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Mo Dao Zu Shi
Jun 29, 3:54 PM
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Spy x Family
Spy x Family
Jun 28, 9:49 AM
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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Ultra Romantic
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Ultra Romantic
Jun 25, 5:53 AM
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Omniscient Reader
Jun 15, 2:28 PM
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Tomodachi Game
May 17, 6:56 PM
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Blue Period
Blue Period
Apr 20, 11:35 AM
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Araberu 12 hours ago
Pending Replies: Juno, Shay [x2], Kishi, Kimi, lulu, Geshti, Alma, Karen, asshatdotorg, Shinah, Azu and Ayase x3.
_Ayase Yesterday, 5:33 PM

smanjs omg... those words you said... really hit me... no one has ever said that to me.. thank you so very much ayase for writing that ;w; made me tear up a bit- they were beautiful words. /sobs i said i would eliminate all sadness and yet here i am crying THANK YOUUUU ;w; same goes to you too tho! if people don't like you then their loss! they're missing out on an incredible human being and i am glad i was able to talk to you and become one of your friends. :) YESSS, YOU'RE THE RELIABLE ONEE-CHAN!! UWU MUCH LOVE~~

OKAYYY... if it makes you happy, i will believe you. <3 OMG I ACCEPT THAT OFFER WHOLE HEARTEDLY THO- I NEED TO PROTECC MY INNOCENCE from my current uni class LMAO ikr. the world really is full of negativity rn ;w; especially with ukraine and russia + the stoopidly annoying stock crash in the usa ;w; when will the chaos end?? YES! I WILL ALLOW THAT FOR YOU, AT LEAST. /NODS/ WE ALL NEED SOME POSITIVITY TO OUTWEIGH THE NEGATIVITY /INTENSE NODS/ I ALLOW IT YASE !! :)) good luck with work and stuff, i hope you know that beru beru here is supporting you and sending lots of love to your precious self as well <33 stay strong and positive gurl!

true... there are a ton of fake-ass people which is quite disappointing. honestly, why can't the world be a nicer place :/ wait fr tho, mal has its fair share of fakey's as well :/ aww well i'm really happy that you have found people whom you can enjoy speaking with. you deserve that and so much more... <3

YES, I WILL NOW ENSURE THAT OUR CONVOS WILL ALWAYS BE FLUFFY AND HAPPY!! ofc our conversations help me out as well tho! i always smile and laugh whenever i read our convos * 3 * <3 YESSSSS, WIN-WIN SITUATIONS ARE THE BEST UWU aww, thank you so much ;w; you're so nice and sweet to me-- do i even deserve someone like you in my life?? (ಥ﹏ಥ) ty ayase for always being so fun :) makes me feel like i can be myself around you !! . 3 . (hope thats not weird or anything) feel free to drop by whenever you want btw ~ i am always up to listen to you rant/vent/ or just a casual convo uwu aw, i see... well can't say i don't understand that cause that hits pretty close to home ngl... but still.. i will always support and love both you and your works so don't forget that !

well tbh im really happy and glad that what im trying to convey is reaching out to you <33 because most of the time i kinda worried that i may sounded fake ughh, and i dont want that to come across .. SO REALLY IM GLAD ! WHEW and also PLEASE REMEMBER YOU DESERVE AS MUCH THE COMPLIMENTS YOU'VE BEEN GIVING ME ALL THESE TIME ~ like i really meant it , all my intention and good vibes towards you , I HOPE YOU RECIEVING IT PROPERLY

SIGHHH YOU KNOW WHAAAAT , I TRULY KINDA ANNOYED WITH HOW PEOPLE WITH POWER BEHAVE LIKE TOTAL SHIT HEAD.. sorry for my languages but somehow i felt like i need to vent it out . because if i didnt vent it out i feel like imma get even more annoyed lmaooo xd i mean , i would always stray away from such topic and issue , BUT SOME THINGS ARE JUST PLAIN ANNOYING AND FKED UP if i must say i truly hope you're doing well , despite how i know and lots of news been around about in USA . i got a close friend from USA and they're feeling frustrated , which im not surprise knowing they WANTED TO MIGRATE TO SOMEWHERE ELSE oof (; ̄Д ̄)

its something that truly is saddening tbh , DESPITE I DONT HAVE ANY EXPECTATION ON PEOPLE , you know , at least have some decency on common sense and its not that hard (; ̄Д ̄) .. well the more reason why some people would think or feel that im not friendly , BAHAHAHA its all because i dont really went out to talk with people unless they talk to me since i have this weird guilt feeling that i might intrude them or come across of being annoying but despite that I ALWAYS APPRECIATE THOSE WHO REACHING OUT TO ME and NOW THEY CANT ESCAPE FROM ME ANYMORE BAHAHAHAAH ψ( ` ∇ ´ )ψ

