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Black Clover (TV)
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Juuni Taisen
Juuni Taisen
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Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara
Shokugeki no Souma: San no Sara
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Nijigaharaa Dec 1, 9:26 AM
Yoooooooooo :3 ευχαριστω για το add . Αν χρειαστεις κανενα rec. ή chat να στειλεις :3
Shayon Nov 26, 6:49 AM
I just suck at time management, lol

I only have like 8 hours of free time when I come back, not counting the other 8 I need for sleep. Today I was feeling sleepy and had a headaches for most of the lectures cause I only slept for 6 hours >_>

Yep it got more difficult, tho I guess it could depend on what you're studying, I'm doing computer programming myself.
Shayon Nov 25, 11:14 AM
Seriously, that line has the makings of a meme, listening to it every ep would be great lol

Indeed, I'll definitely watch more of these two as I go, I'll probably leave Shokugeki and Mahoutsukai for another time tho. I feel like 3 different anime is already too much for me right now, uni's not leaving me with any free time >_>
_Hayano_ Nov 25, 2:18 AM
Gintoki, Shougo, Rider, Okabe... all my favorite characters (:
Thank you for adding! *-*
Shayon Nov 24, 11:02 AM
Eh, honestly so far I'm not sure if I'll like Juuni Taisen, but I'm only on ep 2 so I'll cut it some slack. I wasn't a fan of how Boar and Dog went out, that was quite underwhelming, but Boar's backstory in ep 1 was interesting, all the stuff she did to her sister was fucked up..
"Ererbody, clap your hands" part was funny, they even put it in next ep previews xD

Also, I watched the first episode of Inuyashiki and I like it so far, old man got rekt by an alien UFO or something lol, I'm curious what this series is going be like for the rest of the episodes, those random assholes with the fireworks got what they deserved.

Yeah, I remember Fairy Tail had some pretty good openings back I watched it, the OPs can really get you hyped for a new arc and the EDs aren't bad either.
Shayon Nov 24, 2:05 AM
Kotomine Shirou has 2 badass scenes where he uses the same weapons and fighting style of Kirei, but if we talk similar to Kirei in terms of personality then nope. he has this mystery aura around him which makes you curious what he's really thinking or where he came from but that's about it.

If you do come back to it don't expect it to resemble Zero in any way, Apo is more of an action series than the other two and focuses alot on fights, the characters are lacking because of this(especially the masters) but there are definitely some enjoyable moments. I decided to put it on-hold at ep 15 because that's how far the LN translation of Vol 3 goes.

I've heard Junni Taisen doesn't have a main character so that could be interesting because you don't know who's gonna win, but it's 12 eps so I imagine characters die way too fast before you can find yourself caring about them.

Yeah, Fairy Tail is more childish than the other ones and I kept telling myself not to take it too seriously, but it has so many moments where, like you said, it gets cool, takes itself seriously, and then goes stupid, it just wasn't working out for me. Also, in my experience after a while it gets really repetitive and you can guess how a fight scene is going to unfold.
Shayon Nov 23, 7:45 AM
Nah, didn't mean Jeanne, Apocrypha has Sieg for male mc and he's pissing alot of people off xD you can see him on the cover

Yep! Lord El-Melloi II is Waver, he took Kayneth's position lol, he also makes a cameo in the final ep of UBW. He's not a participant in the war sadly (I would've liked seeing him in action too) but there are a few scenes where he appears in Apocrypha.

Yeah, I'll definitely check those 3 out once I get the time, maybe this weekend, not sure.
How are you finding Fairy Tail so far? I think you might absolutely hate it..
Shayon Nov 20, 12:42 AM
Didn't expect anything good to be honest, but I was curious how tf Deen managed to turn a 15hr route into a 1hr 40min movie back in the day. besides, I consider myself a big fate fan so I need to know my stuff if someone ever happens to ask how this is different from the TV version. Stupid reasons to watch it, I know xD

I decided to watch Apocrypha since I'm caught up with Vol 3 translation and I gotta say I have mixed feelings so far. The LN itself is alright, it's nothing on the level of Stay night(VN) and Zero but it has it's good moments.

