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Jan 2, 2009
Street Fighter Zero aired in 1999. So all fans had to wait six years. For what? For a f**king piece of crap. Really, this movie is the worst in the whole Street Fighter merchandise.
Well, story is not bad, but if it's your first time with Street Fighter you'll have no idea who is who. So that makes this movie only for fans.
Bleh. Characters looks really poor and so is the animation. It's under average.
What sound? In at least half of the movie there's no background music. Well, there're few tracks but they're really average.
The characters that we know from the game. But why did they read more
Dec 16, 2008
Bleach (Manga) add (All reviews)
At first I must say that the series created by Kubo Tite, which something around year ago really impressed me now became one of the biggest dissapointments in my life.
Well, the beginnings of the Bleach were nothing really great, but I still enjoyed it (know when I remember those Karakura School times I feel really nostalgic) and when the Soul Society Arc I was like "OMFG". There were great fights, I enjoyed even the trainings and especially Ichigo's power-ups and his hollofication. Enemies were great, the plot was also interesting. And in anime we could've heard the 'Number One' song many times during the most read more
Dec 3, 2008
This is my first time to write a review, so please be tolerant^^

So, Air Gear have one of the most unique storylines ever made. This is not typical sport, but something like tuned up rollerblades. It's a shounen anime, but the main characters are not godlike to win every battle. You will never be sure who will finally win (as long as you didn't read the manga first). And well, there's a bit of romance here (especially in the special trick there is a really cute romance part).

Well, it's almost the same as in manga. Really great. Some scenes looks like a colored manga pictures read more