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Jun 17, 2020
I'm totally disappointed and I think that it is overrated. The story and and characters seemed to advance pretty well. The male lead was amazing in one word. It was a perfect yet mysterious characters. It was obvious that the unveiling of this character would be awesome or awfully funny. But neither of them happened. They didn't unveil the mystery. His family, how he is so perfect. Even how he actually feels towards the female lead.

And the female lead was indeed one of the shittiest characters I've ever seen. She is simply "annoying" Te ending felt like the production suddenly went bankrupt and had read more
Jun 12, 2020
This is a perfect romance-comedy anime.

With no visual nudity, lewd jokes makes a new kind of ecchi (not ecchi)- is what I liked the most about this anime.
The story leads to a obvious direction without any progress at every end of the episodes. It's kind of satisfying to watch.

It's full of small comedy scenes, can make someone's mood better. Whiles I was watching I kept on laughing and laughing.

The characters are made very nicely- perfectly. Each have different and funny personality which always makes the audience wonder what this character is going to do now?

I loved it, looking forward to watch the 2nd season too. read more
Jun 8, 2020
The reason I rated 10 on this movie is I find it quite unique than most other anime movies or series.

The music was beautiful. I also loved the animation. Someone on YouTube said this movie will make you cry so I had to watch it. It hurt me the most in two scenes:

First- when the father says "It's all your fault" It actually represents a type of people who would commit crime get punished but would leave some words behind for the innocent ones, that would hurt them, cut them for years. I hate people like that.

Second-When she comes singing from the backstage. read more
Jun 7, 2020
I usually like classic anime because of their uniqueness and originality.

This an ecchi anime where a boy get's power that allows him to get inside the body of the girl she likes. (Not much unique) But I liked it. But what happens after is he found out that this girl is a real sl*t. She had incest relationship with her brother who usually fu*ks her and even brings him friends to fu*k her too. What a wh*re! (I really hated this part)
But he learns one thing that his childhood female friend is in love with him. So that bizarre experience wasn't that bad for him read more
Jun 4, 2020
It's a beautiful story. But I don't know why I'm being disappointed in every single shoujo ai novel or manga or anime I'm watching. As for this one, it was beautiful, I can't deny it. But not perfect. Music, voice acting, sound tracks, videography... everything was perfect except the story and characters.
There were few major character in this story, but 2 of them were half-hearted. As for Saeka Senpai, she's in love with the protagonist ever since they met, but she and her feelings were absent in important moments. She only poured her feelings when she was approached by Yuu. She says she is read more