sep 28, 2020
- How could you even move without your umbilical cable?
- It's umbilivable.

- Did you notice? This conversation took up more than two pages in the script and didn't contain a single setup-punchline. That's about half an episode for a 5-minute anime.
- If that's true, then who did this, and why?
- Aliens.

The “Plebs Can’t Appreciate Minimalism” episode.

Chou Futsuu Toshi Kashiwa Densetsu R is technically a third season of the series, but you don’t really need to watch the first two. Those are youtube ONAs seemingly done by a single person on a half a cup of ramen budget, basically an amateur hobby project. The audience liked read more
Jun 24, 2020
Have you ever heard of the concept of Outsider Art? It’s art created by self-taught or naive art makers who are not familiar with the established art culture, including art by the straight-up mentally ill, which leads to their creations being strange or different in ways you wouldn’t normally see.
This is what Plunderer feels like. While technically it’s a battle shounen with some comedy and ecchi elements, its real substance is a rolling snowball of plot twists that happen every five minutes and are about as intelligent as wearing pants on your head. You can’t see those plot twists coming by virtue of them being read more
Jun 20, 2020
Spoilers for the story’s end in the last paragraph - because everyone deserves to know what a vomit-inducing ending it is.

“What if we took Welcome to the N.H.K. and bastardized it into pure wish-fulfillment? We’ll earn millions!”

The isekai LN title of this series would be “I’m the most dull, unremarkable, and devoid of appeal ‘literally me’ MC in existence, yet I’m inexplicably beta-orbited by an underaged manic pixie dream girl and an inexplicably single 9/10 woman in her prime.”
In case you don’t like isekai LN titles and prefer comparisons to the previously seen shows, NHK ni Youkoso! is a perfect one. Imagine NHK. But instead read more
Jun 11, 2020
This review contains spoilers.

Generic Crime Drama: The Anime.

By that point anyone with a passing interest in the industry matters should be aware that Netflix is a cancer that kills anime, so I’m not gonna talk about that. The fact that The Great Pretender is a western TV show that only superficially looks like anime is of no consequence, the problem that it isn’t even a good western TV show.
Every story beat seems to be ripped off from The Sopranos, Breaking Bad and every other “morally complex villain protagonist does crime” show ever, but the quality of presentation is severely lacking compared to those. There are read more