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Samt_ Today, 5:21 AM
Slime Taoshite and Sentouin probably won't be anything great, but they could be decent this season (still not too sure about Sentouin though, it could easily become drop-worthy).
I need to check out 86, and it seems Fumetsu will air today.

Yeah basically, characters that were likeable before either didn't do much or just became shit like Eren and Armin.

Wow, it does fit OPM now that you mention it, Solo Leveling doesn't have the unfunny comedy though.
Samt_ Yesterday, 2:42 AM
I found out by coincidence while I was browsing WT wiki one day, it was mentioned in the trivia section for Aftokrator, and that made me curious about the other countries so I checked those too. It does get brought up by the fanbase sometimes as well.
Also, I forgot to mention the funniest one, Leoforio, which should mean "Bus" lol. Liberi, on the other hand, is a Latin word and means "Children" according to WT wiki.

Given how anime can butcher the pronunciation for English words (to the point of being unrecognizable at times), I was confident they did that here too, so maybe you didn't notice some of these planet names were supposed to be in Greek when you heard them, lol.

Now we agree that S4 is the worst one, nice.
Don't worry about the rewatch, I'm not in a rush at all. And I've read the manga from the beginning, so this is my third time experiencing the story for S1.

Do you like Relife so far? I read a few chapters and I couldn't get into it, although I might try the anime sometime because watching anime is usually easier than reading manga for me.

Solo Leveling had momentum for the first 30 chapters or so, but after that it became boring like I was predicting. It's just some OP (almost Gary stu) MC taking down waves of enemies after waves of enemies, and no amount of action scenes can make that not-boring. The "story" attempts to fool you into thinking that he's outmatched at times, but the end result is always obvious.
ZaikoSSJG Apr 9, 12:51 PM
shokugeki no souma 8, dragon ball and others classic shonens -8 ok ajjaa.
Samt_ Apr 7, 3:59 AM
Good afternoon xD

Ep 21 had more worldbuilding, introducing the neighborhood, which is basically space but every planet there has one country in it, hence the term "planet-nations". 4 of those were shortly described by Replica, Kion and Aftokrator being the most dangerous ones.

I find this aspect of the series pretty interesting, but I'm not sure how the author wants to tackle it tbh; there's vast potential for exploration and world-building here if done right, but it could also turn into a disappointment when these countries aren't explored or built upon much.

Btw, Aftokrator means "Emperor" in Greek, right? Kion/Chion should also mean "Snow". And this relates back to what we were talking about the other day, Japanese using foreign words because it sounds cool to them, but it can be kinda funny for someone who understands or uses the language, just like "Neighbor" and "Neighborhood" lol.

The country that's invading them now is spreading their Trion soldiers in all directions, which has made it difficult for Border to keep up, since they don't want the Trion soldiers to get past the forbidden zone. Bamsters and Banders are Trion soldiers built with the purpose of capturing normal people, but the new type is meant to capture Trigger users.

I think I'll avoid Vivy unless it's highly praised by the end of the season, Re:zero's author is a really bad sign to me after S2 :/

Edit: Oh, you finished rewatching S3P2, and they're 7-9.
Samt_ Apr 4, 6:14 AM
The Horizon is very dark, depressing, and negative for the most part, and it can even come off as Nihilistic, which you might not like. But it does leave you off with a hopeful and positive message at the end.

Nope, WT is still in the middle of an arc right now, S3 should be able to finish the current arc though. The anime will basically catch up with the manga after that, so there probably won't be another season for years sadly; the manga is releasing monthly and the author's health means that there are no chapters some months too, so progress is very slow.

They switched from a long running anime that airs during daytime, to a regular seasonal that airs during night time, which has the expectations of less casual fans and manga readers in mind. It has better production values and doesn't waste your time on random bullshit as a result; didn't have the censorship that S1 had either, where they try to cover up dismembered body parts with a green-ish trion leak.

lol, I've dropped a bunch of isekai lately (Kenja no Mago, Isekai Cheat Magician, Arifureta, Isekai Smartphone), and there's still more uninspired garbage to go through. As for why I'm doing this, I felt like I want to witness just how bad they are for myself; Isekai and battle shounen writers can truly create the most generic and creatively bankrupt things possible.

