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Mar 26, 2020
It's a very heartwarming anime. Very relaxed in terms of seriousness and world building, and side characters are basically ignored.

BUT! It is very enjoyable to see a chill anime, no dramatic scenes or anything, with a kawaii main character. Maple's very OP, and its fun because she sees it as normal and just plays the game randomly.

I cant really put things to words, but if you are looking for a good anime with a game genre, then try this out! Once again, very heartwarming, it makes my heart feel relaxed, and whenever Maple smiles, it brings a smile onto my face as well!

Loved it! read more
Mar 24, 2020
Let me start of by saying, if you planning to watch this, just do it. I've seen the reviews and wondered why they gave the show so low.

The anime's pace is very relaxed, from its character building to world building. Its a slice of life anime, with actions here and there. The main character is OP, but does not show his OPness, and is not too broken of a cheat (except the first episode). MC is very smart, and handles everything calmly.

There is no real "villain" in the anime as of yet, its slice of life. The mc enjoys travelling, met with some problems here read more