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Days: 101.1
Mean Score: 4.31
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  • Episodes6,104
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Days: 38.0
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  • Volumes400
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chrissy_poo_too Yesterday, 8:40 PM
Thanks, I appreciate it. Writing tiny reviews on MAL has seemingly evolved from a minor time sink into my life's work. It's nice that someone's finally acknowledged it.
Fuchsia Mar 11, 10:26 PM
Ann avatar..
Hexasexual Mar 2, 7:06 AM
vo refuta a lista, "show dont tell" mas nn mostra nada ­čśö­čĹŐ
DanielCruz Feb 23, 6:11 PM
89.1 de afin,para de copiar minhas notas catchy
Hey_Taka-tin_Hey Feb 18, 8:19 AM
MAL é mesmo assim.
Não venho cá procurar posts inteligentes, venho interagir com trolls e idiotas. Dá para rir um bocado.
Akzhu7 Feb 18, 7:05 AM
I think Johaz is just kidding all the time. After all, it seems that he has a way of being where he is always trying to make the other person angry. It's probably a way for him to deal with his boredom but also with the fact that his life should not be entirely entertaining without the Internet. I think that deep down he is a sad person and without much to do. Also it seems that he enjoys being able to annoy the rest because in part he is not only bothering them but also socializing with them in his own way and he's probably having a really good time.

Johan is like a joker in his mind, who is not ashamed of himself because what he gets with his way of being is something he considers of great value. After all, Johan can be stupid but I really think that most people do not realize that he is making fun of them all. He probably have some mental problem and enjoy watching others suffer a little to forget his personal problems and how his life was not what he ever wanted it to be. In part, Johan gives me pity as he does not know or does not want to disguise his real face... The question is whether the rest realize that.
Akzhu7 Feb 18, 6:35 AM
Why do you have such strong feelings against him? It's not that I'm questioning you or I'm accusing you that it's wrong that you do not like him... but I've always wondered why you have a problem with him. I guess it has something to do with Johan being a bit of a stubborn guy and he can argue for hours and hours out of simple boredom and that would have made you lose patience with him or something similar. After all, I see what you see but what happened between the two of you?

I had a problem with a user named Onion or something like that and it was because the guy may be quite capable but he is also too foolish and inconsiderate. It seems that he is always trying to have "the right opinion" instead of having his own opinion. Onion is not a bad guy but I think he is extremely immature and lets his pride cloud his judgment. I guess it's a matter of age or he's insecure about his opinions and just wants to have some recognition.
Akzhu7 Feb 18, 6:11 AM
That user seems to be joking half the time and the other half is saying everything in earnest. What is your share? I'm sure it will have something to do with boredom. I do not detest him at all but I liked to make fun of him for the simple fact that he seems to think he is very intelligent but it seems that only his delusions are real. He is so fake and lame.

For example, I once wrote something that was a lie in my profile. It was something that my girlfriend had left me and that I was very very sad. The meaning of writing something like that on this page is to see who is so miserable and desperate to use that against me when they lose an insignificant discussion on the internet. The users like that loser love to pretend that they are mature and classy but when they subtly attack me with what I wrote in my profile and they think they have hurt me and win the BIG INTERNET FIGHT. I know something else, it was all a lie and I made them take off their masks. They were full of falsehood and denigrated so much that they were willing to use the lies that I gave them to hurt me and the only thing they did was make me laugh. I am amused how everyone is so slow and how I can see their true colors when they know they lost the argument, after all that silly image they have of themselves is false and that gives me a disgust as you can not imagine.
Akzhu7 Feb 17, 10:29 PM
It was not personal, I usually eliminate people who do not speak to me frequently. It's like I do not see the meaning of having someone on my list if we do not talk to each other, it's a bit complicated but that's how I am. After all, the only thing that can be done with a complete stranger on the internet is to talk about something for a while and not much else.

I usually lie to people on the Internet to see their reactions and laugh at their answers that lack logic and common sense, but I remember that when we talk, a long time ago, I did it being sincere and that is something strange in me. It's like I consider you something close to an equal and I do not have to tease you because I know you're not going to fall for my jokes and lies. You are quite self aware, I do not consider you common and ordinary as most of these sheep without grace.
Akzhu7 Feb 17, 9:54 PM
Maybe too long ... but I never forget someone peculiar and interesting. After all, most people bore me in a way that you can not imagine.

Akzhu7 Feb 17, 8:21 PM
Hello hello little degenerate!
_3DPD_ Feb 13, 8:06 AM
trash trash trash

human cattle
Polyphemus Feb 12, 4:59 PM
which one's that
NothingReally Feb 6, 10:49 AM
ponyo da goat, i dig
Bira_Bola Jan 29, 11:48 AM