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Jul 6, 2017
Having completed Kashou no Tsuki: Aki Kyougen and seen the average score, I decided to say some words for this anime, because you know, it is not that bad. The matter is in wrong first impression and wrong expectations, I guess.

The story is set in distant past and follows the half-fox shaman accompanied by his apprentice. The two travel and try to get along with the society, each other - and themselves. The latter is the hardest, I guess.
The plot is somewhat incomplete/rushed and leaves a bunch of gaps indeed. I wish there was more time to uncover the nesessary details, the two-episode OVA is ...
May 28, 2017
Mixed Feelings
*Minor spoilers included*
*A clever thought was to be here, but there won't be any*
To say the truth, I'm interested in proper seinen-ai/yaoi for some reason, though I've switched to something else lately... and I'm not a fan of figure skating, so I can't distinguish axel from loop. And I've watched Yuri!!!. Yep, I'm surprised myself. I guess I was just seeking for something beautiful.
My review isn't going to be long and detailed, I'll just try to put together the thoughts that appeared in my head while watching and afterwards.

I guess there's no need to retell the plot. But basically it follows Yuri (the protagonist) training ...
May 12, 2013
Oh my my. A boy’s dearest dream – to get a girl he wants most of all. Or (in some cases) - as many girls as possible. However, if he lacks the personal qualities needed for that some tricks come on stage – which is, if to be objective, isn’t that fair. Here we see all these principles fulfilled – with the help of a magic hypnotizing phone.

Story - 2
According to the synopsis given above, the story is pretty simple. A guy is bullied because of his appearance and thus wants to pay back, but can do nothing about it until receiving a magic hypnotizing ...
Dec 13, 2012
Mixed Feelings
Not long ago I was reading a book about sex and relationship written by a well-known Russian psychologist. There I came across one interesting thought. I'm not going to quote it literally, all the same, the sense is the following, "All mass media try to show you that happiness is reachable and nearby, at a hand's reach. You just have to follow their advice. However, everything they really do is showing how unhappy and imperfect you are, as one tends to compare what he has and what mass media show. And then it becomes clear that the image mass media create is not possible in ...
Oct 20, 2012
Preliminary (9/13 eps)
Isekai no Seikishi Monogatari was advised to me by a friend. He pleaded me to watch it and even gave the first two episodes as a teaser. It was last year and I still haven't watched it up to the end (though I promise I'll do it some day). Why? See the answers below. I'm sorry in advance in case they are too subjective. If you don't like spoilers, don't read then.

Story - 6
I put 6 which in my opinion means "there are a few interesting points, but overall the thing is quite average". Well, the story about someone who gets into another world and ...
May 15, 2012
Ikenie (Anime) add
Story: 7
Art: 7
Sound: 6
Characters: 5
Enjoyment and overall: 7

You may think otherwise, but it is definitely a good hentai. Despite being old, it has quite a nice art and animation. Some frames (the painting of the angels, f. e.) are true masterpieces! The tune of the soundtrack is a bit repetitive, but the voices are OK. But, above all, it does have a plotline, and a decent one, I must admit (let us remember there's only 1 episode half an hour long). The only thing is, the characters are all flat and undeveloped except Adolfo (the protagonist). However, we do not watch hentai to follow the ...
May 11, 2012
Peach Girl (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (20/25 eps)
Please don't read if you don't want spoilers. They are minor, but still uncover some of the plot twists.

"Peach Girl" is a typical shoujo. Sweet boys and girls, sweet artstyle, feelings-feelings-feelings, everything is abnormally simple, after all. However, surprisingly, "Peach Girl" managed to distinguish itself in a bad way even here.
1) an AWFUL LY primitive storyline. I was fed up with the twists like “somebody sees X with another person and misunderstands”. It delivers at the very beginning, but starts to annoy soon, as the situations never vary. The last five episodes were a lucky exception, but still I couldn’t but think the show was ...
Jun 25, 2011
Ged Senki (Anime) add

Well, Gedo Senki. I've recently watched it (though I had a funny little feeling I've seen it before at least partly, but let's pretend it never happened) and was about to add it into my list when suddenly realized the amount and the variety of thoughts are too great for a simple comment. You may kill me at once for the thing I'm going to tell you now, but I really liked this anime! Oh gosh! It's hard to believe, but it is true. There's no excuse for me, is it?
Actually, I never put a 10 for Ghibli works, and this was not ...
Jan 17, 2011
Mixed Feelings
Actually, I did not have any expectations about this anime for I just decided to get through with all the things I have before stuffing my hard drive with another portion of titles... so, here are the impressions.

Story. It is extremely simple. I would even say - average. There's nothing special about the situation when good guys fight bad guys (a typical action movie). The point is, these good guys themselves were bad guys not long ago. It is placed into cyberpunk setting, which now happens to be old-fashioned (take the usage of floppy disks, for ex.). However, some day the OVA used to be ...
Dec 26, 2010
When I started watching this anime I did not have any expectations except strong disapproval of the topic. In fact, we study WWII and the Great Patriotic War as a part of it for many times (at school + college and uni if u attend them), leaving behind the fact that there are many subjects that provide with the information of the kind. Plus state holidays each year. That is why the topic held me somewhat tense and suspicious.
More detailed acknowledgement showed it was not that bad. The idea and the story were decent (mixing GPW and magic is interesting at least), moreover, the art ...

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