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Oct 29, 2009
I was a huge fan of the first FMA series. the drama was exciting, I liked the intensity of emotion for Ed and Al and their storyline, I liked the sympathetic portrayal of the homunculi, and so on. I couldn't get enough of it.

Then I started watching Brotherhood and reading the manga, and both of them just blew the doors off of the first series. In fact, I have since readjusted my score of the first series because of this.

Story - the story is absolutely humongous, spanning not just throughout Amestris but around the world. The motive read more
Mar 29, 2009
A lot of anime fans today don't seem to give series from the 80s a real shot, and that's really a shame. There's a lot of truly great storytelling from this era, and it seems to get dismissed because it "looks old".

Maison Ikkoku is one of those titles, and it's a crime that more people haven't seen this.

There's a real sense of humanity, tenderness, and subtlety in this series that really makes it stand out. It's a romantic comedy, but it's also so much more than that. It's a show about people, how we relate to each other, read more