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Days: 153.9
Mean Score: 6.60
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Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita
Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita
Apr 9, 3:22 PM
Watching -/12 · Scored -
Wonder Egg Priority
Wonder Egg Priority
Apr 3, 4:01 PM
Completed 12/12 · Scored 5
Yuru Camp△ Season 2
Yuru Camp△ Season 2
Apr 2, 12:35 PM
Completed 13/13 · Scored 8
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Days: 57.7
Mean Score: 7.48
  • Total Entries160
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  • Chapters8,663
  • Volumes968
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Yaiteru Futari
Yaiteru Futari
41 minutes ago
Reading - · Scored -
53 minutes ago
Reading -/36 · Scored -
Sayonara Rose Garden
Sayonara Rose Garden
Apr 8, 9:42 PM
Completed -/18 · Scored 7


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yoco-kun Apr 1, 3:12 AM
Thank you. It went okay by the way. Ended a few hours ago. We got lost and wandered aimlessly for a while and got bored xD. It ended alright though so it's all good.

yoco-kun Mar 31, 7:05 PM

I was wondering why they said that xD. Dammit they got me.

XD you're the one lone bat xDD.
yoco-kun Mar 31, 6:50 PM
Good to hear you're doing well :p. Lookin' forward to the nineth.

By the way, what do you think of the weird animal pfps? I logged on today and was like 'wtf is this' lmao.

THANK YOU ASH. I will believe in the balls that I... *checks* do I? xD. I'll try my best lmao.
yoco-kun Mar 31, 6:32 PM
Yo Ashy! How are ya?

Guess what? I've already seen it. On that exact link as well I think xD. >:P It was a good arc. THANK YOU FOR THE THOUGHT THOUGH! Oof I need to get back onto Gintama damn.

Also wish me luck... first date in an hour and half. Imma die.
yoco-kun Mar 28, 5:04 AM
Good to hear xD.

Mhm I know. I'll do something. I need to distract myself and give some direction.

Oh really? Damn. I can't wait to see it lmao. I'm excited. It's been pretty dang good so far.

Alright interesting. Mayyyyybe I'll give one of them a try xD.

xD. Yes Gotou. He's pretty badass. He's basically God. The entire like power system is kinda f'ed up. I dunno how the heck it works tbh xD. Feels like Gotou is unfairly strong and some characters are strangely weak. They power up strangely as well. The more shounen I watch, the more I understand why people like HxH nen lmao.

xD. Your poor meow meow. That's wholesome. *patpatpat*

I see. That manga does sound like affected you xD. Maybe it'll get an anime adaptationnnnn. You never know! *patpatpat*

yoco-kun Mar 27, 11:00 PM

Oof yeah that's a good idea. I have quite little to do right now lmao. That's probably why i feel like I lack direction and motivation. Life is revolving around my relationship xD. I should start writing and drawing again oof. I haven't done that in so long. Or maybe exercise or something. I'll try to figure something out.

Oof yeah. They don't really know either though xD. I think its Yakumo personally. What do you think?

>:0 Interesting. That's high praise as well! I'm not gonna promise I'll read it cause that's a lie but it certainly sounds good. The synopsis was interesting as well. A little reminiscent of Clannad lmao.

I see. Both of those are fairly good. Fruits Basket is superior over Horimiya though imo xD. I'll be watching the new Horimiya ep later today xD. Wish me luck.

Oh damn. Those are pretty short. Maybe I could actually read then xD. Which one was the alpha out of the two? xD.

I just finished Jujutsu Kaisen btw. I can't say I understand all of the praise, but it was an okay watch. Decent shounen ig.
yoco-kun Mar 26, 7:54 PM
Yo Ashman. Life is um... i don't even know man xD. Pretty depressing ig. But I'll try my best to turn it around lmao. How are you?

There's a flood happening?... I didn't even know._. So yeah ig I must be very safe then xD.

