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-Lofn- Jul 5, 6:28 PM
I lost my internet for a month and a half. Imagine the loathsome dreary hours of talking to myself in that span of time, it's self-actualization!

There's a reason why Giorno, in many ways, got sidetracked as the main protagonist, probably because it's damn near impossible to not deus ex machina his stand. Araki probably realized his mistake then just made him the patented side character of the series, least he knows what to do to save face. Always found that hilarious."Oh shit, my eponymous protagonist is OP, time to sideline him!"
-Lofn- Jul 5, 4:51 PM
Got around only now, but good to know you're enjoying yourself.
LSDRolyPolys Jul 2, 7:16 PM
it worked. thank you so much
LSDRolyPolys Jul 2, 7:09 PM
says i need a decryption key to access the file
LSDRolyPolys Jul 2, 12:06 PM
sorry for not responding, i was without access to the internet for a couple of days due to a power outage. uploading it on mega and sending the link sounds great, thank you
bo6ahina Jun 30, 7:27 PM
Ah, I gotcha. Yeah I don't blame you, too many people will look through a list, see something they disagree with and disregard the post.
bo6ahina Jun 30, 6:12 PM
Ah, probably the wording, i'll get to rewording the op. I wrote that immediately after watching, at the time, it wasn't as big of an issue as I see it now.

Yeah, you're probably dead on with why flaws exist, but the optimism in me likes reframing things haha.

By the way, do you know why I can't access your list? It keeps telling me there's heavy traffic?
bo6ahina Jun 30, 4:10 PM
I totally agree, I love the flaws of media, it gives them a much more humanistic feel, blinding defending material is fallacious and downright idiotic. A very good example is SEL, my favourite anime of all time, the excessive amounts of material added to distract the viewer from the themes and motifs, is not easy to ignore in my opinion. The way some of the philosophical themes are portrayed as well where they're introduced then never elaborated upon is rather annoying as well, but I digress.

Curious, how did my post deviate from my review, I recall criticizing monster to an extent in my review, the only real unwarranted critique I found was the dislike of the ending by some, who didn't seem to understand why it was written the way it was. I felt it was a nice wrap up to the criticism of nihilism and conflict between both of Johan and Tenma's morals and ideals.

Thanks again, do you mind if I shoot you an add? I'd like to see some of the works you have rated on your list, I'm unaware as to what I should watch at the moment after something lighthearted like GTO.

EDIT: I believe the perception of Monsters realism is based on already existing media, comparatively to most "popular" anime, Monster tries to approach pacing and characterization from a "realistic" perspective in comparison to how most other characters are portrayed in what people are familiar with, which is a typically low standard. Is this what you were referring to when you said my op deviated from my review?
bo6ahina Jun 30, 9:35 AM
Alright, this'll be a long read, so bare with me.

You made a remark about hoping that madhouse will fix the plotholes present in the manga, which are you referring to? The fact that kid Johan was able to randomly poison candy at a hospital?

Next, I wanted to ask why you disliked Johan's portrayal (tell not show) in the series? Personally, I found the lack of visual context for his actions added a rather mysterious twist to his character, and a nice nod to the older tropes in the horror genre where most of the violence is conducted off screen. This was the main bit I was curious about, are you not a fan of this style of characterization? If so, I understand why.

Finally, I wanted to ask you about what you thought was bullshit about Grimmer? Grimmer is typically one of the more liked characters in the show, whilst this is an appeal to popularity, I was just curious as to what about him you weren't a fan of.

Otherwise, I completely understand some of your points, the pacing in certain aspects of the show were horrible, like in the library, the plothole revolving Johan's poisoning of candy.

Thanks for your time bud.
bo6ahina Jun 28, 12:56 PM
Glad to hear bud, I'm looking forward to your reply. I love discussing media, especially when there's conflicting views.
bo6ahina Jun 27, 5:38 PM
I hope all has been well for you, has your PC arrived yet?
LSDRolyPolys Jun 25, 7:33 PM
Thank you for responding. I'll be patient, and in the meantime you take care.
LSDRolyPolys Jun 23, 5:18 PM
Hey, I'm sorry if I'm bothering you - again, like I said on the forum (if you even saw the message, if not then that's fine. I understand), I know the post was very old but I was wondering how you were able to find Ningyohime (1974)? I've been trying to find a way to watch it, but I keep coming across the 1975 Toei film. I've looked it up on Crunchyroll, many google searches and other forums, but to no avail. If you can't answer, that's alright... I was just curious, is all.
bo6ahina May 29, 11:28 AM

I saw your review about Monster and I was just curious as to whether you could provide further elaboration on the topics you brought up in relation to Tenma and Johan. I enjoy hearing opposing viewpoints, and would be interested in hearing your opinions, because I noticed an ABe work in your favorites, so I acknowledge you're familiar with analysis of media.

BlanckAQ May 28, 4:06 PM
i finished all seasons mate, and i talked about it yesterday in my account.. i wish you could read my language so you can understand it and might enjoy it