Ah, I don't care for skateboarding so I just ignored Sk8 entirely, and it has fujobait from what I hear, lol.

Btw, I forgot to ask earlier but you said there were 1-2 moments of cringe in HF3, which scenes did you mean by that?
Pandazwei Apr 3, 11:35 AM


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Samt_ Apr 3, 7:14 AM
Yeah, she was fighting off Angra's psychological effects on her, somewhat successful and somewhat failing, that's why her words and actions were contradictory, and the scene where her shadow talks to Rin was added to make that clear I suppose.
Still, I think the VN handled Dark Sakura better like I said, but I can't be sure right now.

Nah. WEP's ep 12 wasn't intended to be the final ep and it really shows, I feel like this anime is trying to pass on some messages but the way it goes about it is poor and underwhelming most of the time; I ended up not caring about the characters' problems except for Rikka (somewhat). Eps 7 & 11 were okay, but the reveal that the girls chose suicide due to Frill's influence was stupid.
I still don't think they can wrap this up properly with only one more ep, unless the special is longer than usual.

Ah, that site looks like it'd make things much easier, lmao.
Your fav male characters still don't show up for me on your profile though, have you decided to remove it for now or is that an error?

If I generalize, most of them are bad like anime so far, a lot of manga are boring to me and I lose interest in them quickly, like Solo Leveling, Spy x Family, and others. Horimiya manga is meh like the anime so far. Hitomi-chan and Futari Ashita felt pointless so I dropped them, I wasn't expecting a plot from those, but it's not like the comedy, character interactions, and SoL are enjoyable either.
Sousou no Frieren is a SoL fantasy manga that tries to make you feel nostalgia or sadness for the MC and her friends, but it doesn't work on me.

As for The Horizon... now that was quite an experience. It's a really depressing and tragic Manhwa that asks existential questions and shows just how fucked up reality can be. Reading it was not easy at times and it can affect your mood for the worse, probably not the kind of thing that I'll forget anytime soon.
It does have dialogue at times, but most of the Manhwa is silent and relies on the art to make you feel what the characters are feeling. I really loved it for the first 10 chapters but it somewhat went downhill after that, so I'm not sure about my feelings yet. I'll probably give it 8/10 or higher though.
potatosaregreat Apr 2, 8:52 PM
hiiiiiiiiii I am finally back!!!! So, my school started back in person so I’ve been very busy and just decided to quit mal for a while. And right now it’s finally spring break. So sorry, I should’ve gave u a heads up! But I’m doing fine! thanks for worrying :) hbu?

We have a ton to talk about. I watched the 3rd heavens feel. I didn’t like it as much as the first two for some reason. Idk the ending was kinda unsatisfying. And shirou turned into a doll?! But u put it as a 10, of course xd

And what was your fav winter seasonal anime?? Oh wait probably Aot. And how did it end up being a 7. Iirc u put it as a 9 earlier.
My fav was probably also aot. Oh and I really like bsd wan! lol I thought it was very cute and funny. But that’s just me being a big bsd fan.

I see you’ve started sk8!! u probably don’t like it that much. The animation is good tho. But there is a lot of fujoshi fan service.

As for other winter seasonals. Yakusoku really sucked. Like what. How did they mess it up so badly. I loved s1, but s2: a total disaster.
Mushoku and wonder egg are pretty overrated. Rezero was definitely not as good as the s1 and s2 pt 1. I think this arc dragged on too long and it just wasn’t that interesting and it was confusing for me too.

Oh and you’ve caught up and finished black clover. What was your fav arc? I think mine is the witches forest and the royal knights exam. The spade kingdom arc is kinda being overhyped imo. And what was ur fav black clover op and ed. People always say black clover never misses with their ops. Which I kinda agree, some were better than others, but none of them were bad.