Yes Rakugo S2 was very good. It was just like... a lot of animes have some good and some bad episodes or parts but rakugo is good all the way through. Just very enjoyable. Memorable moments huh?... I really liked the Shinigami story and how it influenced the story. Probably my favourite story from the anime. Other than that the most memorable moments were probably Yakumo constantly about to die lmao. It was a very good anime. Wrapped up nicely as well. I thought the second season was gonna be worse than the first since the first was so good and I wasn't invested in Yotaro but damn. Also who the heck did Konatsu fuck to have Shinnosuke? I really hope it was that gang leader... but he's so damn close to Yakumo in every regard... I really hope not.

Oh intersting. I think it's on my plan to watch. Ill watch it soon then. I'm watching Black Lagoon right now. I'll probably get onto it soon enough. Sounds interesting. I need to get back to Gintama as well oof. It's been a while.

>:0 What romance did you read?
yoco-kun Mar 21, 10:43 PM
xD good luck doing the exam lmao.

>:0 xD I completely agree man. It was good until episode eight of the anime and then it just becomes shit. It's so crap now. The beginning was so good as well so it's a shame. Yeah there's no need to watch the anime lmao. I think i'll be rating it a 7 or something. It's a shame since at the start I was thinking more of a 9. The story got so boring as they moved off of Hori and Miyamura's relationship and started covering all of this weird crap.

xD his ass is blushing. I wonder what he did to make it blush <.<
yoco-kun Mar 19, 9:33 PM
Ooh good luck. I read the first like two chapters. It was alright but I've already seen that whole bit in the anime so I stopped there xD. Maybe I'll read it after the anime finished airing.

How's studying going? Making progress?
yoco-kun Mar 18, 11:52 PM
xDDD. Fair enough. Ash the yuri fan. Hmm <.<

Ooh interesting. xD sure I'll help out if you need it senpai. I'm sure you'd do fine though. Pro artist and pro writer ash.
*patpatpat* just try your best mate. But yeah these exams sound stressful. Studying all day? I've never done that before. Never studied for more than like three to four hours on a day not including school. That three to four is very rare as well xD. Good luck with that.
yoco-kun Mar 18, 3:03 AM
xD. I didn't know you were a YURI fan. You must really enjoy YURI, GL and SHOUJO Ai. Why'd you put spoiler tags xDDD. But yeah sure. Its like slice of life anime. Just comforting to read or watch. Instead of all of this action and whatnot its just a nice laidback romance or SoL. Just some wholesome fun. That's why I finished wagnaria lmao. There's no stress when you're watching an anime which isn't very serious. They might have some 'serious' scenes but tbh they're mostly comedy and whatnot lmao.

>:0 manga author in the future i see. Good luck with that. I'd read it for sure. When are you making it? <.<
yoco-kun Mar 17, 10:40 PM
xD wow. You need to fix that schedule lmao. You'll die of exhaustion soon man.

Oof outdated at this point. Not going as well anymore xD. We'll see what happens in the future though ig.

Noice. What're you reading?
yoco-kun Mar 16, 10:21 PM
<.< before April nineth xD.

I'm doing pretty well i guess. Life is fairly nice. How are you?

Hmm Natsume. I'm gonna keep watching it soon but I don't think i'll continue just yet lmao. Its good so far though. Unique. I don't really want an anime like that right now though xD. So I'll probably continue it later. What are you watching, if anything?
Onani_Master_G Mar 16, 10:53 AM
Ah, I See You're a Man of Culture As Well
yoco-kun Mar 5, 3:55 AM
Yes of course. Takasugi is a beautiful man. Nahhh wdym? It looks good. Looks wholesome. But also kinda sad since it's in black and white. *patpat*

Mhm. Hmm. Breaks. I don't know. Uh. I think the next one is in like April? I don't even know tbh. Probably another four to five weeks until one though I think.

Good to hear. Yeah daily stuff xD. Keep at it.