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Apr 13, 2019
Mixed feelings. I deeply enjoyed the sakuga sequences, Meow's character, and various scenes and designs scattered throughout. However, for a fun pastime Dandy can come across as lukewarm depending on how tolerant of wasted potential you are. Not saying it doesn't take its concepts somewhere, but more like the canvas is so big it begs for things to transcend what one would expect. While the show does have its fair share of surprising twists, it mostly plays out like a Watanabe series, filled with predictable jokes and perfunctory resolutions. Its carefree nature excuses most of its underthinking, but just the thought that it could be read more
Apr 11, 2019
Dallos (Anime) add (All reviews)
The worst thing Oshii has ever laid hands upon. Rebels fighting the government for four episodes. Both sides feel generic and unconvincingly brought about, probably due to the staff forcing their conflict into the narrative without fleshing things out enough so the audience could actually give a shit. Self-serious exploration of a theme that goes nowhere thematically, and the drama is cringeworthy with eye-rolling interactions, contrived chemistry and a final sequence that pretends to be epic while being just hard to sit through. Basically, 80s cheese trying to be more than what it is and whose only redeemable aspect would be Oshii's directing, which to read more
Apr 11, 2019
I like Takahashi and how he actively seeks to make his creations plausible and palpable. It sometimes works, it sometimes doesn't. His earlier works are so littered with so many flaws it's impossible to take the damn thing seriously despite his most genuine efforts. I don't know how much of that falls on him or the people he had to ultimately please in the process. Regardless, Galient, in spite of its interesting elements scattered throughout, is a badly animated, childish, cheesy, and sometimes even cringeworthy tale whose messages are tackled with the finesse of a derailed train exploding midair. It does play out slightly better read more
Apr 5, 2019
I don't know what is weirder, a tiny female genie rubbing her breasts for magic purposes or Tezuka's fetishistic side blatantly displayed in the sensual pink panther sequence. For better or worse, the movie is littered with moments that defy common sense and beg the question “why” at every turn. The problem is however that a supposedly adult movie that does have various sequences of clearly adult content is littered with such misplaced bullshit. If his intention was to make something lighthearted and ultimately devoid of pretense, there shouldn't be entire dramatic segments that are far from self-aware, let alone subverted. He can't focus, his read more
Apr 5, 2019
I haven't read most of Tezuka's manga, but as far as anime is concerned, he sure isn't very good. He seemed to lack some basic discernment, much like Tomino does for example, and littered his shit with unbecoming tonal shifts and jokes that have no place and exist merely cause he thought it would be funny. When reading some of his titles, it is common to have the flow interrupted by some visual gag and I wondered just why it was there to begin with. Cleopatra is a disaster in most senses, starting with its premise that sounds like one which would be promptly refused read more
Apr 3, 2019
Ugh, what a dull movie. Much like most biopics out there, this has nothing potent to it and all it has to offer is exactly what you'd expect every step of the way. A dream motivated by limitation, a career marked by ambition and at some point, a slight conflict. Looking back to your past work and feeling both proud and sorry. All emotional segments are undermined by the erratic pacing and characters lacking any depth whatsoever. Basically what The Wind Rises amounts to is Miyazaki being able to build a universal metaphor that can fit many places while indulging in his fetishes as much read more
Apr 2, 2019
LOGH feels like watching an amiably autistic child with an unyielding discipline and sense of duty giving their absolute best to perform a rather ambitious task. It's unbelievably cute, and that says more about me than years of therapy would. This anime lives and dies by an ethos that oozes through and through, one which is heavily based on integrity and professionalism, on functionality and quality control. In respect to that, allow me to describe what is so amazing about it. First, the fact the animation not being particularly fluid is justified by obsessively complex drawing that impresses merely by virtue of moving. That is read more
Apr 2, 2019
This movie could use some naturalism. I appreciate Shinkai's sensibility where it's due, but the narration sucks. It takes away a lot of the credibility, especially considering how easy to grasp the movie still is without such unwelcome poetry. There is a better way to handle things called visual storytelling. The final scene is a prime example of that, though I still think it was too short for its own good. Looking at the other side in total silence while the audience contemplates the last threads of relationship fading away, that is what a mastermind such as Takahata would be able to pull off effortlessly. read more
Mar 31, 2019
Okiura is such a great animator, it irks me his talent got wasted on this piss poor script. Not only is the plot a bloody wreck, the thematic exploration is nothing short of contradictory. It sets up sides, it frames them accordingly, but at some point it just fucks it up and things become very confusing. There are few things more frustrating than seeing a build up to a statement just so it can fall apart and leave you totally underwhelmed. It almost feels like they had no idea what they were doing. I couldn't bring myself to finish the original manga cause Tezuka isn't read more
Mar 28, 2019
Akira (Anime) add (All reviews)
Otomo is an autistic folk. Just take a look at his obsessively detailed artwork as a mangaka. He's so passionate he took upon himself the task of adapting his baby into something that would enter history and shock audiences all over the world. Needless to say I adore his ethos of breathing life into every frame of this audiovisual masterpiece, in a fashion not only unheard-of in the industry at that point, but also untouched by virtually anyone up until Miyazaki and Koike decided to join the party, mind you, many years later. The man single-handedly brought about and popularized Japanese cyberpunk, inspiring tons of read more