And oh noooooo jjk ended. And it’s going in my favs lol. I really need to go read the manga. But I am way too slow when it comes to mangas. So I guess i’m just gonna wait for the next season/ movie like I do with every other anime.

Any other interesting animes you’ve watched while I was gone?

Oh and I’m sure you’ve already heard these. What did u think of the new king gnu song - ‘泡' And there were 2 aimer where songs that were used as eds/ost for the jap dub of a chinese anime. ‘季路’ (I have no idea what the romaji for these songs are) and ‘cold rain’ . Oh and the chinese anime is mo dao zu shi. haha the one that’s in my favs. So maybe that’ll convince u to watch it. The jap dub is apparently already out in japan but I can’t find it on any english sites yet. So u can’t watch it yet lolol
Samt_ Apr 2, 11:17 AM
Watched HF3, it was alright and did make me cry in one or two scenes. The way it handled Sakura was somewhat disappointing compared to the second movie, she had this "I'm stronger" and "I'll kill Senpai" dialogue more times than I remember there being in the VN. (ugh, just thinking about the Sakura haters here gives me a headache, I won't visit online discussions for this one).
This time I haven't re-read the parts that the movie covers, so I can't compare them too well anyway, and the VN will always be better in my eyes regardless.

There were some anime-original additions here, like Rider saving Shirou from Zouken in the Matou household, Kirei purifying Zouken or whatever on top of the church, some scenes between the founding families and the symbolic card scene between Rin and Sakura as children.
I liked the way it handled the final fight and they've made it clear how Shirou and Kirei were polar opposites. Rider vs. Saber Alter did drag on a bit, but it had a great finale when Shirou's Rho Aias blocked Excalibur, allowing Rider to ram Saber with her unicorn Bellerophon.

Chuunibyou is kinda bad, it started as a 5/10 for me but it's becoming more of a 4 now. As you'd expect, the comedy relies on cringe and the characters acting idiotic most of the time; sometimes it's more funny than cringy and other times it's the opposite.

Male characters doesn't show up for me. Are you using photoshop to make it? I took some ideas from youtube and internet tutorials to make mine; it can be a real headache though. For mine, each character image is 200x200 in size, so I made a blank document with 1000 width and 600 height to put them into. (it was meant to be 5x3 but I ended up not using the bottom 5, having 10 favorites instead of 15).

Smh, Horimya and Molcar aren't great, but they're better than JJK. I don't like enough anime to even make a top 5 this season, lol.
Samt_ Mar 31, 8:04 AM
I'll try to watch HF3 within the next few days.
I care so little about TM nowadays, and after this there's basically no reason to give a shit about them anymore. Maybe I should be putting the Priillya manga in my dropped list and forget about that too.

Brace yourself for some more Ai shouting when you watch ep 12 of WEP.
Osananajimi ga Zettai will probably be trash, I'm like 99% sure of that, but I'll watch an episode or two for the remaining 1%.
Sentouin is from Konosuba's author, so there is some chance that it will be decent at the very least.
Samt_ Mar 30, 8:00 AM
"btw guys Izanami got resurrected after Koku killed her and the two have been in contact for most of S1, only off-screen!" lol.

NGE huh, prepare yourself for a shit story, shit characters, and many failed attempts at being philosophical or deep.

What other anime are you going to watch this season?

I think I'll avoid Mars Red for now. Here are the ones that I intend to watch so far, although most of them will probably end up being dropped:
Fumetsu no Anata e
Zombieland Saga: Revenge
Slime Taoshite
Osananajimi ga Zettai
Yuukoku no Moriarty 2nd Season
Sentouin, Hakenshimasu!
Shadows House
Jouran: The Princess of Snow and Blood
Samt_ Mar 30, 5:30 AM
Upvoted your review :D will reply to the rest of your message later.

Btw, I think I see an error:
>Black Clover never failed to disappoint us with its exceptional opening and ending songs.

