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Apr 28, 2016
Well, if you want to see fushoji talk in their worst it's the show!

Just four five minutes long videos of girls talking about they secret (or no so secret) fantasies.

Pubes: Has or do not had?
Yuri: Who / Who?
Multishiper: Neither the studend coucil escapes.
Incest: Don't ever the little bro mentioned care
Sports: Onde a friend told me "Modern sport animes are just scuses for yaoi"

Apr 20, 2016
10 Dance (Manga) add
Preliminary (10/? chp)
How can a manga be so sexy?
This manga turned me on a lot of time without the need of explicit scene. Actually 10Dance barely has sexual scenes - the dance is all the sex we need! (as far I read)

The Story is just a excuse to the Top1 classic dancer take dance classes with the Top1 latin dancer (a sexy-as-f**k half Cuban). But the history's flow is very good an make sense. There's a bit of feelings moments, a lot of funny-and-sexy ones a even serious scenes.

For who love soft hunk, but not gym freaks or overbuffed ogres, men better than bishounen guys the art ...