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Apr 2, 2018
This show is a poor man's Shokugeki no Souma - with the added conceit of synthesizing cooking and DJ-ing. Call it Shokugeki no DJ. I must admit that was a fun idea. I liked some of those nutty reaction faces, and the c h i l l o u t moments were quite easily the highlight of the show. I liked the trusty friends' group and that weird background guy in traditional clothing who showed up everywhere to dance. You go, guy! Oh, and there were some puns, beware. I liked those too though. At some level, this show had potential to be something quite read more
Mar 27, 2018
Note: The rating on the right is wrong. It's meant to be 11/10, but silly MAL doesn't allow things like that.

First things first: In spite of what the cover looks like, this is not a 'Cute Girls Doing Cute Things' (CGDCT) show. The main cast happens to be made of cute girls, but the show quite deliberately takes common character tropes from the genre and casually tosses them out the window - creating living, breathing high school girls who practically jump out of the screen, all with their unique and lovable quirks.

This is an adventure drama, and the staff from Madhouse (starring Director Ishizuka Atsuko, read more
Mar 3, 2018
Before watching:

Damn, this show has a really good OP! Hopefully the show lives up to it. And the PV makes it seem like it'll be a nice crime thriller.

After watching:

Okay, thanks for The Perfect World, which was apparently the ED, but I want my 5 hours back. No one told me this was Botched: The Beginning.

I wanted to like this show, I really did. I want the new shows coming out on Netflix to do justice to the medium, since they'll be available to a wide global audience who aren't exposed to anime. I wouldn't say it didn't keep me engaged throughout, but overall my read more
Jun 30, 2017
No spoilers, except just one: this show is a spectacular train-wreck. If you like good science fiction, beware: this show begins extremely well but manages to destroy everything it built up and trample on its viewer's expectations in every way imaginable in its final episodes.

After hearing that this was an anime that had heavy parallels to Arrival, and watching the first five episodes, the sci-fi buff in me was ecstatic. Here was a mature, well-written and absolutely gorgeous looking and sounding sci-fi anime that was headed in a direction that didn't seem hackneyed. It was thought-provoking and sparked a lot of discussion among the viewership. read more
Jun 17, 2017
Brief review as an anime-only watcher, no spoilers:

As commander Erwin would put it, if you haven't watched this season yet - SUSUME! What are you waiting for?

While season 1 of Shingeki no Kyojin (aka Attack on Titan or AoT) was quite prone to melodrama, and was a little too punctuated by the MC trying to push his vocal cords to the limit while simultaneously trying to pop his eyes out, S2 feels like a much more mature show - with heavy elements of mystery and world-building taking the forefront. The action from the first season is still there, better than ever before. Wit Studio delivers read more
May 3, 2017
Even though just a fifth of the season has aired and it's far too soon to mete out judgement on anything, I'm writing this because I noticed a dearth of previews - I hope this can offer some insight on those who are wondering whether to pick this show up or not.

As one can judge by the cover, this show features an all-female main cast with designs very reminiscent of Shirobako, which is arguably P. A. Works' best title; they might be trying to re-create that magic, albeit in a wildly different setting. If you liked that show, and want more of Cute Adults Doing read more