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Shayon Feb 10, 10:31 AM
Haha, I've noticed that there are some plot convinces here and there, like Erina never talking to Jojo again after what Dio did, or the police taking their sweet time to shoot Dio.

Yeah, you're watching alot, not to mention some of them are 50 eps or more xD Lately I've become bored myself, try different anime and drop them left and right.
Shayon Feb 9, 11:43 AM
Ah, I used to play PS2 games back when I was a kid and later Xbox but never became much of a gamer either, I got hooked to Skyrim a few months back but I've quit that too and only play FGO currently. I have heard about LoL and how addictive people say it is, but never tried it for myself.

Finished ep 3 and and I'm pleasantly surprised, I was expecting Jojo to be more meme-ish and not serious, but it has a nice blend of both. some of the poses these characters make can be pretty funny xD

Bond strengthening? I guess you could say so but it would feel like a big word for it, It's relaxing to see these characters in a Sol scenario instead of trying to kill eachother and has a cute art style, but at the end of the day it is what it sounds like, a cooking show centered around FSN characters, I still can't believe this managed to get an anime xD
Shayon Feb 8, 2:26 AM
Ouch, that sounds rough dude, hope you get better, dealing with Doctors can be such a pain.

You mean the anime or the game? the First Order anime is an adaptation of just the prologue chapter, it's more meant toward people who played the game or as an advertisement to get new people into the game, it ends in a really weird spot so standalone it's a bad anime.

The mobile game is PvE so it's not as pay2win compared to alot of other mobile games, but dealing with the RNG gacha system is still annoying. If you're free to play then you'll have to save up for that one servant you really want and not expect to have alot of good servants at your disposal.
The story is okay at best, I've heard alot of the actually good chapters haven't come to the english version yet, and if you're curious what the gameplay is like you can look it up on youtube.

I actually got interested and watched the first ep of jojo yesterday, I like it so far, Dio is such an asshole although it is to be expected of someone who lived in a situation like his. I also need to watch the Madoka movies sometime, they seem like an interesting alternative to the TV anime.

Hmm, I see, I'll add it to ptw if I don't already have it, it does seem interesting.
Shayon Feb 7, 7:49 AM
Hey, I'm doing alright, thanks. How about you?

She's Kyohime, a berserker servant from FGO.
Jojo is actually something I intent to try for myself sometime. I'm also unsure if I'll like it or hate it tbh xD And Madoka is pretty nice, although I feel like the impact of finding out about it being so messed up is much lesser when you know who's behind it or heard people talk about it beforehand.

Another ghibli movie? Someday I need to watch a couple of them, I feel like an anime pleb since I haven't watched a single one, or at least don't remember watching one xD
norahgami Jan 3, 9:38 PM
yeah that got me so emo :((( he deserved to live tbh that whole bit really killed me omg. and i agree its SOOO GOOD SKDLSJJDLFK i loved it all so much
norahgami Jan 2, 6:20 PM
OH MY GOD I LOVED IT i loveeee angelo, hes cool af. i was shaking over the ending tho, i mean i wish we knew whether he was alive or not??? cuz they made it so vague. i assumed nero killed him tho which sucks
norahgami Dec 28, 2017 3:11 PM
the story is so incredible, i love that series so so much. and YESSS i love kogami he's perfect and def the best part about the series. omg yessss i love the ops and eds. they always got me shaking 馃槀
norahgami Dec 27, 2017 5:03 PM
yess watch the movie im sure u'll enjoy it 馃槒 and lemme know what u think! omg noragami's second op is my favvvv i listen to it everyday lmfaoo its so good it gets me so lit. and aww thats ok!! whenever u do watch it lemme know if u like it
norahgami Dec 25, 2017 4:11 PM
the 2nd was ok but yeah i wish kogami was in it :((( the movie was cool atleast bc he was in that lmfao. but yeah the first season they cant top that. it was sooososo good!! and i will!
OH MY GOD YES ULL LOVE NORAGAMI its the fav obviously 馃槀
Orion_Gospel Dec 24, 2017 2:30 PM
Ωρα委α :)
Orion_Gospel Dec 24, 2017 8:37 AM
Μια χαρ维 :) μπορε委ς να με κ维νεις και add στο discord αν θες. Αν και θα μπω σε κ维τι μ苇ρες, γιατ委 δυστυχ蠋ς δεν 苇χω λαπτοπ εδ蠋 που ε委μαι, και μ苇χρι να π维ω σπ委τι στο pc μου, δε θα μπορ苇σω να μπω
Orion_Gospel Dec 24, 2017 6:03 AM
Χαχαχαχα ακριβ蠋ς 蠈πως το ε委πες χδ εδ蠋 ε委μαστε λ委γοι αλλ维 καλο委 ^_^

螆χουμε και server στο discord να ξ苇ρεις. Ε委ναι απ蠈 το club "the greekZ club" εδ蠋 στο myanimelist :) οπ蠈τε μεγαλ蠋νουμε σιγ维 σιγ维 χδ
norahgami Dec 24, 2017 2:40 AM
omg yesss i love psycho pass!! its one of my favorites tbh, especially season 1. and omg yes thats actually one of the series i was planning to watch next
Orion_Gospel Dec 23, 2017 11:51 AM
Ευχαριστ蠋 για την αποδοχ萎!! Ε委δα 蠈τι ε委σαι απ蠈 Ελλ维δα και ε委πα να στε委λω :)

Ναι πολ蠉 ευχαρ委στως!
norahgami Dec 23, 2017 3:13 AM
heyheyyy thanks for the request!!