AND OFC YOU DESERVE ALL THESE LOVE AND ATTENTION <3 please dont care what others think or say , because we cant expect everyone to like us , as long as those who truly loves you are appreciating you , THAT SHOULD BE ENOUGH sometimes being ignorance of others are PURE BLISS xd YES PLEASE DO BE AS YOURSELF AS MUCH POSSIBLE ! I DONT HAVE ANY EXPECTATION OF YOU SO PLEASE REST ASSURED , BE AS TRUE TO YOURSELF AS POSSIBLE not me trying to be negative for saying not having expectation but it just my way of making you feel no pressure /pats
_Ayase Yesterday, 4:52 PM

holy- i am so late with this reply... i apologize yase-chan ;w; HEYYY ITS OKAY AYASE!! NO NEED TO APOLOGIZE FOR SOMETHING LIKE THAT!! AFTER ALL... WE'RE TOMODACHI AND NOTHING CAN BREAK THAT! NOT EVEN LATE REPLYING SO TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU NEED TO REPLY!! ALSO WDYM "DISAPPOINTED"??? HOW COULD I BE DISAPPOINTED?? YOU'RE SUCH A FUN PERSON TO TALK TO LIKE- MORE CONFIDENCE PLEASE!! (╯°益°)╯彡┻━┻ pls we all get lazy and procrastination so don't blame yourself !! its all gucci fam!! plus, im willing to wait a long time to hear from you~~ im totally good with hearing from you in your own time (´ ω `♡) i'm so glad to hear you're doing much better now! i was worried bout ya! (⌒‿⌒)

WHAT... HOW DARE I QUESTION USE??? PLS THERE ARE TIMES WHERE YOUR JUDGEMENT IS INACCURATE AND I JUST MUST CONTRADICT!! OKAY BUT IN THIS CASE, I ACCEPT YOUR WORDS. i accept that i (araberu) motivated you (ayase) SO PLEASE DON'T CRY!! Σ(°ロ°) whattt??? i am so sorry i didn't trust your judgment! can you find a way to forgive me...??? what?? pls, take a look at your works! wdym i can't expect any "nice gfx"?? do you even know who you are speaking to?? i am one of ayase (your) fangirls so i therefore REJECT YOUR STATEMENT!! after all, all of your gfx' are top tier and blow me away every time uwu.

WHAT??? SCAMMED... maybe thats why a virus got installed on my computer... HMM WELL IF YOU SAY SO THEN I GUESS I WILL HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOU AND ONLY YOU /NODS/ YES! THAT SOUNDS GREAT HUE! ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡ omg im so sorry for making you sad-- will you accept my sincerest apologies?? i seriously feel like im making people depressed by just speaking nowadays- i shall go and sit in the corner and serve out my punishment for making you sad /runs SORRY I APOLOGIZE, I WILL ELIMINATE ALL NEGATIVITY AND TALK POSITIVELY NOW!! NEGATIVITY BEGONE!!!

you know what , i felt like i need to properly reply to you , therefore i decided to make a different part of replying , so you'll get my reply but in a way MORE LIKE SPAMMING COMMENTS NOW BAHAHAAH i hope you dont mind tho xd it just a habit of mine , plus this way i felt like i truly replying to you properly BTW IF YOU'RE ASKING ME TO NOT APOLOGIZE , then why the heck and FOR WHAT REASON ARE YOU APOLOGIZING WHEN YOU'RE REPLYING ME LATE???!!@!# not trying to be mad here but YOU KNOW THIS IS WHAT WE CALLED DOUBLE STANDARD! how can you be forgiving when its me but YOU'RE BEING EXTRA CRITICAL AND HARSH ON YOURSELF!! HMPH (# ̄ω ̄)

tbh my tears already dried because ITS BEEN SO HOT HERE ;u; jk ofc not , its already dried because ARABERU-CHAN HERE IS BEING EXTRA SWEET AND CUTE! MY KOKORO CANNOT TAKE IT AAAAA (*/ω\) AND ALSO please aaaaaa STOP ASKING FOR ME TO FORGIVE YOU when all you've done is just being nice and floofy all these TIMEEEEEE this is first time you're making me malding outside from gaming pls :v I CANNOT EXPRESS HOW MUCH I REALLY AND TRULY APPRECIATE YOU SHOWERING ME ALL THESE UNEXPECTED COMPLIMENTS THAT AFFECT MY KOKORO THIS MUCH AAAAAAA-

by now i hope you'll start to STOP APOLOGIZE OR literally begging me TO FORGIVE YOU FOR NON-EXISTANT MISTAKE YOU MADE ;u; if you're being this harsh and self critical .. IMMA BE DEFINITELY SADGE , PLEASE ALLOW ME TO ALWAYS WITNESSING ARABERU-CHAN BEING POSITIVE AND CONFIDENT! i would love to be there and support you <33 ☆⌒ヽ(*'、^*)chu
_Ayase Yesterday, 4:35 PM
WDYM YOU ARE NOT FAMOUS :c PLEASE EVERYONE HERE AT MAL CAN VOUCH FOR ME ON THAT THO <( ̄︶ ̄)> AND YES for sure we can scream for no reason together virtually ahahahaah sounds like a good time to spend with araberuuuuuu

