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Jan 3, 2018
Story: A great story, something different from the usual anime you see...shame there's zero plot involved and what is there is confusing and muddled up. In the end, we get more questions then answers. No idea if they mean to give this another season or not but as it stands right now, that's not a great way to end an anime.

Art: Decent and pretty at times. Some of the characters looked very nice while others looked just...weird (Ban and Hyo stand out as looking really weird). The school looks dull but that's to be expected as it's setting. Nature outside the school is pretty. The read more
Sep 24, 2017
As a fan of Shounen Ai manga and anime, I thought this would be a great anime. Unfortunately it suffers from what a lot of typical relationship anime's/manga's suffer from. Misunderstandings that cause a bunch of drama.

It's easy to write I guess and that's why so many anime's/manga's suffer from it. It takes talent to write something that goes outside the norm. And I guess there's a lack of talent lately.


A very drab copy of any relationship anime/manga out there. One character falls for another character, they stumble over themselves for a bit till they get the love interest, it's a few episodes of read more
Mar 12, 2016
I originally got into Oreimo because of the otaku culture. I'm an otaku living outside of Japan so it was interesting to see some of the otaku stuff in people react and such.

That being said...I knew this was also an anime about incest between a brother and least to a degree (they don't get past kissing ffs.). I'm not against incest in anime...I actually enjoy it (all be it in yaoi form), so I won't say I didn't enjoy it for that...

This review is for the whole show...both seasons and the specials.


It was delightful. It took a spin on the typical "gross" otaku read more