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Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory
Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory
May 2, 10:46 PM
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May 1, 7:54 PM
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Initial D Fourth Stage
May 1, 7:53 PM
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etekusat May 5, 6:55 AM
yep, i do have so many. what you mean by watch together? like together together or what? O_O
-Animewatcher- May 1, 9:25 AM

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Request from me again later. :3


EmilioX Apr 17, 12:27 AM
Haha I think we have some time difference, the moment you sent this message it was about 0:30 AM ^^
But after school I played some Overwatch, watched some soccer and watched 2 episodes of My Sister, My Writer.

80s music is one of my favorite music genres :)

Yeah have any plans today?
Greyleaf Apr 16, 6:37 PM
Np! I'll definitely look into those eventually. I only set shows I'm currently working on to watching. Finishing up Erin right now and moving on to TTGL and Sangatsu next (been putting those off for way too long, haha), but I'm probably gonna give Trigun a whirl after that. Definitely looks like something I'd enjoy, especially since people say it shares a lot of similarities with Bebop :)
EmilioX Apr 16, 3:04 PM
I'm doing fine thanks for asking :)
had a bit of boring schoolday with lots of work, work, work >_<

What kind of music are listening?
EmilioX Apr 16, 11:19 AM
Hello thanks for adding me,

How are you doing? :)
Greyleaf Apr 16, 4:27 AM
Hey! I saw you asking for recommendations on your intro. If you're into darker, gory stuff, I highly suggest Higurashi (When They Cry). It's a great mystery series with plenty of shocking and rather gruesome moments in the first season. Tbh it's the only anime I've seen that I can justify as a "horror", haha =P
_kukiyomenai Apr 15, 4:51 AM
Hi again Charles, I hope you won't mind me calling you that (I saw it on your profile). I apologize for the late reply I was out looking for a job and I really hate it. lol.

angel beats is definitely in my top 10 anime, those last few episodes genuinely got me a little choked up. I have heard of claymore and have been recently inclined to watch it so once I'm done with S;G 0 I will for sure tack it on to the list, as for Code Geass I do believe there is more than one season and generally if they don't have (season 3) or something of the sorts on the next series then I tend to get lost after 2 so if there is a certain order to watching them (1,2,3,4,etc) I would assume but someone who has actually watched them would know best, in my opinion. sorry for the long reply, I'm not sure if there is a character limit hopefully not. thank you for the recommendations as for the rest I will put them on the radar!

Oh, I love Angel Beats. It really made me emotional. It's actually on my Top 20 and it's very memorable with me. I think I like the scenes about Yui. I would like to re watch it. If you haven't seen Charlotte yet, and if you would like to see a similar anime like Angel Beats, I suggest Charlotte. From what I know Angel Beats and Charlotte have the same creator. And I like it as well ;)

Yes, Code Geass has 3 installments, I can say. But the season 3, from what I heard is actually a movie. I haven't seen the movie yet. So you can try watching it if you're in a mood for some long anime. I had seen it when I was still in high school (ooppps I'm old) and I really like it.

In your list, I could see that you watched Death Parade as well. I like it very much as well! I like those anime that shows the stories of the some characters. I like heartbreaking anime ;)

I was wondering if you'd be interested in watching anime with me, I have found a website that allows me to create a group (you don't have to create a account you can make a temporary username) and I have yet to see if it works for the other person but I know it loads videos for me and they play fine for me. Please get back to me.
Update - We could watch Steins;Gate season 2, I'm only on episode 12/23 but it wouldn't bother me watching the episodes again maybe I might find something new, if you want I don't know if you remember Steins;Gate S1. I could give you a quiknotes on it as a refresher :)

Heyy... that's really cool. Let's do that! Since you're already watching the first season of Steins Gate, watching the season 2 is fine with me. If you want, we can watch other series as well? I'm good with action/shounen anime.

I would like to see Seven Deadly Sins (Nanatsu no Taizai) and if you can check the plot if it will suit your taste?

Thanks for adding me as a friend as well and hope you'll have a great day

Freyja-Lilith Apr 13, 8:05 PM
You're welcome. :)
Freyja-Lilith Apr 13, 7:42 PM
Hello Encoretime, welcome to MAL! I hope you enjoy your time here! :)
pure Apr 13, 4:43 PM
no problem! they're both similar to dragon ball z in some ways so i'm sure you'll like them a lot c:
pure Apr 13, 4:19 PM
really should check out hunter x hunter (2011) and yu yu hakusho!
_kukiyomenai Apr 12, 10:43 PM
Hi there Charles, yeah, I could see you are currently watching Steins Gate. I actually like it but I haven't seen the season 2 yet.

When I checked your lists, we have some completed anime in common like 91 days, Angel Beats and Btoom! Do you perhaps enjoy shounen anime, perhaps?

I highly recommend Noragami, Bungou Stray Dogs, Code Geass, Claymore, Durarara!!.

If you would like to check some long series, I recommend Monster which is my top pick and you may want to check Baccano!

I suggested the titles that I also completed :)