i hope you're not feeling down or bad , I HOPE YOU HAVE MORE CONFIDENCE WITH YOURSELF <3 you dont have to do anything for me , instead i would ask you to not be too hard on yourself and also IM NOT ASKING YOU TO PLEASE MEEE AAAAAAA I WOULD DEFINITELY BE HAPPY AGAIN IF YOU'RE FEELING BETTER AND HAPPY THO
Bunnyama Yesterday, 1:50 AM
BERU CHWAAAAAN i'm sorry i'm taking so long to reply ezjkrhezjkhrez my time is a bit limited to reply to such long messages atm..
and.. s...some of our topics might be a bit outdated now... /scratch head/
SenpaiOO Jun 27, 11:40 PM
KarenShirotori Jun 27, 8:13 PM
If I killed you with this masterpiece, then I killed myself countless of times crying for them 〒▽〒
_Ayase Jun 27, 4:11 AM
OFC IM ACCEPTING YOUR FRIEND REQUEST !! IN FACT im super honored cause this famous araberu-chan is trying to be friend with me (⁄ ⁄>⁄ ▽ ⁄<⁄ ⁄) IM THE ONE WHOS SCREAMING LIKE A MAD MAN HEREEE D:

and also WHEREEE IS YOUR LAYOUT ???!! why did you remove it ;u; IM SAD NOW .・゚゚・(/ω\)・゚゚・.

_Ayase Jun 24, 11:19 PM
Shishio-kun Jun 24, 8:52 PM
Sure, and thank you, it's not too late at all! I invited you to the group, the club invite should be in your club's section by your avatar on the upper right. I woulda sent a private invite earlier but it's not possible cuz MAL is broken I have to friend the person first ":D

You can see scroll down the club comments to the admin's message
Jun 22, 6:25 PM
And that should fill you on the details. Ask there if you have any questions! Thanks again :D
Crow_Black Jun 22, 1:03 PM

looking for a good gay story? this is it you'll like the realistic depiction of lgbt people here.
Azu__ Jun 21, 12:19 PM
Lmao, I will wait for it ^.^

Yes..... but wait, doesn't every house have a balcony?? That's sad cuz balcony is one of the best place to take a breeze, especially when you wake up. Currently it's hot, but usually it's windy. And not even gonna lie, I might fall asleep due to such a refreshing air XD
Same here. When the pandemic took toll, I started reminiscing how enjoyable and fun it is while I m at school. Now, I kinda miss the old days o(╥﹏╥)o
I don't look into nsfw stuffs, but I did participate in a competition related to it, cuz I have a lot of free time, thou it's turning out boring.
Megalodon is considered the biggest shark. It went extinct several centuries back or did they go extinct. Some, researcher's believe that there's megalodon still alive, cuz few of it's remain or traces were found. There is a also a movie of it, called " The Meg", it was pretty good, I must say.
Drawing is fun, people have to know it's a great hobby. Well, yes tbh. I used to be in the art club in my school. plus my unwavering focus while drawing just shows how determined I am. But then, more than me, you are a better artist, I fully believe that NO NO NO NO, your designs shows effort and beauty, designs which are worth waaaaay more praise, beyond your expectation, becuz your designs are really creative, and creativity brings forth an amazing artist, meaning artist such as yourself Watashi wa ganbarimasu, my pillow is there with me most of the time, so, hoping to have a good night sleep ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ
I will get to know it soon, but what's more important is you reach safely to your destination /prays/
I did say choose which you will enjoy, don't have to see whether it's demanding, cuz a person's own will is important. Ah that's reassuring, so, I can safely go for business mgt. Hoping the same for you, hope you will have a bright future, and a happy life ahead ≧◡≦

Shinah Jun 21, 1:43 AM
THANK YOUUU. HOPE U ARE FREE AS WELL HEHE. Yeah, it's still dead, oof, i had so much motivation to make something gfx but i guess i need to hold it down.
Awwh, do you move far away from were you used to live? Nah, I'm no cutie fr. I know one tho and it's you hah. Congratulations mina! How are you dealing with the moving? I've been pretty much the same, I had lots to do at work and my long shifts were killing me slowly.. now I'm much better it's also summer so it's usually chill at work, I love summer so much. I had no time for anime unfortunately, now I'm trying to catch up with some.
Very pretty mina! Rin bby, i lov him, he's a sweet boi.<3 it's your wish as well, I'm the same as usual xD indeed, i truly need to touch grass, do you still play genshin?
asshatdotorg Jun 20, 7:22 PM
i love ryuu! i also love hoku and zen and iori and like, literally everyone! been stanning since april 2021 and never been the same. wbu?
Kusoangie Jun 19, 11:23 PM
OMGG TYSMMM MINANAAAN <3 ty for reminding me to revise as well T^T

it's ok! ty for taking your time to make something :D I appreciate it! it's such a cute pfp so I'm definitely gonna be using it! ooo ok, I've been super inactive as well- see you around I guess :)

also forgive me for being late- just saw your layout, it looks gooddd why did you have to do something like that >:C