It's A-1 pictures so as you might've expected, the animation isn't that great, you can often see faceless characters which looks just hilarious, and I didn't like how they handled some fight scenes but there were others that looked alright.
Some servants have weird designs that could make you take Apo less seriously and feel like a cash-in on popular tropes, such as Rider of Black and Assassin of Black. there's also Caster of Red who doesn't make any sense to be a servant in the first place..

The beginning feels quite rushed and they skipped some character motivations such as Darnic's.
Shishigou, Saber of Red, and Ruler are really likable so far, and it was nice seeing Lord El-Melloi II, you might've guessed who he is from Fate/Zero and UBW, hehe.
Also, let me tell you now, Apocrypha has an MC that you may end up really hating

sorry for teh long post, as expected I write too much when it's anything Fate related..
Shayon Nov 19, 8:17 AM
Aye, the two 2 main character being Naruto and Sasuke like is a fairly big deal since most of the story focuses on them, hopefully Asta doesn't end up chasing after Yuno instead of working on his goal of being Emperor Magus, hehe

The beginning of :re is pretty slow so I'm already expecting alot of that to be cut.. I hope they aren't doing 12 episodes this time.

I feel like that still isn't low enough, might change my rating, lol. a 15 hour route turned into a 1hr 40min movie, bloody ridiculous. it was nothing but action scene after action scene without good context.
Shayon Nov 17, 10:48 AM
Haha, not a problem, both of us are late to replying one way or another xD

Yeah, I've seen it compared to Naruto more often than the other shounens, so I was wondering if it really copies so much from it.

I'm worried about how well :re would connect with Root A, some contradictions might come up because they're probably going to ignore Root A and continue from the manga's point of view.
Shayon Nov 8, 6:51 AM
Nice to hear that about Juuni Taisen and Shokugeki no Souma, will definitely pick them up at some point.

Would you say Black Clover is too similar to Naruto? that's also one of the complaints people usually make from what I noticed, and studio clown is in charge so that could potentially mean filler.. I can't believe they're also going to do a TG:re anime, after that Root A nonsense...

Sorry for the late reply, uni's fucking me up lately.
Shayon Nov 5, 5:07 AM
Oh, just two days from now? sounds exciting, Hungary seems like a cool place to visit, although Greece is also very interesting to me since I don't live there, lol

Only watching Shoujo Shuumatsu right now which someone else convinced me to watch, haha. I think this season is looking alright (altho I'm only watching 1 anime so idk if what I say should be taken seriously..) Will probably watch: Mahoutsukai no Yome, Shokugeki no Souma S3, and Juuni Taisen, but I don't know if I'll manage to pick them up while airing like Shoujo Shuumatsu, or just wait for them to finish.

Also, It was kinda funny how Crunchyroll was hyping up Black Clover before the season's start and now it's getting all the hate, lol. makes me want to watch it to see how bad it is for myself, must.. resist..
Shayon Nov 3, 10:48 AM
Need to watch UBW movie next, so that's gonna be fun..

Other than experiencing the torture that was Deenstaynight, I'm actually doing well lol. hbu? and how did the video you were making go?
Kaishiyoku Sep 2, 11:39 AM

Shayon Aug 24, 2:12 AM
Well, I haven't ever tried to make a youtube video before so I'm probably a terrible person to ask this, but Sony Vegas seems pretty popular for editing videos, there's also the less commonly used Adobe premiere and probably some other programs I don't know about.

Be careful tho, youtube's copyright system seems pretty deadly, whenever I see people uploading OPs it gets taken down after a while and I'm not sure if they let go if you only show a portion of the OP, TopAnimeWeekly seems to do that and he's fine most of the time yet some of his videos have been taken down before.

Also, you need to keep your Internet's upload speed in mind, the higher the quality and the longer the video the longer it'll take to upload.