It should be: "Black Clover never disappointed us", or something similar.
Samt_ Mar 29, 6:13 AM
Not sure if I'm supposed to put B S2 in my completed or not.. Well, I'll leave it there for now, Netflix is confusing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This season is pretty bad so far and idk if I could finish this when the remaining 6 eps come out. Instead of taking care of loose ends or filling in plot holes, S2 does the typical thing in this situation, go even more off rails and make a bigger mess of the narrative, making a sequel that is completely unnecessary and pointless. I've seen this happen with other original anime before, such as Darker than Black.

lol, Izanami died in S1 ep 3 yet here she is, the show is so casual about this asspull too, doesn't even attempt to explain it. Keith's illusion was stupid, S1 just wasn't the kind of show where characters talk to dead people and have forced drama or emotional scenes because of it, so that just doesn't feel like it belongs here, the incest that was glossed over and was only in a few lines in S1 gets full focus here too.

It seems like I was right about it becoming a more typical action show, but even the action sucks. The fight scenes here are sluggish and boring, characters move way slower and their punches and kicks just don't have much weight to them, they don't have the choreography, animation, or directing that the early episodes of S1 had, and are even inferior to the fight scenes toward the end of S1.

I agree about the Kirisame "twist" being really stupid, both him and his gang suck, a bunch of shallow villains with no depth to them just like Market Maker, sadly S2 is faithful to S1 in this regard; their actions make no sense so far either.

>AoT is between 6-7 in this season and the second half had me utterly disappointed.

You mean after the Marley arc (ep 8) right? I can't say I liked any arc after the basement reveal, and even though that's the case, the Marley arc did have a few good moments and scenes despite that.
After that point, AoT just kept getting worse and worse for me, full of unlikeable and melodramatic characters, Zeke being only one of them.

>MAL "ate" my comment, so I had to rewrite half of it

This shitty site :/
Ish1ka Mar 28, 7:24 PM
I was viewing someone else's profile and you were on their friend list and i clicked on profile bcoz i liked your profile pic
Samt_ Mar 27, 1:29 PM
I feel like the ending for S1 would've been better without that Kirisame scene tbh, it just seems quite conclusive without that obvious sequel-bait at the end there. But I guess they wanted to build up excitement for a 2nd season ...that would take 3 years to arrive anyway.

B feels like a fusion of a crime-mystery show and a supernatural-action show. It's fairly entertaining throughout; some of the concepts like that inscripture, superhumans, and that facility could've been more fleshed out though.
I liked some of the twists/reveals while some others were meh, like the reveal that Richard (a completely forgettable character with little screen time) is the guy who wanted to kill Brian, or the sudden reveal that Yuna is Kokuu's brainwashed gf or whatever, they both act all emotional about it, but I couldn't feel anything there because there was no build-up and their characters lack depth, especially Yuna, she was only a plot device after that reveal, a damsel in distress for Kokuu to rescue and that's about it.

Which is a shame really, I like the idea for these two characters and their relationship, but not the execution. On the other hand, Keith's character was quite better imo; his personality and his part of the story were more interesting to watch, all the mathematical formulas and genius talk were kinda over the top though.
Minatsuki sucks, but Gilbert was okay for a villain I suppose, it was interesting how he wanted to counter Keith's beliefs and attempted to corrupt him, Keith said that he hated murder and didn't understand it, and in a way, he had rejected Gilbert's existence by saying that.

I was still thinking about the rating, I guess I'll go with a 6, it's definitely in the 5-6 area like you said.
S2 seems like it ditched the mystery and thriller aspects and became a more typical action show (at least in my experience so far, but it still has those genres according to MAL).

Neverland S2 was shit, lol. Mujika's magical blood is the answer to all moral dilemmas, and apparently the farm children were accepted in the human world, no questions asked and no complications.
The Roswaal punching scene sounds nice, every character in S2 deserves a scene like that. The Emillia scene sounds like a shit attempt at comedy and is possibly cringe-worthy.
Well, JJK's animation is good; I won't deny that. You already know how I feel about the plot and characters though.